12 Reasons Why She Doesn’t Like You And What To do About It

Reasons Why She Doesn’t Like You And What To do About It

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Not everyone who we have feelings for or admire would reciprocate the same feelings. Sometimes, it works out, and all is well. Still, many end up facing rejection, apathy, or indifference when they confide their true feelings toward the person they love.

Rejection is common and a part of everyone’s journey through life and love. In this post, we tell you some possible reasons the woman you have a crush on doesn’t like you and what you can do about it moving forward.

12 Reasons She Doesn’t Like You

A woman may not return your affection due to countless reasons, including individual factors, unique events, and your own chemistry with them. However, some reasons stand out as they happen more often than others. We’ve listed 12 of them for you below.

1. You misread some signals from her 

Miscommunication can occur between anyone. It is even more common to be blinded by love and misread certain words or gestures of someone we care about. Perhaps she doesn’t like you because you confessed your emotions to her based on the assumption that she likes you as well. In truth, your optimism and desire to be with her blinded you to some of the indicators that she only sees you as a friend and led you to misread certain signals from her. This is a common cause for rejection and is nothing to be ashamed of.

2. She has feelings for someone else

In an increasingly connected world of billions, there is a fair chance the person you like has feelings for someone else — and that person may like another person too! So while you’re focused on your feelings and how to articulate them to the person you like, she might have been going through the same turmoil in her mind about someone else altogether. While you might have mistaken her giddiness and excitement as affection for you, it was likely about someone else.

3. You come on too strong

Confidence is an attractive quality to have. But you need to exercise caution, so it doesn’t turn into overconfidence or cockiness. If your approach when confessing your feelings to her or asking her out comes across as aggressive or cocky, it is only natural for her not to reciprocate the same feelings towards you. Society often expects men to act like they’re in charge and that women are only attracted to “alpha males,” but you should be yourself when telling someone how you feel about them to avoid any similar incidents.

4. You lack confidence

It is equally important to have self-confidence and not be too shy when it comes to relationships. A lot of this comes down to how you asked her out. Maybe you texted her, or you took the help of a common friend. Regardless, if you have not demonstrated your passion and intent clearly and respectfully, it could be a turn-off. Shyness can be attractive to a certain degree, but women typically want someone who demonstrates confidence when it comes to relationships.

5. She sees you as clingy

While it’s nice to be appreciated, everyone has their limits. If you constantly call her, text her, or turn up in the places she usually frequents, there’s a good chance that’s a big turn-off to her. You need to find the right balance when showing her you enjoy her company and presence and not come across as smothering. If someone sees you as clingy or needy, they may want to distance themselves from you, even as friends. So give her some space and try to find the middle ground.

6. She thinks you have the wrong intention

Casual dating is a big part of modern-day romance. However, certain people want a certain level of connection and emotional intimacy when it comes to relationships. If she feels that your intention is to have a short-term physical relationship or establish sexual contact, she may well reject you. Watch out for certain body language or verbal cues you may unintentionally be sending out. Make it clear why you like her and why you want to enter into a relationship with her.

7. Your outlook is unappealing to her

A big part of what makes a person desirable is their overall outlook in life. If she senses that your outlook is negative, she might find that unattractive. It is important to be able to talk to someone we like about anything, but before you tell them your feelings, you might want to make sure you don’t always seem like you’re complaining or victimizing yourself. While friends may sympathize with your situation, a potential romantic partner is not likely to.

8. She senses a lack of passion in you

We all gravitate towards people with high energy, people who are passionate about the things they do. This is even more true when it comes to relationships. While your friends or family may admire you for how content you are with your life and consistent when it comes to your routine, you need to change things up when it comes to women. Women are attracted to people who are passionate about things — people who aren’t afraid of chasing their dreams. No, it doesn’t mean you should change your personality; do your best to show her the exciting and ambitious side of you.

9. You talk too little or too much

While this might seem vague, you’d be surprised how many men have been on both sides of this conundrum when it comes to facing rejection. Some men talk too little, leaving the woman bored and making her feel like she’s doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to socializing. Others, on the other hand, tend to talk too much. They may sometimes offer unwanted opinions on everything or pass comments when they’re not solicited. If you fall into any of these categories, you should look to correct it in both your personal and professional life, so people don’t get a wrong view of you.

10. She isn’t physically attracted to you

Some people have a misconception that men are mostly focused on looks and women are mainly focused on personality. It is not a rule you should live your life by — women are equally invested in the physical aspect of a potential partner. If she doesn’t like you and none of the other reasons apply, it could be that she isn’t attracted to you physically. This could be anything from your dress sense or posture or even grooming. Everyone has different tastes and, every once in a while, their taste won’t align with yours.

11. She doesn’t like your attitude or behavior

You might have all the right characteristics and looks, but your attitude and behavior could end up being your downfall when it comes to certain women. It could be something as simple as how you talk to your Uber driver or waiter to how you pass comments on other people. Maybe you unintentionally offended a friend or family member of hers or said something that she found offensive. Regardless, it is important to have a positive attitude and behave decently, especially when attracting a woman.

12. Reasons beyond your control

She might reject you for reasons that are well beyond your control. Maybe she’s dated a close friend of yours and doesn’t want to make you both uncomfortable. Maybe she’s recovering from a break-up and wants to be alone for a while. Maybe she has a certain preference when it comes to a potential partner. If you find yourself rejected as a consequence of one of these, know that it’s not your fault. Keep your chin up.

What To Do If She Doesn’t Like You?

You could try the following tips to move on gracefully. 

1. Take the rejection like a gentleman

Every time we open ourselves to romance and put our feelings out there, we expose ourselves to the risk of rejection — it’s a part of the game. So if you’ve been rejected, you need to expect it on some level. Things didn’t work out this time, but having a positive outlook and response can make things work in the future. Don’t take the rejection personally and keep looking forward. How you behave at your most vulnerable shows your true strength of character.

2. Remember that you have been in their position at some point

If you already haven’t rejected someone who likes you, chances are, someday you will. You need to see things in a broader perspective and know that just like how you didn’t reciprocate the feelings of everyone who has ever liked you, the person rejecting you is doing the same.

Keeping a broader perspective will help you take the rejection well and be better prepared to move forward with your life without harboring any resentment.

3. Take some time to process your emotions

If you had intense feelings for the person who rejected you, it is perfectly natural to feel like your world is falling apart. This is when you need to take a deep breath and take some time for yourself to process your emotions. You will find that your response and outlook will be more tempered, mature, and healthy once you do this. This could lead to a productive friendship at the very least or even a relationship if all the cards align someday.

4. Don’t let the rejection influence your self-worth

Often, a rejection of your proposal can seem like a rejection of you as a person. You need to disassociate the things you do from who you are. Many factors could have influenced her decision, and most of them may not be remotely related to who you are. It could be bad timing, miscommunication, another love interest, or just bad luck. Don’t let rejection affect your sense of self-worth and get you feeling down.

5. Remember that you tried

You’ll find few things braver than to articulate your feelings for someone and make yourself completely vulnerable to their judgment and acceptance. If things don’t go your way, and you find yourself rejected, remember, you dared to try. If you hadn’t done so in some attempt to protect your ego or reputation, you would likely have regretted it much more in the long run.

6. You have no control over how people feel

When we fail to secure something we want, our natural instinct is to see where we went wrong or what mistakes we made. It’s something that we can apply to every social or personal situation. When it comes to rejection, however, we need to remember that a lot of things are out of our control. Whether it’s a third party, the other person’s mindset, or just bad luck on your part, there will always be things beyond your control, so there is no use dwelling on them after the rejection.

7. Don’t stalk the person who rejected you

This is easier said than done, especially today. Social media, common message groups, or even the same workplace or hangout spots — it has become increasingly difficult to avoid running into the person who rejected you. But what you can control is your own behavior. Don’t fall into the emotional quicksand of going through old messages, stalking their social media, or trying to be around places where they frequent. It will reflect poorly on your character and affect your ability to move on and recover from this rejection.

8. Try to move on

You should always keep trying to move on. To begin with, you need to get over the person who rejected you and do so in a healthy, respectable way. Beyond that, you need to open yourself up to the potential of loving someone again and finding better luck with them. Remember, rejection is just a part of the game when it comes to romance, and very few people get it right the first time.

Rejection is very much part and parcel of relationships. It happened now and may well happen again — it is something you need to accept as a single person who is dating right now. You might end up rejecting people who like you as well!

While it can be discouraging or depressing, you need to move on, and most importantly, learn from every rejection. Because eventually, you will get it right with the right person. And any rejection you face along the way is nothing but a stepping stone that helps shape your personality for the better.