15 Significant Reasons Why We Fall In Love

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Falling in love gives you a euphoric feeling. It is one of the strongest emotions that pumps your heart, holds your gaze, and makes your senses yearn something special. Love is magical too—it pulls you towards the special person, making you wonder why. It can even drive you to extreme lengths to win over that person.

What is it that drives you? What makes you fall in love? Read on as

we tell you 15 reasons why we fall in love.

15 Reasons We Fall In Love

Sometimes, we do not know why we fall in love. There may be several reasons, and not just one or two. We have listed a few common ones here.

1. Compatibility

One of the crucial factors that makes you fall in love is compatibility. Compatibility is not about physical attraction but how you relate to each other and get along well. When you and your partner share the same values and similar interests, and most of your opinions match, it means you and your loved one are compatible, and that brings you closer to each other.

2. Attraction

Attraction is one of the contributing factors to falling in love, especially in the initial stages. That attraction may not be just physical, but also emotional and sexual. Some people may get attracted to shared interests, resources, status, or intellect too.

However, if the attraction becomes the major reason minus closeness or intimacy,the emotion can be considered infatuation. That means you are attracted but do not actually know more about the person. True love is a combination of attraction plus closeness, which usually develops with time.

3. Connection

When you both are deeply connected, you might fall in love. As humans,we look for a connection or a bond that enriches our lives. When we have a deep connection with someone, the feeling becomes satisfying. And we want that feeling to continue further and become a prolonged experience of life.

4. Similarities

You must have heard the expression, ‘opposites attract.’ But one of the common reasons you fall in love with someone is because you both are ‘like-minded’ or share similarities – you both love reading books, you both are travelers, you both are spiritual, or you both love exploring history. It helps establish a close and intimate connection between you two and make you fall for each other.

5. Parent’s resemblance

We have grown up seeing our parents. Some of us use our parental role models as examples of what we should look for in a partner. Finding such similar features or behavioral attributes in someone may pull you towards them and give you a relationship satisfaction. It might also help to distinguish positive versus negative traits.

6. Communication

How was your day?’ ‘Let me help you cheer up.’ ‘I love you for who you are.’

Even when two people are different, communication can become the string to connect them. Having good conversations results in exchanging positive energy. When you are able to talk freely to someone, it feels good. Sometimes, you may want someone to listen to you without judging you.

7. Completeness

Love makes you complete. You yearn for your partner’s company, and you are happy when they are around. The feeling that you do not want anything or anyone else in life as your significant other besides them makes you fall in love.

8. Sense of humor

He makes you have a loud laugh. She is hilarious.

A good laugh can fill the air with positivity. Having a partner with a good sense of humor can help you de-stress, feel good, and make life so much easier. It is one of the positive attributes that people usually look in their life partners and fall in love with.

9. Genuineness

When you feel the person is genuine with you, they are sincere in their feelings and do not camouflage their emotions to be ‘perfect’ always, that person can be someone you want to be with. This is one of the traits you might want in a romantic relationship

10. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately. It can help a romantic relationship because it offers a feeling of being understood by one’s partner.

11. Mystery

Sounds weird? Sometimes, we tend to be captivated by enigma. There’s a feeling of familiarity that we sense from someone whom we have just met or known. They make you feel special or highlight your unique qualities that you have never realized. You may be charmed by that puzzle, and you may feel good about it and want it to continue. That’s a feeling you may fancy and fall in love with.

12. A feeling of happiness

You feel elated when they are around. You feel so good that you don’t want that feeling to stop. The theory is supported by neurochemical evidence. There are several feel-good chemicals, such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine,that are released when you are attracted to some special person in your life (1). These chemicals make you feel happy and satisfied.

13. Loneliness

The myriad thoughts you have and the various emotions you go through everyday get an outlet if you have that one worthy person to share with. Say, you heard a melodious song on the way to work or saw a beautiful place during your weekend getaway, you would want to talk about it to someone. You do share with your friends, but one among them pays special attention to what you are saying, understands you better than the others, and lives that happiness with you.

14. Sense of balance

His patience and empathy move me. Her respect and understanding towards me are impressive.

When you find someone who is compatible with the serenity and stability you have brought into your own life, he/she can elevate your positive emotions. Emotional balance in a partnership can lend itself to the creation of a calm environment filled with positive feelings toward one’s self and one’s romantic interest.

15. For no reason at all

Sometimes love might just happen. You may not have time to think logically about it but realize you got drawn to the person even before you weighed in the pros and cons, and the reasons. Do not be surprised if this happens. However, step back a bit and think if this relationship does good to you in the long run.

Often, we may not be able to cite specific reasons for falling in love with someone. We fall in love and share a special connection that we want to turn into a memorable lifelong experience. We yearn for that person and want to be with them to add a new meaning to our existence. Whether or not you have a reason for falling in love, enjoy the ecstatic feeling, and create sweet memories for life.