When Can Your Baby Use A Walker?

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Are you waiting eagerly for those first baby steps? Are you planning to buy a walker for your baby in the hope that it will encourage him to walk?

Watching your little one take his first steps is a much-awaited event for parents. It is his first few signs of growing independent. You may be thinking of buying the latest baby gear to let your baby enjoy his quest. But are you aware that a baby walker may do more damage than good for your precious baby? Do not panic. Read this article to know when to use walker for babies.

When Can Baby Use Walker?

Putting your baby in a baby walker will make your little darling squeal with delight. But will it actually help your baby walk? Most doctors advise against putting your baby in a baby walker (1).

Various factors like your baby’s height, weight, and overall development decide when to buy walker for baby.

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Does Use Of Baby Walkers Cause Any Developmental Issues?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has placed a ban on using baby walkers (2). A walker can injure your baby and is not deemed safe by most experts (3).

According to a report in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, babies, who use walkers, reach their crawling and walking milestones later than other babies (4).

Most pediatricians stress the importance of placing your baby on the floor to encourage him to roll, sit up, crawl and eventually walk (5). All the muscles, which help your baby pull up and stand or walk, will grow stronger due to his floor workout. Learning to stand and walk without the help of a walker will also teach your baby about balance. Using a walker may also make your baby walk on tip toes. Your baby may continue the habit even when he is out of the walker.

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What Are The Safety Concerns Of Using A Baby Walker?

Placing your baby in a walker can increase the following risks (6):

  • Your baby’s fingers or toes may trap inside the metal guards of the walker that are used to fold or balance the same. It may cause injury and pain to your little one.
  • Your baby gains height while being inside the walker. The unreachable objects too may be well within your baby’s reach now and can cause potential injury.
  • Your baby gains additional speed while being in a walker. While watching him get, set and go, you may not get enough time to react and avert an accident.
  • Your baby may also reach the edge of a staircase while still being inside a walker. Your baby may suffer a fall as he will not be able to stop the walker in time.

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  • If you still do want to use a baby walker, ensure it is used only on a flat surface. There should be no staircase or water body around.
  • Remove all dangerous items like hot or sharp surfaces, breakable or heavy objects and such.
  • Make sure you check for compliance with mandatory safety standards in your area before you buy one.

Putting your baby in a baby walker is no doubt a lot of fun, even though it may not aid walking. Ensure your baby is placed in a walker only when you or a responsible adult is constantly supervising him.

Hope you liked this post on when can baby use walker. If your baby loves his adventure trip in his walker, please share your experience and advice with us.

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