Why is Johnson's Baby the most trusted brand

The mother’s womb is probably the safest place in the world for babies. After all, it’s the one place where they can grow quietly and peacefully, without the fear of incurring any damage to their still-developing body. And when they are born, their mother’s concern is to replicate that safe and encouraging atmosphere at home. It’s a valid concern. After all, the foundation for strong and healthy adulthood is laid in one’s infancy.

To make that happen, every mother wants to buy the best and the safest products available in the market. However, more often than not, that choice is governed by preconceived notions of brand value and general hearsay than actual knowledge. To rectify this, we at MomJunction decided to give you, our mom readers, an insight into the ingredients used in baby products.

The Importance Of Ingredients In Baby Skincare Products

Even when we are buying skincare products for ourselves, we generally have a look at the ingredients to ensure that we are not putting our skin in contact with harmful agents. Our skin is the first barrier against the onslaught of germs and diseases, so it’s important to maintain its integrity.

In the case of babies, it becomes even more important to do so. Why? Well for one, unlike adults the immune systems of babies are not completely developed, so they are more at the risk of developing allergies. And secondly, their skin3 times more sensitive than an adult skin.

Even the doctors admit to the need of specialized skincare for babies. So it’s quite obvious that the only governing criteria for selecting a baby product should be the ingredients and their safety levels.

And thankfully, for India’s No. 1 baby care brand, Johnson’s Baby, this is the only criterion that matters. In fact, to emphasize this fact Johnson’s Baby share 100 % of all the ingredients used on the back of the products. Their products are transparent, visibly pure and contain no harmful chemicals.Johnson’s Baby product range is pH balanced and is hypoallergenic. It also meets about 15 global regulatory standards that assure us of its safety standards. It’s a brand that truly makes its little customers’ safety a priority.

Johnson’s Baby — The Promise Of The Best

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Johnsons baby is one brand that has earned the love and loyalty of millions of moms across the world. And their dedication to providing 100% gentle care to babies is one of the reasons for it. They have been pioneers in the domain of baby skincare for over 125 years now, but the thing that sets them apart is their ability to evolve and innovate to adapt to the changing demands of baby skincare.

Listening to the concerns of mothers everywhere, Johnsons has made sure that only the most essential and pure ingredients make their way into their products. Now, let us tell you how they have managed to achieve that.

  • By making strides in research: Unlike other brands, Johnsons baby focussed its efforts on creating the mildand safebaby products by conducting research. Almost 90 percent of discoveries and new research that has come up in the field of baby care is owned by Johnsons. This enormous research and data has given them a better insight into the needs of babies and enabled them to develop superior products with unique features such as the “No More Tears” Shampoo. In fact, it was Johnsons that evolved the “No more tears” formula!
  • By developing a stringent testing process: All ingredients used in a typical Johnson’s product have to undergo 8000 clinical assessments. This is done to ensure that only pureingredients are used in the formulation of a product.In addition to that,the products pass through a rigorous 5-level safety process to ensure the purity and mildness of the final product.
  • By creating Clinically Proven Mild products: Unlike the “clinically tested” tag, which is not a guarantee, the “Clinically Proven Mild” tag is a surety of the mild and gentle nature of the product. And all Johnson’s products earn that tag only after they have passed a series of 4 stringent tests. This is why most doctors are comfortable using Johnson’s products on their own babies, and millions of moms across the world trust them for their little ones.
  • By avoiding inefficient, wasteful and potentially harmful ingredients: Substances such as phthalates, sulfates, asbestos, formaldehyde, dyes, and parabensand otherany harmful ingredientsare not present in any of Johnson’s products. This has been done to specifically minimize the exposure of sensitive baby skin to harmful ingredients that have the potential of any allergies or causing harm to their delicate skin.
  • By using the mild fragrances: Realizing the importance of the sense of smell for babies, Johnsons uses the mildest and most soothing fragrances in its products. To do so, they have used only the highest IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified fragrances to avoid the risk of developing allergies. Only the safest and mildest fragrances for your little one’s developing olfactory senses.

Whatever your concern might be, Johnsons has already thought it through. By evolving a rigorous testing process and testing its personal careproducts on 5.5 lakh people globally, they have made sure that only the best of the best ingredients are used in their products. If you want the best for your baby, then this is the right choice for you.

So moms, take charge of your baby’s health and future by investing in Johnson’s baby products.