What Women Are Doing To Prevent Pregnancy Is Sure To Leave You Chilled With Shock

What Women Are Doing To Prevent Pregnancy

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In times when women no longer rely on amulets or incantations to prevent pregnancy, you will be surprised to know that withdrawal is still as highly prevalent as it was before you had access to modern methods of contraceptives.

A recent survey on 3,276 American women suggests that one-third of the individuals who risked unwanted pregnancy had used the withdrawal method in the past 30 days. Among them, 13% women believe that withdrawal is the most effective form of birth control used by them in the past month. Moreover, a withdrawal was the only form of contraceptive used by 12% among them. The researchers conducting the study suggest that the percentage of women relying on withdrawal isn’t too insignificant to be ignored, even as they adopt other contraceptive methods alongside. Here are few facts you want to know about withdrawal:

  • Also known as Coitus Interruptus or the Pull-out Method, withdrawal is the world’s oldest method to practice birth control.
  • A whopping 35 million people around the world rely on the withdrawal method.
  • Although it’s easy and safe, the pulling out method is known to be effective only if performed correctly, one can exercise great self-control and has the experience and does not risk spilling the pre-ejaculate on his partner’s vulva.
  • Most men and women rely on the method considering it requires no prescription, is free and has no side effects.

But this is not it. Besides the pull-out method, men and women are employing other bizarre methods to prevent pregnancy. Most of these methods stem out from myths or unfounded logic to act as abortifacients or abortion-inducing methods. You will be astounded at the lengths women go to prevent pregnancy:

  • Using Two Condoms Instead Of One:

People don’t realize that adding an extra layer of protection will lead to splitting or breaking of the sheath. As a result, there is no effective contraception. When used correctly, men’s condom is known to provide 98 percent protection while women’s condom is 95 percent effective.

  • Douche Straight After Sex:

Douching right after sex has no logic. People out there must know that sperms are very swift swimmers and all the washing will not prevent them from reaching the egg. However, there could also be an associated 76 percent risk of ectopic pregnancy (where the implantation occurs outside the uterus). Douching can also lead to pelvic inflammation, vaginal infection, and even cervical cancer.

  • Going To The Loo Right After Sex:

In case of men, visiting the loo may help them clear off the pre-ejaculate. But in case of women, the vagina and urethra are two different apertures. To think that visiting the loo will wash off the sperm that has just entered a woman is suggestive of high-time getting some basic science right.

  • Do It Standing Up:

What, did you think the gravitational force of earth will stop the fantastic swimmers called sperm from going upstream? They can still swim to fertilize the egg.

  • Doing It During Periods:

Most women believe that having sex during periods will not make them pregnant. What they don’t know is that since most have irregular periods, to predict when ovulation takes place is not possible. And considering the regular window of 11 to 21 days (if their cycles occur at intervals of typical 28-30 days), the five to seven days shelf life of sperms allows them to hang out there until it can fertilize an egg.

  • No Pregnancy If It’s The First Time:

Most unplanned pregnancies happen this way. Who on earth told you that sperms cannot meet the egg even if it happens to be the first time?

  • Using Bizarre Objects Like Vegetables:

A woman in Colombia was known to use a potato as a contraceptive. Obviously, it had to go terribly wrong as she had to go through medical intervention to remove the object that had already been developing roots inside her. Fable or real, no one knows. But you don’t want to create embarrassing situations like these for yourself!

  • Doing It In Water:

When sperms can survive out of man’s body several minutes, then water can certainly not do any harm. In fact, water might promote or at least help the sperms to survive to do their own thing for the next few minutes.

  • Jumping Up And Down:

Being jumping jacks and dancing crazy do nothing to prevent the sperms from sticking in there, honey!

If you have heard other unproven or unscientific ways to prevent pregnancy, don’t be too excited. Chances are, most of them are duds! You don’t want to be taught by dummies. There are at least 15 scientific contraceptive measures. Think them through or visit your doctor before you give in to myths and misinformation.

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