5 Women Describe What "Pregnancy Peeing" Really Feels Like

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Pregnancy is a special time in a would-be mother’s life. But we can’t write off the fact that it is accompanied by a series of hardships. From the onset of pregnancy, expecting mothers will undergo hormonal changes in their body leading to many minor as well as major issues. Some common ones are nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, fatigue, etc. that we are well aware of. However, there is another annoying thing that women have to deal with during pregnancy that isn’t discussed that often— the incessant need to pee every now and then.

Frequent urination during pregnancy is very normal and is perhaps the first sign that there’s a bun in the oven. You can blame it on the hormones released during pregnancy, which causes your kidneys to expand due to all that stimulation. This is to get rid of all the toxins you may have and eliminate waste at a faster rate. Also, your growing baby will be pressing on your bladder, which again will cause you to pee more frequently (1). It’s normal, unavoidable, and highly uncomfortable, but it may help to know that you’re not alone! Here’s what a few mommies who are in the same boat as you have to say:

“I Had To Hang Out Near Cafes!”

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“Who would have thought that cafes would be the saving factor every time I had to step out? I had to do a lot of shopping during the course of my pregnancy. Maternity dresses for myself, cute onesies for the new arrival, and furniture and decor for the little one’s bedroom. This required me to be outdoors quite a bit, and I loved that…until my bladder reminded me of its existence! Every once in a while, nature’s call would pull me out of my retail therapy trance and force me to look for a place where I can relieve myself. So, the next time I went shopping, I did so only if there was a cafe in the vicinity. I almost peed myself the one time I went shopping for cute little socks, so needless to say; the lesson has been learned!” – Leanne, 35

“Sneezes Are Your Worst Enemy!”

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“It’s like your body is refusing to listen to you, and all your body parts are working together to embarrass you! Just when you think you’ve got your bladder to hold on for a tad bit longer, you feel that tickle in your nose, and that’s it. We all know how a sneeze can put our control over our bodies in jeopardy. If you’ve been holding on to your pee for a while, a sneeze is your worst enemy. You sneeze and the next thing you know you let out pee without intending to. I dread the moment when I feel a sneeze coming because I know what follows!”- Maria, 29

“I Have A New Home…My Bathroom!”

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“ The initial few weeks of my pregnancy and then the last four months — these were the worst. I had to pee almost twice every hour. It was triggered by the most insignificant thing, such as a laugh or a sneeze. I found myself making my way to the bathroom all the time. I found myself for such extended moments in the toilet, I almost considered installing a loo right in my bedroom ( pun intended!). If anyone asked for me, they’d hear that I was peeing. I’m still shocked at how a sneeze or a good laugh could make me leak!” – Janice, 33

“Why Do They Not Tell Us About It?”

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“To be honest, I was pretty shocked when it first happened to me. It was on a date night with my husband. We just got the news of the pregnancy, by which time I was about eight weeks pregnant. We wanted some time off for ourselves before getting bogged down with all the baby plans. I know I looked stunning in my dress and the pregnancy glow definitely helped. I ordered a particularly spicy dish (yes, food cravings), and little did I know this was a mistake. The food made me sneeze. I didn’t even know that I was probably holding on to a little pee and the moment I sneezed I could feel a little leak down there. It wasn’t anything too disastrous, thankfully. I was furious not because I peed, but because that night I learned how common it was, but not many people knew about it! Maybe it’s time we spoke about it more often so women can prepare themselves better!” – Sherin, 30

“My Style Of Dressing Definitely Changed!”

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“You know what I learned during my first pregnancy? Stay away from jumpsuits — particularly the ones that are a struggle to get out of! My fashion sense definitely changed during pregnancy, and I’ve stayed this way since. Go for maternity jeans or leggings because they’re comfortable, easy to remove while peeing, and thick enough to prevent leaks down your legs! Dresses are another savior when pregnant because all you need to do when you have to pee is lift your dress and squat. But make sure you wear a panty liner if you’re wearing a dress — you don’t want a river of your urine sliding down your legs!” – Samaira, 36

All that peeing can be a bit of a downer but know that it’s not going to last forever. You may be embarrassed, but it’s essential to realize that it is a very normal part of the pregnancy journey, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It may help, though, to invest in panty liners.

Don’t compromise on your water intake because of this. Also, maybe you could plan your day in such a way that if you must step out, you know there’s a loo around the corner. Consult your doctor if you sense any problem or discomfort, as urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy. Have you experienced something like this? Feel free to share with us what you went through in the comments below!


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