Every woman, is a #WomanOfGoeld

Daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother – a woman transforms seemingly into these roles as she plays each one with deep conviction and sincerity. But, along with playing these parts, she also takes on more as she evolves. One moment she’s a chef, the next a teacher; she molds herself into a therapist and then a housekeeper, and soon enough, the economist of the house. In one lifetime, as shockingly as it may seem, a woman wears many hats while juggling the myriad of responsibilities that each hat and role brings with it. And she does with grace, she does with beauty, and she does it with aplomb. To celebrate this eventful journey, Goeld raises a toast to all aspects of womanhood with their campaign #WomanOfGoeld.

Women for long have been celebrated for being multitaskers. They give each role the time and dedication it needs while embracing them and the difficulties they may come with. Born as a daughter, she’s taught to be responsible while being resilient. Each step of the way, as she finds herself and becomes her own wonderfully unique individual, she also learns how to build and empower those around her. So even though someday she may become someone’s wife, mother, daughter-in-law, or a mother-in-law herself, she doesn’t seem to give this role up too easily. Growing up, she’s her mother’s precious one and also her father’s apple of the eye, and the love she receives, she gives back in multitude. And that’s the marvelous thing about women — their understated ability to multiply the affection you give them and shower you with unconditional love.

When she turns into a sister and friend, she understands that giving is as important as receiving. While she learns companionship and trust, she also understands what it is to be loyal, understanding, empathetic, and forgiving. She takes these newly learned traits and imbibes them into her everyday life. As she gives to these newly developing roles, she also takes back with her a lifetime of memories that prove she’s a trustworthy companion.

Before we know it, she’s a working professional! A contributing member to the world’s economy and a crucial and thriving participant in the workforce, she takes all the lessons she learned in life and puts her focus, commitment, and honesty into each job she takes on. Apart from breaking glass ceilings, smashing the patriarchy, dabbling with challenging tasks that test her patience and vigor, she breaks through to find herself and truly develops a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Some women even delicately undergo metamorphosis and evolve into a wife and daughter-in-law. Here, her inherent ability to nourish and care discovers itself in this phase, as she willingly puts others needs before her own. She wishes to create a beautiful family and home, and she does so effortlessly. She combines the dual ability to adorn her partner with love, sympathy, and comfort while being an administrator and economist, overseeing the functions of daily living. Some women take the role of being the chief executive of the house while being a working professional. How truly remarkable are they? Besides performing her role as a dutiful wife, she is now a daughter to two others and treats them with the same respect and dignity as she does her own.

A gift that has been given to only us, women also have the power to create life. For 9 months, she holds within her life and then releases it for them to become their own individual. It is in this phase of life, a mother moves from caregiver to teacher, chef to a disciplinarian, and does so much more, resulting as a key factor in shaping her child’s personality. As a result, the child learns and looks up to their mother for every basic need and want, and mothers wonderfully and selflessly satisfy every ask to the best of their abilities.

Through the different stages of life

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Through the different stages of life, a woman may don many hats and take on many roles in a day, but she is also one who is unapologetically herself. She wears her heart on her sleeve, believes and trusts in her intuition, gives but within limit, takes but knows where to stop, multitasks but isn’t afraid to ask for help.

Though history tries to paint women as the subordinate and submissive gender, time and again, each time, they have debunked every myth, proving how truly indestructible and defiant they are. Faced with Herculean challenges on the regular along with strongly held stereotypes and centuries-old patriarchy burdening their backs, women have always stood their ground with unshaken bravery, courage, and grace to do what they want and believe in, in a way that’s comfortable to them and as a reflection to their personality. Women come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and backgrounds, and while there are weak individuals, there has been no history or record of a weak woman. That is why Goeld is celebrating every woman out there. Every woman who is living, hustling, creating, and winning, because at the end of the day, every woman is a #WomanOfGoeld.

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