15 Tough Things To Say To Your Cheating Husband

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Learning about your husband cheating on you can be heartbreaking. Confronting him on the same is even hard. If you want to know what to say to your cheating husband, this post is for you. Infidelity is a nightmare for any spouse. You go through a myriad of emotions if your husband cheats on you. You feel jilted, betrayed, and disappointed all at once. However, you have to keep your emotions under control before confronting your husband. Read on as we tell you how to deal with this complex situation.

15 Things To Say To Your Cheating Husband

Here are a few questions or things you may want to discuss with your husband before making a decision.

1. ‘Aren’t you empathetic to my feelings?’

When you process what happened, you’ll likely feel a surge of emotions. These are normal as you feel betrayed. If you bottle up your emotions, the anger will boil over and manifest itself in some way. Therefore, articulate your feelings and express what you are going through to make him realize how hurt you are by his actions.

2. ‘Aren’t you guilty?’

Guilt is one of the powerful emotions that, in some cases, can save relationships. If you’re wondering what to say to your cheating husband, you could ask him if he feels guilty about his actions. If he shows guilt for his actions, that’s the least positive thing to experience. For your marriage to survive cheating, your husband must have a sense of guilt for his actions.

3. ‘What next?’

If you’re unsure what to say to a husband who cheated, it’s best to ask questions but keep your focus on the facts. For example, you could ask how long the relationship has lasted and what he wants now. After you have established the facts, if your partner resolves to end the affair and recommit to your relationship, you can take your time to decide.

4. ‘Do you want to work on the marriage?’

The best thing you can do is ask your husband straightforward questions. For example, you can ask him whether or not your relationship is worth saving or if you can trust him again. When you find answers, consider whether to forgive the breach of trust and move on or end the relationship.

5. ‘Why did you cheat?’

While honestly answering these questions can help you decide whether or not to forgive your partner, your husband must be ready to explain why he cheated in the first place. Maybe he’ll say he is not happy with you, or he blames the stress at the office. When your husband points an accusing finger at you or another person as an alibi for cheating, he is not taking full responsibility for his actions. It means he is not apologetic, remorseful, or guilty of his actions.

6. ‘Would you like to see a therapist?’

Your husband’s cheating leaves you with no idea what to do or where to start. You may ask if he wants to consider working with a therapist who can guide him to be on the right track. You could also ask him if he’s open to putting his infidelity into perspective, identifying issues that might have contributed to it, and repairing and strengthening your relationship.

7. ‘Does she know about you two?’

The more “the other woman” knows about you two or your marriage, the stronger their relationship is. Based on his answer, you can tell how much attention he gives you and how important you are to him.

8. ‘Have you cheated before?’

If you’re not sure what to say to your cheating husband, inquire whether he has ever cheated on you before. Suppose he says this is not the first time, then it is possible that it can happen again. However, if this was his first time and he regrets it, then he may have a benefit of doubt.

9. ‘Do you want to talk about it?’

When your husband is into an affair, he may go on a guilt trip and refuse to open up. If you think he is guilty and wants to mend things, give him time, let him share, and then decide what to do.

10. ‘What went wrong?’

Ask him directly what he thinks went wrong in your relationship or understand the rationale behind his actions. You can also ask him when he thinks your relationship has started to deteriorate. For example, a particular argument or event may have shattered your relationship. You might want to follow up with questions, such as, “Why didn’t you talk to me at the time?” or “Can you tell me why you felt compelled to cheat?”

11. ‘Why do you want to stay with me?’

Know why your cheating husband believes you should stay with him. He could come up with any number of reasons to stay with you. He might want to stay because of the children or mortgage. On the other hand, he might not want to go through the emotional turmoil of divorcing his wife. While this question allows him to say whatever he wants, you can gain insight into his thoughts.

12. ‘How do you feel now?’

If you’re not sure what to say to a husband who cheated you, it’s best to be willing to talk about it, no matter how painful it is. You can ask him, “how are you feeling right now?” Know if he is miserable, sad, or has no feelings.

13. ‘What are your expectations?’

It’s a good idea to ask your cheating husband what he wants from the relationship in the future. Although the conversation can be emotional, you would know how to go forward from the present situation.

14. ‘What kind of relationship you share with her?’

Ask him if it was a one-night stand, sexual, “double-life,” or an emotional affair. You can inquire whether the “other woman” is a coworker or a long-time friend and whether he still sees her daily. Because each relationship has its own life and meaning, certain elements can determine where your relationship stands right now and his thoughts about the “other woman.”

15. ‘Express yourself’

After knowing what you want from your husband, express your emotions. Whether sad, angry, disturbed, or broken—pour your heart out. He should know about the damage caused by him. You could even take time to think or share what you expect from him and the marriage. Whether you want to give it a second chance or move out of it, take your time, think from every angle, and make a decision.

It’s heartbreaking to learn that your husband broke his marriage vows and is having an affair with another woman. However, you never imagined the day would come when you’d be considering what to say to your cheating husband. While discovering that your husband is cheating on you can be upsetting, a willingness to talk about it is an important step toward making the decisions for the future. Infidelity can be emotionally crushing. Make sure you take time to process the information and not react recklessly to the situation.

Key Pointers

  • If your husband is cheating on you, ask him if he feels guilty of his actions or would like to rework the marriage.
  • To understand his real feelings about the relationship, ask him the reason for his infidelity.
  • For a better future, know what went wrong in the marriage, and take professional help if needed.

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