Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Cloth Nappies For Your New Bundle Of Joy

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It’s quite a surreal feeling for a mother when she gets to hear the heartbeat of her precious one in her womb. That moment marks a huge change in the life of a mom. It’s at that moment that that tiny life becomes the center of her universe. What she eats, when she sleeps, and even what she wears – all this is decided in keeping with that little one’s health and safety.

But, and this is quite important, if you pay so much attention to the baby when it’s yet to be born, why compromise later? Let us explain.

We, at MomJunction, conducted a little survey where most moms said that they prefer to use cloth nappies for their newborn babies. They cited concern for the baby’s tender skin as the reason for their choice.

As common and universal as this concern is, its solution – cloth nappies – poses a bigger challenge in terms of the baby’s health, and its mom’s peace of mind. Let us tell you how.

Cloth Nappies: Not The Solution, Rather The Problem Itself

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Most first-time moms rely on word of mouth and passed-on pieces of advice to prepare themselves for the task of mothering. And a common piece of advice passed on to most moms is that they should use cloth nappies for their newborn babies. The reasoning given behind this advice is that a newborn baby’s skin is very tender, so it shouldn’t be put in contact with something artificial or too tight, such as a diaper. Plus, there is also an association between diapers and rashes. So, a cloth nappy appears to be much safer and thus, a more preferable option.

But what about the absorbing capacity? The absorption capacity of a nappy is no match for that of a diaper. And if the baby has to spend a few extra minutes in the soiled nappy, he/she is definitely going to develop rashes.

And then there is the point of convenience. A new mom is likely to be very exhausted and tired in the first few months following the birth, which means that she isn’t going to be up for the extra laundry load. And that is going to be there if she uses cloth nappies because a newborn baby pees and poops quite frequently.

Plus, it’s quite possible that after a point of time even washing the cloth nappies won’t be able to prevent them from smelling bad or getting stained. So, it’s quite clear that cloth nappies aren’t exactly the best solution out there. Rather, they are a part of the problem.

So, what is the better option?

The Smarter Alternative: Teddyy Nappy Pads

Now, most mothers don’t want to choose diapers for their newborn babies as they think that a diaper is going to be very tight around the genital area of their baby and won’t allow its skin to breathe. Teddyy Nappy Pads are the perfect solution for this. These pads are a cross between diaper and nappy. Now, before you get all confused, let us clarify that Teddyy Nappy Pads are NOT diapers.
These pads are applied just like sanitary pads. You can easily use them by sticking them inside the baby’s underwear or nappy. However, these pads do provide better absorption just like diapers, but unlike diapers, they won’t feel all that packed.

Teddyy Nappy Pads are the perfect alternative to cloth nappies. They are going to give your newborn baby the comfort of cloth nappies and the convenience of a diaper. Now that we’ve explained to you what they are, let us also tell you why we have no qualms about recommending them to you.

Why Teddyy Nappy Pads Are Perfect For Your Newborn Baby

We know that as a parent, you can’t invest in a product without knowing fully about its features and utility, and that’s why we have done our homework. Teddyy Nappy Pads have the following unique features, which make them a much better and safer option for your little angels:


They are suitable for all baby body-types

Newborn babies grow quite rapidly during their initial months, and the Teddyy Nappy Pads have been designed keeping this point in mind. They are designed to be a fit for all sizes, for babies up to the age of 6 months. They also don’t cover the umbilical cord stump of the babies, allowing it to breathe.

They are made from extra soft, cotton-like material

Apart from being soft and gentle on the baby’s tender, developing skin, they also allow for easy air circulation in their genital area. This helps in keeping skin diseases, infections, and rashes at bay.

They offer swift absorption with their unique Gel Technology

The gel technology locks the liquid in, providing a soft and dry surface for your baby’s skin. It protects it from coming in contact with dampness, thereby reducing the scope for developing rashes or irritation.

They protect against possible leaks with their unique side leak guards

The pads are provided with unique side leak guards that prevent the matter from leaking out. They are made from soft elastic that allows the baby to move or kick about freely, providing flexibility. It also greatly reduces the burden of cleanup for moms.

All these features make the Teddyy Nappy Pads a very valuable and useful tool in a new mom’s arsenal. Remember, if you want to choose the best for your baby, then do away with the old cloth nappies and bring home the Teddyy Nappy Pads.

Give your little one the gift of comfort, give him Teddyy Nappy Pads. You can check them out by clicking here.

If you have any other questions or observations about the product, do share them with us in the comments section.

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