10 Cool Wooden Spoon Craft Ideas For Kids

Wooden Spoon Crafts

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If you have a kid at home you most probably always look for different ways to keep them busy. While many kids do watch a lot of television when they have free time, there are many other ways to keep your kid occupied and interested. Engaging your kids in crafts is one such way to keep them busy.

You can very easily help your kids carry out various craft activities with the items that you already have at your home. One such item that can come in a lot of use in craft activities is a wooden spoon. If you would like to learn more about craft ideas that use a wooden spoon, do read on.

Here’s The 10 Cute Wooden Spoon Crafts For Kids:

1. Scarecrow Puppet:

  • Ask your kid to cut out a hat shape from brown felt or paper and a dungaree shape from blue felt or paper. Next, your kid has to glue them in place.
  • For the hair, your kid can use leftover yellow or orange yarn and draw the eyes, nose and mouth with a marker pen.

2. Wooden Spoon Fairies:

  • Let your kid make cute fairy costumes out of candy wrappers.
  • They can use strips of yarn or colored paper to make the hair and add golden foil to make tiaras.
  • Let them make the face using marker pens and wings using foil or candy wrapper.

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3. Fabric Handled Spoons:

  • Help your kid cut out pieces of fabric for each spoon.
  • Help glue it up around the handle of the spoons.
  • Your kid can tie a string or ribbon at the top to make it look more festive.

4. Wooden Spoon Animals:

  • Ask your kid what animals they want to make with the wooden spoons.
  • Depending on the animal, let them paint the spoons.
  • Your kids can use googly eyes on each spoon and use strings of yarn for the hair and mane.
  • Let them use additional items to decorate each spoon according to the animal they are making.

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5. Wooden Spoon Ant:

  • Your kid can make this realistic looking ant by painting the spoon in black.
  • Ask them to add a piece of cardboard at the end to give shape to the ant’s body.
  • For the limbs, your kids can use pieces of pipe cleaner in the color black.

6. Bird Feeder:

  • Help your kid make two holes on each side of an empty plastic bottle, such that a wooden spoon can fit through the same. Fit in two wooden spoons as shown.
  • Your kid can cut out bird shapes from colored paper and stick them on the outside.
  • Fill the bottle with bird feed and close the lid tightly. Hang it outside.

7. Plant Bugs:

  • Help your kid make cute bug wings using plastic sheet and glitter, as shown in the image.
  • Next, ask your kid to attach a pair of googly eyes on the head of the wooden spoon to complete the bug look.
  • Let your kid stick up the spoon bugs in the plant pots.

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8. Spoon Butterflies:

  • Let your kid design the spoons to make the bodies of the butterflies.
  • Ask them to cut out wing shapes from paper plates and stick the spoon in the center.
  • Your kids can paint the wings and use other decorative items to make the wings look nice and bright.
  • Use pipe cleaners to make antennas.

9. Scary Spoons:

  • Ask your kid to paint the spoons in white and add scary facial expressions with marker pens.
  • They can use additional decorative items to add individual designs to each spoon.

10. Wooden Dolls:

  • Let your kid dress up the wooden spoon doll craft by using different pieces of paper.
  • They can use yarns to make the hair and googly eyes and marker pens to complete the face.

Help your kids try out these easy and fun craft ideas that use a basic wooden spoon. Do share your own wooden spoon crafts ideas here and let us know if your kids liked any of the above-mentioned ideas. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment scetion below.

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