What Should You Be Doing With Your Newborn All Day?

A lot of new mothers might wonder what they are supposed to do with their newborns all day, every day. Unfortunately, the manual of motherhood covers a lot of things but does not say anything about how to spend your time while you are with your baby. It is only natural that there is no fixed set of things to be done when spending time with your newborn because all mothers are different. However, having some insight into how you can spend your time while your baby falls asleep in your arms will give you confidence about the whole process. Read on to know the things that are okay to do while being with your newborn.

What To Do With Yourself And Your Child For The First Few Days

Yourself And Your Child For The First Few Days

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For most mothers, the first few days after giving birth remain a blur. The body gets too tired and a lot of mothers experience pain and have to take constant painkillers. During this period, the daily routine of the mother and child mainly incorporates keeping the baby fed, warm, and well-rested.

The best you can do as a new mother during such days is to get as much rest as possible with your child. Your body goes through a lot of changes and it is only logical that you remain well rested. However, make sure to feed the baby on time. Besides that, you can have as much nap time as you want, just like your baby.

How Do You Spend Time As The Blur Clears

You Spend Time As The Blur Clears

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After a few days of childbirth, naturally, your body gets used to the new routine and the blurry days seem to be getting clearer. This is when boredom might kick in as you keep spending time with your little baby who just eats, sleeps, poops, and repeats. If you are not a mother to a child who is extremely fussy, it is predictable that you will have a lot of time to spare.

While doing anything that is not related to your child might seem wrong to you, rest assured that is not the case. While it is true that you should be spending all your time with your child, it would get difficult at one point to keep communicating with someone who can barely keep their head up.

So, here are a few things you can be doing when your child is sleeping or laying by your side.

1. Read A Book

Reading a book can never be a bad idea and there can be no bad time for doing it. Reading books related to motherhood and other associated topics will help you to grow into a better mother. You will also come across the experiences of other new mothers and that would make you feel less lonely in the whole thing. A lot of books offer practical tips and tricks on feeding, bathing, and taking care of your newborn and they should definitely be on your reading list.

2. Listen To Songs Or Watch A Movie

Listen To Songs Or Watch A Movie

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Spending a day listening to your favorite songs while your child sleeps peacefully on your lap or by your side is not going to harm anyone. It would rather put you in a good mood and ensure you do not get frustrated with any tantrums the baby might show. You can even put on a movie and watch it with headphones so that your child is not disturbed.

3. Do Anything Creative If You Feel Like

If you like to paint or write, this can be a good time to start doing them again. Being creative does not mean you have to do something big. Keeping a simple journal can also be a creative act. Moreover, journaling your days will give you something to look back on when your child grows up. You two can share a laugh over the things you will be journaling and that would only enhance the bond between you two.

4. Communicate With The Baby

Communicate With The Baby

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While the baby will not be able to respond, at least not immediately, it is important that you ensure regular verbal communication with the child. Since you will be spending almost all your time with them, it is important that you bond well. Hearing your voice around will help the child to feel closer to you. Continuous communication from the mother’s side will also keep the child happy and there will be lesser issues with feeding or bathing them.

All mothers and children are different from one another. Their bonding also works in different ways. That is why there can never be a fixed list of things that you can do with your newborn all day. However, certain things, like the ones listed in this article, can be done by most mothers. Do you have anything else that you think new mothers can do while spending their days with their newborns? Let us know in the comment section!

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