10 Reasons Why Having A Baby Boy Is The Greatest Joy In Your Life

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Becoming a parent is the most wonderful experience, and everyone wants to be blessed with a healthy baby, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. But, like having a baby girl is an amazing experience, several reasons why having a baby boy is also the most joyful experience.

Since boys bond differently to their parents than girls, certain experiences will be exclusive to you if you are the parents of a baby boy.

Read the post below to find a list of interesting things that makes your relationship with your baby boy more treasured and special.

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1. You will have a best friend for life.

Having a baby boy means you have a best friend for life and a constant partner for new adventures. When he is small, he will be delighted to tell you all the things happening in his life, and when he grows up, he will lend you a shoulder to lean on.

  • As a mother, you will be your baby boy’s favorite person in the whole wide world!
  • He will think of you as his first love and his queen even when he grows up.
  • Even though your baby boy may be tough on the outside with others, he will always be sentimental towards you.

2. You get to try adventurous things.

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While it doesn’t mean that having a baby girl is any less adventurous, but with boys, it might be a different experience. They would play in the mud, explore woods, catch worms, and go mountain biking, and you can also try these along with him.

  • You may witness things like burping contests or who can stuff more chips in their mouth.
  • You may have to start embracing new things, such as camping, learning how to play baseball, or even understand their sports lingo to be part of their world.
  • Along with trying new things, you will also understand a lot about the opposite sex. For example, you will realize that boys, too, are emotional, and they do cry.

3. You’ll realize that those little formal daddy clothes are cute.

Gone are the days when dressing up a baby girl was more fun than dressing a baby boy. With the change in trends and fashions, baby boys’ clothes are now adorable and colorful.

  • When trying to dress up your baby boy, you can take your pick from rows and rows of tiny-sized shirts and pants.
  • You can also take your pick from those tiny baby-sized cargos, baby boy vests, and more.
  • Admit it, seeing baby boys in those tiny collared clothes makes you go, “Aww!”

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You may look for inspiration on Pinterest and design clothes for your charming boy to make him stand out wherever he goes.

4. You can play rough games and also invite them into your world.

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Well, this depends on the personality of your baby boy. If he is more of an outdoor person, you can learn many new things, and if he is sensitive and doesn’t quite enjoy the rough games, you will have a partner to enjoy doing the unobtrusive and classy things. As a parent, you are responsible for nurturing your baby boy’s interests and helping him grow into a happy and healthy adult. All in all, there is an ultimate joy in having a baby boy as you can taste a bit of both worlds.

  • You can see and be proud of your boy playing soccer, climbing walls, or winning a race.
  • At the same time, you can also take him with you to visit museums, libraries, and concerts or even partner with you in your cooking classes.
  • It will be a fun experience to run behind your little champ and laugh at his never-ending theatrics.

5. Your baby boy will be soft too.

Your baby boy could be a tough guy, but you will realize boys are soft and sensitive as well.

  • While the world may experience your baby boy’s tough side, you will see that he is an emotional and caring person too.
  • In some cases, you may be the only one who will get to see his softer side.
  • Each time your baby boy snuggles up with you, you will see how loving and sweet he is as he tells you how much he loves you.
  • You will also experience the sweet little things he may do for you, like lifting the grocery bags, helping you in the kitchen, and even taking care of you when sick.

6. You can teach him to grow up into a gentleman.

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Your little boy will grow up and have to live in a world that might expect quite a lot from him. So, you will have the honor of helping him become successful in life and develop virtues such as honesty, sensitivity, and empathy.

  • During such times, as a mother to a little boy, you have the chance to help bring that understanding and sensitivity in his life.
  • You can teach your little boy the many ways in which he can grow up to be a gentleman.
  • From you, your little boy will learn the values of how to treat a lady, how to behave with and treat others, and how to be a man that his partner will love to have.

7. You’ll experience less emotional turmoil at home.

You will probably have lesser emotional episodes with a baby boy in the house than parents of little girls.

  • Your baby boy may have an easier time growing up than a baby girl in her growing-up years, as studies suggest a difference between boys and girls when it comes to expressing emotions (1).
  • Some baby boys are less prone to tears and emotional turmoil.
  • It will be easier for you to handle your baby boy’s growing up years purely on a less emotional and more practical approach.

8. Your baby boy will most likely have beautiful friendships as he grows up.

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Your baby boy may find it easier to make friends with his virtues of honesty, helping nature, and empathy:

  • As a parent, you may not have to deal with most of the falling out between friends where emotions are involved.
  • Your baby boy may have a big circle of friends as he grows up, but most of them will be friends from his childhood days.
  • Instead of sleepovers, your boy will prefer the time spent at the playground with his friends, making it easier for you at home.
protip_icon Point to consider
Be your little boy’s best friend and spend quality time with him. Go camping and hiking with your boy and create memories to cherish forever.

9. Your baby boy will have a special bond with daddy too.

Your baby boy will have a special bond with his daddy too.

  • Pretty soon, your baby boy might try to sit, stand, and dress up like his dad. He would realize that his dad is a man and would try to be more like him, making you jealous quite often.
  • A wink, a nod, or a pat on the back could be all it takes for your baby boy and daddy dear to communicate with each other.
  • Your baby boy could share some common interests like a particular sport, a movie genre, some action figure obsession, or more, that can sometimes make you feel left out.

10. He would look for you in every woman he meets.

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As the mother of a little boy, you will always be the perfect woman in your baby boy’s life.

  • Your baby boy may meet many wonderful girls as he grows up, but for him, you will always be the most beautiful woman he knows.
  • Your baby boy may even unconsciously think of you as a role model when he grows mature and looks for a partner.
  • Take joy in the fact that you will always be an inspiration in your baby boy’s life.

You will always be the first woman he admired. He will always look up to you and try to look for your qualities in the women he meets. Beth B, a mother of two, gushes about how her one-year-old son gives her all his affection. She says, “Right now, I am the #1 woman in my son’s life. I hold his heart. I get all his kisses and all his snuggles. When I walk in his room to get him out of his crib, his face lights up when he sees me. He grabs my face with his chubby little hands and squeezes me. When he is sad or hurt, he wants his mamma. And I like it that way. But I know that one day that my son will grow up and will love another woman. My prayer is that one day he finds the love of his life (i).”

So give your child several beautiful memories filled with happiness and laughter to help him grow into a good human being who is considerate of everyone’s well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do gender roles and expectations impact the desire for a boy versus a girl?

Gender roles and expectations may have a significant impact on the desire for a boy versus a girl due to patriarchal and patrilineal familial traditions, emphasis on the importance of carrying forth the family name, association of a male child with financial stability, and traditional gender roles that place significance on males. However, it is essential to remember that these factors have to do with personal preferences or the family’s financial ability to support a child and do not make any assertions.

2. Are there any specific challenges that come with raising a boy compared to raising a girl?

Raising a child comes with specific challenges that are unique to the child and may present opportunities for the parents’ personal growth too. Some challenges that may arise when raising boys include meeting social expectations or confirmation of gender roles, greater proneness to risk-taking behaviors due to an adventurous personality, increased proneness to aggressiveness during conflicts, body image issues, developing positive relationships with peers and people of opposite sex, and gender identity issues.

3. What are some common misconceptions about raising a baby boy?

Some misconceptions about raising boys are that boys are violent, lack basic manners, don’t care about their looks, and are only interested in video games or specific sports. No children, whether a girl or a boy, should be stereotyped. Children might mess up and create chaos, but parents can always show empathy, care, and love and raise them to be good human beings.

Having a baby boy can bring many exciting and joyful experiences. He can become a mama’s boy and a dad’s burping contest partner. Raising a courteous gentleman or a goofy yet kind-hearted person is possible with a baby boy. Your sincere parenting efforts will support his overall development. However, it is essential to remember that both baby boys and girls are equal in parents’ eyes, and each child adds meaning and purpose to your life. A baby is an invaluable gift from God that deserves to be cherished, protected, cared for, and loved unconditionally, regardless of gender. Remember that raising a child is a great responsibility in shaping your child’s future.

Infographic: Joyous Reasons For Having A Baby Boy

Be it a girl or a boy, babies bring joy to everyone’s lives. If you have become new parents to a wonderful little boy or are about to become one, we send our heartiest congratulations to you and best wishes to him. Check out the following infographic, as we have highlighted a few ways reflecting how a baby boy brings so much joy into your life.

joys of having a baby boy (infographic)

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Key Takeaways

  • Parenting a baby boy is a wonderful experience, creating a strong bond with both mother and father.
  • Baby boys often idolize their mothers, forming an unbreakable bond and life-long friendship.
  • Life with a baby boy is never boring, filled with exciting and adventurous activities.
  • Baby boys can be both soft and gentle, with fewer emotional outbursts to manage.
  • Dressing up a baby boy in cute outfits can be a delightful and enjoyable experience.

The joys of being a parent are endless! From watching your child grow to sharing special moments together, it’s an amazing experience.

Personal Experience: Source

i. Reflections on my 1st year of motherhood… The 8 Biblical qualities I want to instill in my son;


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1. Tara M. Chaplin and Amelia Aldao; Gender Differences in Emotion Expression in Children: A Meta-Analytic Review; HHS Author Manuscript (2014).
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