53 Exclusive Warlock, Wizard, And Witch Names For Your Baby

If you’re considering witch names for your baby and wonder how the world would react to it, we say that they would love it! Gone are the days when witches and wizards were considered evil. Instead, the world has a friendly perspective on mythical creatures after the famous Harry Potter movies, the Vampire Diaries series, and the Wizards of Waverly Place series. Witch names are unique and have a shade of curiosity in them. The once shunned names have now risen to glory, and we think it would be this way for a long time. So, if you wish to name your child something fun, famous, and ever-lasting, witch and wizard names for your baby are a great choice. Here is our list of wizard/witch names to assist you in this task. These

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Warlock And Witch Names For Girls

1. Agnes

Agnes Waterhouse, also known as Mother Waterhouse, was and is one of the most famous witches England has ever seen. She was accused of some really heinous crimes such as cursing people, dallying with the devil, and causing multiple deaths through black magic. Also, she was the first witch to be sentenced to death by a secular court. The meaning of the name Agnes, though, is ‘pure’ or ‘holy’.

2. Alice

Dame Alice Kyteler, a wealthy woman whose husbands had the habit of dying and leaving everything to her, was one of the first witches of Ireland. In the year 1324, the church put Alice on trial for heading a society of sorcerers and having associations with an incubus. But Alice disappeared, leaving her son and servant to be charged instead of her. The meaning of Alice is ‘noble’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Alice is a modified form of the Old French name Adelais, derived from the Old German word Adelheid, which means noble in appearance.

3. Alizon

The name Alizon refers to Pendle Witches, a group of healer women, hanged in the year 1612. Alizon, along with her mother Elizabeth and grandmother Demdike, were arrested on the charges of witchcraft. But people believed that Alizon and her family were hung not because they indulged in witchcraft, but because they happened to be healers and Catholics, something which looked irrelevant to a Protestant king. As a name Alizon, with a Z, is a lovely spin on an old favorite. It means ‘son of Alice’.

4. Angela

Angela de la Barthe was one of the most notorious witches of the 13th century. She was burned by the people for committing atrocious deeds, which included giving birth to a snake-wolf demon, which supposedly ate children of the area. But in reality, Angela was a mentally ill woman, whose only crime was siding with Gnostic Christianity, a religious sect disapproved of by the Catholics. The name Angela means ‘angel’.

5. Bessie

Bessie Dunlop was a Scottish psychic and a witch who did not just have the power to cure sick children and animals, but also commune with the fairies of Elphame. But the witch hunters of that era couldn’t stand a woman like Bessie, so they tortured her and even slashed her mouth while interrogating until she confessed to her magic. Bessie is the Greek form of Elizabeth and means ‘oath of God’.

6. Cassandra

The exotic name Cassandra, belonging to the mythological Trojan princess given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, could also make a perfect witchy name for your wee one. Delicate and ethereal Cassandra was one of the top 70 names in the 90s, but is now, unfortunately, descending in popularity. The meaning of Cassandra is ‘prophetess’.

7. Circe

The name Circe means ‘bird’

Image: IStock

If you want something quirky and charming for your daughter, Circe is the one for you. In Greek mythology, Circe, Helios’ daughter, was a witch and a sorceress who turned men into animals using her magic wand. Circe has featured in several folklore and legends, such as Homer’s “Odyssey”, in which she transformed Odysseus’s crew into swine. The name Circe means ‘bird’.

protip_icon Trivia
The popularly known character description Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin), derived from the enchanting Cerce, is a synonym that means hawk in German.

8. Evanora

This beautiful and unique name Evanora belongs to the main antagonist in the Land of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East. Evanora is an old and malevolent woman who captured and tyrannized the Munchkin Country in Oz. The name Evanora is derived from the Hebrew word Chava, which means ‘life’. We think Evanora is a fresh alternative to a bit commonplace Eleanora.

9. Glinda

Literature lovers must be familiar with Glinda as the name of the Good Witch in the book and movie “Wizard of Oz”. The name is purely literary as it was invented by the author of the book, L. Frank Baum for. But after the release of the book and movie, there have been several real life and non-fictional Glindas, particularly in Europe and the United States. The name Glenda means ‘fair’ or ‘good’.

10. Gwen

Gwenna, Gwennie, Gwendoline – there are plenty of ways you can use the name of Gwen Ellis, the first woman to be hanged for witchcraft. Gwen Ellis was originally a healer and herbalist, a practice which was acceptable until a paranoid fear of witches and witchcraft began to sweep through Europe. With a namesake like her, your little girl can narrate the oppression of women throughout the ages.

11. Jadis

Jadis, the name of the White Witch from C.S. Lewis’ “Narnia Chronicles”, is believed to have been derived from the French word jadis, meaning ‘long ago’ or Persian word jadu, which means ‘witch’. Whatever may be the source of the name, we feel Jadis will make a cool name option for the gorgeous little girl in your family.

12. Joan

Joan Peterson, a healer of medieval times, was believed to have learned the curing powers from a walking squirrel. But when a patient refused to pay her for her services, Joan cursed him, after which he fell into strange fits and ravaged like a madman. Keeping the namesake apart, Joan is an incredibly cute name for a baby girl. You can even tweak it to Joni for the nickname.

13. Laurie

Our list of witch and warlock baby names would have been incomplete without mentioning Laurie Cabot, one of the influential forces in popularizing wizardry and witchcraft in the US. Today, Cabot is one of the high profile witches in the entire world. The name Laurie is a diminutive of Laura and means ‘bay laurel’.

14. Leanne

Leanne Marrama, the high priestess of the Raven Moon Coven, is one of the most sought after sorcerers or psychic readers at the Annual Psychic Fair held in Salem. The meaning of Leanne is ‘dweller by the wood’.

15. Locasta

Locasta is a literary name belonging to the Good Witch of the North in the “Wizard of Oz” book. It was Locasta who introduced Dorothy to Oz and sent her to meet the Wizard after placing a protective kiss on her forehead. Locasta is definitely an attractive ‘L’ name that is neither dated nor overused.

16. Maleficent

If you have a knack for bold and distinctive names you can go with Maleficent, the name of the witch from Sleeping Beauty. The meaning of Maleficent is ‘prone to evil’.

protip_icon Quick fact
The name Maleficent comes from the Latin word maleficus. Before Disney introduced its popular character in 1959, the word was just an adjective and an antonym for beneficent.

17. Margaret

The meaning of Margaret is ‘pearl’

Image: IStock

Margaret Barclay, a witch of the 18th century, was said to possess magical powers that could control the weather. And by this power, she wrecked ships and conjured storms. Misuse of power you can say. But if Margaret Barclay were born in the 21st century, she would have been one of the most powerful and rich people of the world. And this is the reason why Margaret makes an excellent name for your little one. The meaning of Margaret is ‘pearl’.

18. Margery

If you want your daughter to have a strong role model, you can name her after Margery Jourdemayne, the real life medieval witch, also known as the Old Mother Madge. Margery was such a badass witch that she could even resurrect the dead. But since the people of the Middle Ages liked meek women, they burned her alive on the excuse of plotting the assassination of Henry VI along with Eleanor. The meaning of Margery is ‘pearl’.

19. Mary

Mary Poppins has to be the coolest, sweetest, and kindest of all the witches in the universe. She is kind, nurturing, understanding, and loves Jane and Michael as her own children. As a name, Mary is a quintessential Biblical moniker, which held the top spot until the mid 20th century. And it’s still used widely in English speaking countries. Mary means ‘bitter’.

20. Medea

In Greek mythology, Medea was an enchantress who helped Jason, the leader of Argonauts, obtain the Golden Fleece from her father. And she didn’t stop at that. Medea went on to marry Jason and continued using her magic powers to help him attain his ambitions. Medea is a traditional Greek name, meaning ‘middle’.

21. Minerva

Minerva, a long neglected name of the Roman goddess of invention and wisdom, got a new lease of life when it featured in the “Harry Potter” series. In Harry Potter, Minerva is the name of a Witch and Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. The meaning of Minerva is ‘of the mind’.

22. Moll

In the 17th century, Moll Dyer was a herbal healer and outcast, who was eventually accused of witchcraft and burnt on a cold night. Moll is a pet form of the name Mary and means ‘bitter’. You can also use it as an alternative to Molly.

23. Morgan

In the Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay was a powerful witch, enchantress and the antagonist of King Arthur. Morgan was initially a practitioner of magic. But as time went by, she became evil and turned into a witch under the guidance of Merlin. Morgan is a traditional Welsh name, meaning ‘circle or sea’.

24. Phoebe

Phoebe is a mythological name, meaning ‘radiant or shining one’

Image: IStock

Phoebe, the lead of the “Charmed” series, is one of the most powerful on-screen witches of all time. And her most intriguing power is the power of premonition, which helps her see into the past and future. Phoebe is a mythological name, meaning ‘radiant or shining one’.

25. Rita

Rita Replusa from the “Power Rangers” is a humanoid evil witch bent on galactic domination. As a powerful sorceress, Rita has conquered a number of worlds in the universe, and now she wants to gain prominence on Earth. In the 1940s and 50s, Rita was considered one of the sassiest names. The name means ‘pearl’.

26. Tamsin

Tamsin, meaning ‘twin’, is an offbeat name associated with one of the esteemed witches of England, Tamsin Blight. It was reported that Tamsin was excellent at taking away curses and spells. So in a way, Tamsin was a crafty healer. If you want, you can go for its medieval Cornish spelling, Tamsyn as well.

protip_icon Trivia
Tamsin is a contracted form of the Aramaic name Thomasina, a feminine alternative to the biblical name Thomas. The term has solid numerological characteristics. A famous actress with this name is Thomasina Gross, who acted in Killer Dream Home and The Hairspray Live.

27. Theodora

Charming and substantial name Theodora has been borne by several literary characters including the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Initially, Theodora wanted only peace and prosperity on the land of Oz. But after eating a cursed apple, she turns from the Good Witch of the North into the Wicked Witch of the West. The meaning of Theodora is ‘gift of God’.

28. Ursula

Ursula is indeed a name with a weighty background. Apart from belonging to several noteworthy literary characters, it’s also tied with one of the most bizarre looking witches of all time. It’s reported that Ursula’s head was colossal, cheeks hollow, limbs crooked, and eyes glowed like embers. Apart from being a sorcerer and prophet, Ursula was also a brilliant entrepreneur.

Warlock And Witch Baby Names For Boys

29. Abraham

Abraham or Abra-Melin, also mentioned in “The Book of Abramelin”, was an Egyptian mage who taught magic to the Abraham of Worms. He produced manuscripts of Abramelin’s magic system, a complex process which involved good and evil spirits in doing the bidding. The meaning of Abraham is ‘father of multitudes’.

30. Alatar

This one’s especially for the “Lord of the Rings” lovers. In Tolkien’s world, Alatar, also known as Morinehtar, was an immortal Istar wizard sent to Middle Earth to help in the fight against Sauron. The meaning of Alatar is ‘after comer’.

31. Atlantes

In chansons de geste, Atlantes was featured as a highly powerful sorcerer. He built a castle in the Pyrenees just to keep the captured ladies and knights as a diversion for Ruggiero. He did it for him because he feared that Ruggiero would convert to Christianity and help Charlemagne against Saracens.

32. Blaise

Blaise may sound like a hip and modern name, but in reality, it is an ancient name, tied with a Christian martyr. Besides, it’s also the name of Merlin’s master and a well-known warlock in the Arthurian legend. We must say it’s similarity with the name Blaze gives a fiery feel to it. The name Blaise means ‘to lisp’.

33. Christian

Christian Day, residing in Salem, is one of the most successful warlocks of our generation. He owns several stores related to Witchery and Witchcraft and has also written a book named, “The Witches Book of the Dead”. Ironically, his name means ‘follower of Christ’.

34. Eliphas

Alphonse Louis Constant, better known as Eliphas Levi Zahed, is the man accountable for all the mystical arts we’re aware of today. In the 19th century, Eliphas distilled belief systems of Christianity and Judaism to fringe beliefs alchemy and Tarot. Eliphas is a variant of Alphonso and means ‘eager for war’.

35. Fabian

Fabian, a name which was once solely attached to Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, is now also associated with the “Harry Potter” series as the name of one of the most loved wizards of Hogwarts. The name Fabian means ‘bean grower’.

36. Gandalf

Gandalf, the wizard and warlock, is one of the protagonists in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. As a wizard, Gandalf is a member of the Istar order and the leader of the army of the West and the Fellowship of the Ring. The name Gandalf means ‘wand elf’.

37. Ganondorf

Ganondorf, also known as the Dark Lord or the Great King of Evil, is the antagonist of the “Legend of Zelda” series. As a warlock, Ganondorf is gifted with powerful magic and sorcery. But despite being so powerful, he needs to seek Triforce, the omnipotent power to grant him his wish of conquering the world. The name Ganondorf means ‘descendant of the fair-haired man’.

38. George

The meaning of the name George is ‘farmer’

Image: IStock

George Pickingill was a frightening and tall 19th century man with long and sharp fingernails, which made him look like a warlock. But it wasn’t just his appearance that prompted people into saying that he’s into witchcraft. George was also a practitioner of folk magic. The meaning of the name George is ‘farmer’.

39. Gerald

Gerald Gardener was single-handedly responsible for popularizing Paganism and Wicca in the 50s and 60s. It’s believed that Gardener was both a warlock and an author. The name Gerald means ‘ruler of the spear’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Gerald is a Strongbownian surname that was discovered in Munster, Ireland. Bishop & Abbott St. Gerald of Mayo built a monastery called the Mayo of Saxons, which is classified as an Archaeological goldmine by archeologists.

40. Gwydion

Gwydion is the name of a magician and trickster in Welsh mythology, appearing mainly in the Fourth Branch of Mabinogi. The name Gwydion means ‘born of trees’. But you can even spell it as Gwyddien.

41. Mark

Mark Eadicicco, making waves in the NYC Pagan community, is a warlock belonging to Laurie Cabot’s tradition. He is best known for physic and tarot card readings. The meaning of Mark is ‘consecrated to the god Mars’.

42. Merlin

Merlin, the name of the sorcerer and mentor of King Arthur, does not look or feel as wizardly as most of the fifth century names do. Apart from the famous warlock, Merlin Olsen, footballer turned actor is also its famous namesake. The meaning of Merlin is ‘from the sea fortress’.

43. Ommin

“Star Wars” fan would recognize Ommin as the Sith sorcerer and a descendant of the Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd. In our opinion, Ommin is one of the friendliest sounding warlock names in our opinion as it doesn’t sound absurd even a wee bit.

44. Oscar

Not many know that Oscar was the real name of the famous Wizard of the Oz. Despite being a grandpa name, Oscar is still taking over trendy urban names like Sam and Max. In fact, even actor Hugh Jackman picked this name for his son. The meaning of Oscar is ‘God spear’.

45. Pallando

Pallando, also called Pallando the Blue, was one of the five wizards sent to Middle Earth to rescue people from the tyranny of Sauron. Pallando also played an important role in the victory of the Army of the West and War of the Ring.

46. Prospero

Shakespeare’s “Tempest” will forever keep Prospero alive in the minds and hearts of the literature lover. Prospero was leading a normal life until Antonio tried to usurp him from the throne. Prospero then learned sorcery from the books and used it to control the other characters. The name Prospero means ‘prosper’.

47. Puck

In English folklore, Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, is nature sprite, demon, or fairy. Shakespeare then adopted the name in his play “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”. And today, Puck from “GLEE” is giving new possibilities to this name. The meaning of Puck is ‘unsettled’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Puck is also the name of a moon closest to the planet Uranus. It is the biggest of the smaller closer moons and was discovered in 1985 by the spacecraft Voyager 2.

48. Radagast

In the “Lord of the Rings”, Radagast, also known as the brown or Aiwendil, is one of the five Istari or Wizards sent to Middle Earth. As compared to the other Wizards, Radagast held a low profile because he was concerned only with the well-being of plants and animals.

49. Raven

The name Raven means ‘crow’

Image: IStock

Raven Grimmassi, best known for his work on Stregheria, is the co-directing elder for the Willow tradition of witchcraft. His best-known work to date is “Old World Witchcraft: Ancient Ways for Modern Days” and “Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe”. The name Raven means ‘crow’.

50. Raymond

Raymond Buckland, also known as the ‘Father of American Wicca’ took Gerald Gardner’s teaching to the mainstream world and transformed it into his variation, Seax-Wicca. As a veteran of witchcraft, Buckland was involved in witchcraft since the 60s and as that too, as a leader. The meaning of Raymond is ‘guard or protector’.

51. Rincewind

Rincewind, a fictional character appearing in the “Discworld” novels, is a failed student at the Unseen University born with a wizard’s spirit. He is notorious for solving minor problems by turning them into disasters.

52. Saruman

Saruman, also known as Saruman the White, was a wizard, residing in Middle Earth during the third age. He was initially a member of the White Council, but his extensive study of black magic planted the desire for One Ring himself. The name Saruman translates to ‘man of kill’.

53. Scott

Scott Cunningham, renowned for his books on Neo-Wicca, was skilled at finding meanings of some of the most challenging and abstract Wicca and Pagan concepts. The name Scott means ‘Gaelic speaker’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose a witch name that is unique and meaningful for my baby?

Choosing a witch name for your baby can be a unique and meaningful way to honor the ancient traditions and mythology of witchcraft if you’re fascinated by them. So, you can choose witch names inspired by nature or any historical or mystical name.

2. Are there any famous witches or witch characters from literature that I can take inspiration from for my baby’s name?

Some famous witches or witch characters from literature to name your baby after are Aurora, Circe, Hermione, Sabrina, Willow, Morgana, Wednesday, and Ursula.

3. Are there any witch names for babies that have positive meanings or connotations?

There are several witch names for babies that have positive meanings or connotations, including Luna (moon), Serenity (calmness), Iris (rainbow), and Sage (wise).

4. Can I combine traditional names with witch elements to create a unique name for my baby?

Yes, you can create a unique name for your baby by combining traditional names as the first name with witch elements as the second name or vice versa. Some examples are Lily Raven, Victoria Sage, and Rosemary Piper.

5. Can I choose a witch name based on its historical or mythological significance?

Many witches can be found in history and mythology, such as Cice, Hecate, Baba Yaga, Lilith, Jiraiya, Catherine, Isobel, and Dion.

6. Are there any pop culture references to witch names I can draw inspiration from?

There are several pop culture references to witch names you can draw inspiration from, such as the Harry Potter Series, Macbeth witches, The White witch, the Sanderson sisters, Wicked witch of the West, and many more.

7. How can I ensure that my baby’s witch name is not too obscure or difficult to pronounce?

Choose a short and easy-to-pronounce name to ensure that the witch-inspired name you give to your baby is not too obscure or difficult to pronounce. Also, consider the name’s pronunciation is in flow with the surname.

Infographic: Warlock, Wizard, And Witch Baby Names

A witch or wizard’s name is associated with mystery, magic, and peculiarity, so they stand out in a crowd. If you thought a witchy name would carry an unfavorable or dark meaning, you could be wrong as these names will make you think otherwise. Have a look at some of these names inspired by some famous warlocks, witches, and wizards in this infographic and choose a name as per your preference.

witch names with plesant meaning (infographic)

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