When Do Children Stop Believing In Santa?

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Does your kid love all things related to Christmas, and especially Santa? Has Santa Claus been visiting your home every year, and does the magic of the holiday season fill your kid with excitement? Are you wondering if you should play along with your kid’s imaginary world or bring home the reality?

Telling your kid that Santa does not exist is a major moment of truth in childhood. Read on to know how and when you should break this ‘myth.’

When Do Kids Stop Believing In Santa?

The answer to when kids stop believing in Santa is a very difficult one, and one that will differ from one kid to the other. For some parents, their kid may stop believing in Santa from about as early as age five. On the other hand, some kids might still believe in Santa until their early teen years! Both the scenarios are normal, and the age at which your kid finally grows out of that Santa magic is something you should give him time to adjust.

Your kid’s belief in Santa will also depend on how much Santa myth you share with him at home. If you have always told your kid that Santa is real and that he comes down the chimney on the night before Christmas, it will not be easy for him to think otherwise suddenly.

According to a poll, by AP-AOL News, almost 86 percent children believe in Santa in their early years.

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What Makes Kids Realize That Santa Is A Myth?

Here are a few factors that may make your kid start wondering about the existence of Santa:

  • If your kid has an older sibling, he may stop believing in Santa earlier than others. Your kid may notice that the older sibling is not excited about Santa’s secret visit and may also notice that he is not penning a letter to Santa. Even if your kid does not stop believing immediately, it will make him begin to question Santa’s existence.
  • Friends in school and neighborhood can also influence the age at which your kid stops believing in Santa. If your kid has friends who are older than him, the change may come about early.
  • How much Santa talks you have at home will also play a crucial role in deciding when your kid stops believing in Santa. If you have always maintained the tradition of Santa’s visit to your home during Christmas, it may be difficult for your kid to stop suddenly believing in your stories. Have you always asked your kid to write a letter to Santa for Christmas? Well, then your kid may still believe that what you have been telling him about Saint Nicholas is indeed true, especially when the gifts arrive each year.

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Tips To Do The Santa Talk:

Telling your kid that Santa does not exist is a big reality check in his life. It is almost as important and eventful as telling him that you have been lying to him for so long. If you want to tell your kid about the entire myth of Santa yourself, a good idea will be to start taking cues from your kid.

Here are a few ideas that may help make the conversation smoother:

  • Ask your kid what he thinks about Santa and Christmas. For a change, do the conversation with your kid some time before Christmas and not during the holiday season. Instead of asking him to write a letter to Santa, ask him how he thinks the entire process works and does he believe that Santa receives the letters indeed.
  • Sit down with your kid and watch movies that show how parents often dress up as Santa and get the gifts for the child protagonist that Father Christmas is to get for him. Ask him if he feels the same happens in his home too.

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Relax and remember, Santa will continue to be a part of your kid’s beautiful childhood memories.

Hope you like our post on when do Kids stop believing in Santa. Do tell us in the comments box below when your kid stopped believing in Santa.

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