Why You Should Eat Liver

Why You Should Eat Liver

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In many cultures all around the world, the liver of animals such as goats, cows, pigs and buffaloes is commonly eaten (1). Even those of poultry such as chicken, turkey, goose etc. is cooked into deliciously lip-smacking meals that people can’t get enough of!

However, it’s not just the taste of liver that makes it so popular a food item. It’s all about the nutrients it packs in! Liver is known to be one of the most nutritiously dense food items that is loaded with way more benefits that you can count on your fingertips!

Liver is also pretty good for your skin. Let’s explore the two major benefits of it so you can know why you should eat liver-


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1. Full of bioavailable nutrients

Liver can be best described as a superfood! This food item is rich in many bioavailable nutrients, which means the nutrients present in liver are smoothly and easily absorbed by your body and used whenever they are needed. This and the fact that it prevents fatigue is why athletes prefer having liver whenever they eat meat (1)!

2. Rich in essential nutrients and minerals

Vitamin A, all kinds of vitamin B including B12, iron, copper, minerals – these are just of the nutrients you’ll find in animal liver (2). All of these together in carrying out all the vital functions of your body so you stay fit and active. Besides, it’s high vitamin and iron content also makes it extremely beneficial for the skin!

Since liver is a storehouse of all kinds of nutritional elements your body needs, you should definitely make it a part of your daily diet! However, you need to be picky about the source of liver on your dinner table as the livers of commercially-fed animals do not contain half the nutrients that they are supposed to.

The best option is to go for livers that come from grass-fed or pasture-raised animals and poultry. As mentioned before, good sources of animal liver include chicken, duck, goose and beef.

However, not many are tempted enough to eat liver despite its benefits and many are even repulsed by it! So is there is an alternative then? Why yes, there is!

The Vital Proteins Beef Liver – A substitute to animal liver without the ‘ickiness’

The Vital Proteins Beef Liver – A substitute to animal liver without the ‘ickiness’

The sight of animal liver as food is enough to gross out many individuals! Besides, many people don’t like its taste either even if they don’t mind it’s appearance so much. However, giving up on the health benefits of liver for such reasons is far from wise! So if you’re one of those who’d rather derive the benefits of liver without eating it, you need to get yourself the Vital Proteins Beef Liver.

The Vital Proteins Beef Liver takes all the goodness of real animal liver and compresses it into a tiny capsule, which you can add to your daily diet as a health supplement. The tasteless capsule provides you all the benefits that cooked or even raw animal liver would minus the taste, the smell and the greasiness!

The Vital Proteins Beef Liver

Unlike other synthetic supplements, the Vital Proteins Beef Liver capsules are made up of liver derived from grass-fed cows. The capsules contain high doses of vitamin A, group of B vitamins, iron and copper so that you meet your daily requirements of these nutrients without having to gulp down several other supplements.

The Vital Proteins Beef Liver also provide you with multiple health benefits including stronger bones and nails, healthier skin and hair, improved immune system and collagen synthesis. It also enhances your heart and brain so you get to lead a healthier life overall!

Considering the numerous health benefits of animal liver, it’s smart to make it a part of your daily diet in a smart way. Which is why recommend the Vital Proteins Beef Liver over the real thing!

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