Johnson & Johnson: What Makes Johnson's The Number One Baby Care Brand In India

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All parents would agree that when it comes to buying or selecting any products for their precious bundle of joy, they trust nothing but the best. And a majority of Indian parents believe that those best products come from the brand of Johnson’s Baby.

Almost every parent in our country has entrusted this reliable baby care giant with the gentle care of their baby. We have had entire generations of Johnson’s babies, and even now, millions of parents across the nation continue to put their trust and faith in their products.

And rightly so!

We at MomJunction did a deep dive into the world of Johnson’s Baby to know what sets them apart from the rest in the domain of baby care. And trust us, it turned out to be an eye-opening experience.

So mommies and daddies, if you wish to know why choosing Johnson’s is the right choice for your baby, go ahead and give this article a read.

1. They Are The Pioneers In The Field Of Baby Care

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Most first-time parents depend on passed on words of wisdom when they have to prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy. These words of wisdom often belong to the elders of the family who have accumulated them through years of experience and observation.

Now, along similar lines, Johnsons have more than 125 years of experience in developing gentle and safe baby care products. And they continue to set the standard high by innovating and opening new avenues of research in baby care. In fact, 90% of global research in baby skincare has been advanced with the help of Johnson & Johnson!

2. They Have An Experienced Insight Into The Needs Of Babies

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Now, it isn’t that Johnsons is a leader in baby care innovation only in name. Their dedication to progress and innovation in baby care science has also given them the advantage of developing a keen insight into the world of babies, which has led to the creation of truly revolutionary products. An example of this would be the Johnson’s baby shampoo with its coveted “No More Tears” tag.

Unlike other brands which carry tags such as “Suitable for newborns” or “Mild to the eyes” tag, Johnson’s developed its “No More Tears” shampoo to provide the best of gentle cleansing to its little consumers. This was based on their observation that babies don’t have a well-developed blink reflex.

A brand that goes the extra mile to ensure the comfort and safety of its consumers is sure to earn a lot of loyalty and that’s why most Indian moms only trust Johnsons for their precious babies.

3. Their Products Are Completely Safe

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Contrary to misinformed claims and rumors, Johnson’s products have always had an unimpeachable track record in terms of safety. Governmental and non-governmental agencies like the US FDA and Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel have thoroughly assessed their products time and again, and each time they have come out with flying colors.

Even more significant is the fact that they have taken into account the concerns voiced by mothers across the world regarding the usage of problematic substances. They made sure that none of their products contain any phthalates, sulfates, parabens, dyes, asbestos or formaldehyde. Clearly, your baby’s safety is of paramount importance to them.

4. Their Products Contain Only Essential Ingredients

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A young infant’s body is still developing and his/her barriers for protection still have a long way to go before they become fully functional. Keeping this in mind, Johnson’s has made sure to include only the most essential ingredients in its products, that too after rigorous testing.

In actuality, these ingredients have to undergo about 8000 clinical assessments globally before they are approved for inclusion in the products. Even the fragrances used in these products is very gentle on the developing olfactory senses of the babies, and they serve the function of providing a comforting and soothing experience to the baby.

The famous Johnson’s baby smell has the highest standard IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certification, and it’s free from any known allergens that may cause harm to a baby.

5. They Empower Mothers With Information

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A true measure of a brand’s commitment is it’s honesty. If it truly wants the best for its customers, it would do its best to make its processes transparent and known to them.

Johnsons truly believe in this philosophy and in keeping with that, they list 100% of their ingredients on the back of their products. They even go above and beyond by encouraging mommies to read the label of their baby care products before choosing it for their little ones.

And to simplify this process, and to help them understand the role of each ingredient, they have even made an easy-to-understand glossary! Don’t believe us? Click here to know more.

6. The Most Important Factor — Clinically Proven Mild Products!

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This is the jewel in Johnson’s crown that has made them the undisputed leaders of baby care in the world. We are sure you must have seen the clinically tested tag on baby care products. It’s almost too common, isn’t it? But do you know clinically tested isn’t the guarantee of mildness? Surprised to read that?

Well, clinically tested might also mean that the product was tested for an attribute but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it passed that test. And here’s the crucial bit. Johnson’s have Clinically Proven Mild products!

Keeping in mind the fragile and sensitive nature of a baby’s skin, they ensure that their products are well-suited for babies by making them go through 4 stringent tests to check for irritation and allergies, earning the clinically proven mild tag!

It’s these facets that demonstrate the true measure of this brand’s popularity and loyalty in our country. And having learned all of these, we can say with a firm belief that Johnson’s Baby is the right choice for every mother.
Mommies, if you have chosen Johnson’s for your baby we can assure you that you have made the right choice.

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