Will He Come Back: 14 Subtle Signs He'll Be Back

Will He Come Back 14 Subtle Signs He ll Be Back

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You and your boyfriend were a part of a beautiful relationship. But you both have split for some reason. You are upset, hurt, vulnerable, and disappointed. Perhaps you are confused, low on confidence, and emotionally charged. You wish to know what could have gone wrong and if there is a way to get back to him.

You might be wondering, “Is there a way to know if he still holds feelings for me,”  “Has he moved on?” or “Will he come back?” To help you find the answers, we bring you a list of cues that will help you figure out his feelings for you.

14 Signs To Know If He Will Come Back

It can be emotionally draining to find an answer to the question, “Will he come back?” However, these cues can help you.

1. He tries to talk to you

You have erased his phone number on your phone and blocked him on all social media platforms. Even then, he tries his best to connect with you. He might seek help from his friends to connect with you.

If you do not follow the “no-contact rule,” you may find his texts and excuses a chance to engage with you. All these are positive signs that he may want to get back to you.

2. He wants to be friends with you

Usually, people do not wish to be friends once they have broken up. But if your ex-boyfriend wants to be friends with you, it shows he might still be harboring feelings for you.

3. He tries to know if you are dating

He tries to gather information about your love life from your friends or through your social media posts. If you are still in touch with each other, he may text and ask you about it. It reflects his interest in you.

4. He follows your social media presence

We all check on our ex’s social media profiles secretly. But if he still likes your posts and comments to engage in an online conversation with you, it shows he wants to know about your whereabouts.

5. He checks on you regularly

If you are still in contact and he keeps checking on you regularly, it indicates he still cares for you and has been thinking about you. He may ask you how your day was or about work regularly.

6. He mentions that he misses you

Does he admit that he misses you and remind you of the days when you were together? It is an obvious sign that he fanciesa comeback. The negative emotions he felt might have subsided with time, and the good old memories might be making him feel lonely. So, he might be checking if you feel the same. Don’t jump to conclusions and take your time to respond.

7. He makes plans with you

Does he try to meet you or ask you out for a movie or a game? It shows he hasn’t been able to let go of you and wants to rekindle the relationship.

8. He calls you by old nicknames

Does he use old nicknames to refer to you and whisper sweet nothings like he used to? He might be missing the old days and testing the waters before making a move.

9. He stays in touch with your family and friends

When in a relationship, people hang out with each other’s family and friends, but they stop after the breakup. If your ex still spends time with your family and friends, it hints that he wants to keep the connection between you two alive. He may ask them about you or share things with them so that they reach you.

10. He isn’t dating anyone

If significant time has passed since you both have stopped seeing each other, there are chances that he has moved on. However, if you come to know that your ex is not seeing anyone, it could be because he is not over you yet and may want you back in his life.

11. He surprises you

Your ex may try to impress you by sending you flowers, gifts or even pay you a surprise visit. Notice that he is trying to get your attention and may have a desire to rekindle the romance.

12. He remembers things about you

You posted about an event you are gearing up for, and find his best wishes texts on the day of the event. He shows interest in you by remembering details about your life. It reflects that he is not over you yet and is trying to be in your good graces.

13. He shows concern

Does he ask you about your health? Does he ask you questions about your solo trip? It indicates that he still cares for you and wants to see you safe and sound.

14. He posts old memories on social media

When you were together, you shared inside jokes, songs, or poetry. Now, you find yourex sharing them on social media and tagging you. He must be reminiscing the chemistry that you both shared and eyeing a comeback.

What To Do If He Comes Back?

You have been waiting for him to come back, and when he does, you may get confused and experience an overflow of emotions. At this juncture, it can be challenging to figure out the right moves.

In such a situation, it is essential to stay calm and not react emotionally. You have to pause, take a step back, and think about what happened. Also, ask yourself what your heart yearns for.

Post-breakup, if you felt no connection between you two and the relationship is not worth the effort, let him know you have moved on. Don’t let your vulnerable state welcome someone who doesn’t deserve you. On the other hand, if you have feelings for him and you sense his genuine emotions, think about giving a second chance to your relationship.

However, before getting back, share each other’s expectations and set up boundaries based on your past instances. Instead of blame games,a healthy discussion can lay a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Heartbreaks are not easy to deal with. A positive attitude and love for yourself will help you see through them. Given that every relationship is unique, even if your ex displays most of these signs, you need to take a stand for yourself. When he comes back, trust your guts, take your time, and make the right choice for yourself. If he doesn’t, don’t be disheartened. It may hurt now, but it will get better with time, and cupid will strike again.