21 Reasons He Isn't Texting You And What To Do About It

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You met a genuinely nice guy and have just started dating him. The two of you hit it off very well, but suddenly, things have gotten slow, and his replies to your texts take longer than you anticipate. You freak out and make assumptions. Well, it is quite natural, and you can’t be blamed for getting paranoid and imagining the worst.

However, before you do anything drastic, sit back and think it through. Could there be genuine reasons? Is he ignoring you? Are you moving too fast?

Read on as we tell you some plausible reasons he isn’t texting you and give you some useful advice on what to do next.

21 Reasons He Isn’t Texting You

His reasons for not texting you could be aplenty. Perhaps you are guilty of coming too strong, or it was just a fling. Let’s uncover the reasons.

1. He has become comfortable with you

Now that you know each other, he doesn’t feel the need to message you constantly. He’s comfortable with you. Knowing that you have an interest in him, he now feels he can slow down a bit.

2. He is busy with other stuff

Perhaps his life has suddenly become busier with client meetings and deadlines at work. Or maybe his parents and friends are in town. If you see him online, and he does not reply to your messages, do not go bonkers, as he might be online, working on an important project.

3. He can focus only on one thing

He may not be good at multitasking, and he might be busy with some work. He has a different priority at the moment, and thus, he can’t text you.

4. He’s with his buddies

When he’s out with his friends, he may not want them to know that he’s obsessed with you, and so, he might decide to wait until he’s back home to reply to your messages. Sometimes, men need their “guy time,” and it’s fair you let them chill over video games or a game of soccer without getting jealous.

5. He needs some “me time”

After a hard day, men like to unwind by hitting the gym or just going for a run so that they can re-energize and refresh. It is important you respect his “me time,” just as you would want him to respect yours.

6. Your texts could be overwhelming him

If you text him non-stop every day, he will not be able to keep up. You can’t expect him to deal with your barrage of messages, especially if they are lengthy and you send them while he’s at work.

7. He feels you are inquisitive

Although your questions may be intended to get to know him better, he might not get the intention. If he feels your questions invade his privacy, especially in the early days of your relationship, he might stop answering your texts altogether.

8. He doesn’t have the right words

He just can’t find suitable words to express himself. Perhaps he isn’t great at expressing his feelings and emotions. If things are tense, he may need time to collect his thoughts and find the right words. Give him some time.

9. It slipped his memory

He could have genuinely forgotten to reply to your text. Perhaps he was in the middle of something when you messaged him and thought he would reply later. Of course, if this occurs frequently, it’s a sign he’s not interested.

10. He communicates only for a reason

For some, texting for no reason makes no sense. They usually communicate to make a plan. Back and forth texts that don’t have a purpose do not find a place on their things-to-do list. For you, texting may be a way of staying connected, but he may not see it that way.

11. He feels you are desperate

Your man might be more attracted to women who are slightly disinterested or mysterious. So if you text him too often, you might appear as too keen or desperate to him. In this case, not replying to your texts is his way of saying he’s not interested.

13. He’s playing hard to get

He might be playing it cool, especially if your relationship is in the initial stages. He may not want to show his feelings right away, so he won’t text you back immediately. It doesn’t mean he is not interested; he wants to know how you feel about him.

14. He doesn’t want to lead you on

Perhaps he is mindful of your feelings. Until he is sure about where the relationship is heading, he may not want to give you the wrong impression that he is totally into you. He may reply to your texts occasionally to be polite. If this goes on for too long, it’s best to ask him outright.

15. Your messages are dull

He wants to engage in meaningful and deep conversations with you. Your good looks may not hold his attention for too long. So, you need to have interesting things to discuss and engage him in conversation.

16. He is not sure about how you feel

In the initial stages of your relationship, it may be difficult for him to judge your level of interest and how you feel about him. So, he may hold back in the hope that you will reach out.

17. You might have offended him

You may have hurt his feelings unintentionally. Your behavior or his misinterpretation of your message could be the reason for the change in his behavior. It could be something you wrote that he misconstrued. Revisit your previous messages or ask him if you have said or done something that has hurt him.

18. He might be two-timing you

The guy might be looking for a fling. He might have someone else with whom he is flirting. For him, you are just another option.

19. He’s hates texting

It may seem strange to you, but it is possible. Maybe he is someone who switches his mobile off for hours or ignores the beeps. For him, texting is not high up on his list of priorities, and he prefers calling you or talking to you in person

20. The timing is wrong

He has something going on in his life that is holding him back from prioritizing the relationship. Things could have seemed right on your first few dates, but if he suddenly stops texting, perhaps he has personal issues that are preventing him from committing.

21. He’s not interested in you

This is the biggest worry any girl can have. Unfortunately, it can be one of the reasons he’s not texting you. He just isn’t interested in you. The best thing you can do here is to let go and move on.

What To Do When He Doesn’t Text You

When a guy stops texting you, it doesn’t mean your relationship is done and he’s not into you. One top option is to make a call to be certain and resolve the mystery. Maybe he lost his mobile phone or lost his saved phone number list. Read on as we give you a few more tips on what you can do when he doesn’t text you.

1. Reach out

Send him a casual text. Don’t ask him why he hasn’t messaged you, and don’t tell him you miss him. This text has to let him know that you care enough to check if he’s okay and still interested in you. If he replies and gives a solid reason, then all’s well, but if he doesn’t reply, it’s time to move on.

2. Cut him some slack

Pull yourself together and give him some space. Don’t bombard him with many messages and show him you are needy and dependent on him. Play the waiting game and be patient. If you are quiet, he will realize he misses your presence in his life, and you might just make him jealous enough to wonder what or who you are occupied with.

3. Call him

Sometimes, it’s easier to say what you want to say in an actual conversation rather than a message. So it may make sense to pick up the phone and give him a call. It could make things easier for him.

4. Stop complaining

When he texts you, don’t tell him you miss him and that he should message you more often. Try not to put constraints on his life and demand his attention.

5. Pay attention to yourself

All this time, you have been obsessing about him and your relationship with him. It is now time to focus on yourself. Get on with your life, take up hobbies, and enjoy some time with your friends who you may not have met for a long time. You don’t need someone who is not interested in you to make your life happy.

Always remember it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t answer your texts or phone calls.. There could be so many reasons he isn’t texting you. It’s up to you to deal with the situation; you could give him some time and space. If more than a few days go by without hearing from him, perhaps it’s time to move on.