Why Announcing Pregnancy Before 12 Weeks Is The Best A Woman Can Do

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For all women and parents, announcing a pregnancy is usually accompanied with excitement, happiness, fear, and nervousness. Most women announce the news only after they are 12 weeks pregnant. Past the 12 week mark, which is the end of the first trimester, there is a significant decrease of miscarriage risks. It is the reason many women announce their pregnancy at 12 weeks!

Some women though are taking a different stand, and announcing their pregnancies before the 12 week mark. A classic example is celebrity Jill Duggar who made it clear that it’s important to announce you’re expecting before said 12 weeks.

If you are wondering why Duggar took this step and why other women are following her example, read our post.

Jill Duggar’s Story:

Jill Duggar announced she was pregnant quite early, as she said, “Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester, and believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could.” A lot of people think her statement is extremely brave, as it gives respect to the life that is growing inside of her. What do you think? Brave or impulsive?

Like Duggar, women feel they should acknowledge that the human is growing in their womb, no matter how young.

In our opinion, she and other women validate the humanity of the baby, which tells the whole world that one human being has a unique genetic code, fingerprints, and a personality. If you think of it this way, some people may find it inhumane to deny a little baby its existence.

Other Women’s Reasoning:

The Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Torre said, “this tiniest of humans is someone who has inherent value and possesses a right to life–just like you and I.”

Another example is of a woman who miscarried twins and did not make the initial announcement of being pregnant. However, she regrets it because she bottled everything up and was devastated after the loss. She stated, “I felt their spirits inside me.”This seems like an issue of morality, which was the case with Jess Duggar. People may think it is immoral not to celebrate the life of something so precious, whereas others are just worried about miscarriages. Like life, there is no black or white here. No right or wrong.

Typically, the first trimester of pregnancy accompanies exhaustion and illness. Women who do in fact make a pregnancy announcement before the 12 weeks (first trimester) can expect help from others. Friends and family can help you rest because they know why you’re not your best, or they can help out by taking care of the other kids. If friends and family don’t know, how are they to help? Telling people earlier can even result in a support group. Family, friends, fellow future mothers, or even experienced mothers will be there for you, especially when they know the risk of announcing your pregnancy early.

Some women,who unfortunately have gone through miscarriages, think that announcing pregnancies earlier is another way to help with the devastation that comes with losing a baby. Sometimes it gets confusing because how do you share the grief when no one knew about the baby to begin with?

We think it depends on you as a person and what your beliefs are. After all, it’s your baby and your body, in spite of all the issues mention above. Let us know what you think! Wait for 12 weeks or no? Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Just opinions! So, share yours below.

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