What This Baby Genius Did With His Pillows Is Killing The Internet Today

Baby Genius Did With His Pillows Is Killing The Internet Today

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This baby shows pillows could be real building blocks. What this baby did with his pillows in an attempt to alight his bed simply proves his ingenuity. His proud papa Francisco Aguilar from Sacramento posted the video titled, “My son the genius”. Watch the video here:

The infant son makes a couple of attempts to dismount the bed but finds the distance a little too much for the safe landing. Here is where he shows some remarkable engineering.

He tosses three pillows from the side of the bed one after the other. As the pillows stack, he even throws his binky on to the pillows to ensure it isn’t hurt. Why would he hurt himself when the pacifier is safe ;)

Then he looks for the fourth pillow, but…yeah…”I should be ok with that bit. The pacifier didn’t complain either.” And he plops down from the edge on to the ultra-soft landing spot he just made for himself.

And he achieves the engineering marvel with his chubby hands and an incredibly cute demeanor. We all love a roly-poly diddling in his bed. But this was a little more than that – he got just a bit constructive.

What we loved the most was he doing a litmus test with a pacifier first! What a brilliant little man!

Just how many of are lucky to capture moments of our children like that. This baby’s parents sure didn’t leave him to himself, and they were watching over him to save the day while they also managed to capture his genius feat.

But this little man proved he didn’t need any help.

Did you just begin to think how your little toddler escapes out from the bed so often! Surely, he doesn’t fly. And if you have not seen pillows on the floor, what could the secret mechanism be involved?

But then, “A watched toy never rings.” So you might want to catch him doing that just in time. If not simply install a hidden camera. I have sometimes tried with my tots to do a certain thing so I could record and show to friends. But they were all over the camera, “Hey, we will record you!” Boy, my tot days are long over.

But it might also explain why kids hate baby cots, especially when the bars are raised so they can’t jump out. I’m afraid some genius kid might find a way out too. He will have pulled a jailbreak! We bet many of you have already experienced seeing your baby dangle along or hoist herself from the cot railings.

Oh, and did we hear twins doing the same things together? Here are twin boys climbing out of the tot cot at the same time! In fact, one leads the other, manages to shhh him and open the door too!

And here, while one also has a fall, manages to brush it off and regain composure:

Nope, but we don’t advise babies to take the chance as crib-climbing monkeys. Parents, please do lower your mattresses or beds for safety reasons, if your baby has already transitioned from his crib to bed. And your little one would still get calculative with the lowered bed heights ;) (So, It’s also the time to invest in pillows to cordon him off the edges.)

What makes baby videos adorable is the reproach in defying us, adults. Did your child do something similar? Does he climb or alight heights that aren’t meant for his size? Do you watch them or let them figure their own way out?

We would love to hear from you on how your child rebelled his confines to the baby cots or beds.

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