When You Just Want To Quit Being A Mom


We feel strongly about how difficult being a mother is. And yes, we also feel that it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Sometimes, however, it just gets a little too hard, but at the end of the day, you’re an awesome mommy!

Daily Tasks And Routines:


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Your kids may wake up at the crack of dawn, which means that’s when you have to wake up. They can’t start their day without you because they need you. So, you do your best to cook, clean, entertain, teach, and take them places because that’s what moms do. You also have to deal with the boo-boos, crying, and mood swings, which requires your utmost patience.

Clearly it’s no easy task mothering a child or more, so sometimes, just sometimes, you feel as if you just want to quit the mommy life and just relax. Don’t feel bad if you feel this way, because it’s perfectly normal. After all, being exhausted mentally and physically takes a toll on you.

You constantly have to remind kids to clean up after themselves, what it’s like to be caring, to say “please” and “thank you”, and even have good manners in general. Sadly, this can get repetitive because of the monotony of doing the same things all day, everyday.

Second Guessing Yourself:

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As a mother, it’s natural to feel as if you’re not good enough as a mom. No one teaches you HOW to be a mom; you just get pushed into motherhood and do what feels right. You learn as you go. However, that doesn’t mean you should second-guess yourself because you are doing the best you can. In your kids’ eyes, you always measure up, as they look at you with stars in their eyes. As long as you raise kids who are kind, caring, respectful, and hard-working human beings, then you have done a great job.

But sometimes, you feel like your children get on your last nerve, or you actually have lost your temper horribly. It happens. Have you told them you don’t want to play because you’re tired? It happens. Want to hire a baby sitter because you just want to be alone? Don’t worry, it happens!

Even Though…


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Here’s the thing: being a mother isn’t easy, which is why it’s normal to feel as if you’ve had enough and just want to quit. It requires you to be up and about from the moment your children open their eyes till the moment they close them.

What we are trying to say is:

  • You might not enjoy every moment
  • You will worry non-stop
  • You may wonder how you will make it through the day
  • You will lose your temper
  • You will want to start drinking before sunset
  • Your house may never be peaceful
  • You may not feel good enough

They’re Worth It:


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Even though it’s hard, you keep going and you will successfully pull through. At the end of the say, kids say and do things that make you feel like a proud mama. For example, when they learn something new and want to show it off to you, because they WANT you to be proud.

All the hardships are worth it because:

  • Even if you don’t think so, you are doing a good job
  • You love them fiercely and unconditionally
  • Every single thing you do matters
  • You work extremely hard
  • They look at you as if the world begins and ends with you
  • They adore you and love you unconditionally
  • Their happiness is your happiness

The difficult moments you go through don’t define you, as they’re part and parcel of motherhood. Just keep loving and teaching your children, and you both will be okay. Whenever you feel scared and want to quit, just know what it’s understandable and you’re doing an amazing job!

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