36 Soulful Easter Worship Songs For Children

Painting eggs is a fun activity on Easter. However, you can double the fun by introducing Easter songs for kids to your children. These songs are not only fun to sing but also educational. For instance, you could use them to teach children about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, music can add a pleasant and joyous feel to your festivities and ensure your children have a good time. Add the foot-tapping Easter bunny songs and religious Easter songs listed here on your playlist and play them to make Easter memorable for everyone in the family.

This Easter, give your children more than the regular Easter bunny and eggs by picking your favorite songs from this comprehensive list of Easter music for kids and enjoy singing with them.

36 Easter Songs For Kids

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Religious Easter Songs For Children

1. We Believe

We believe, is a contemporary worship song. The song speaks about the belief in Jesus Christ and that he has come to save us all, and his love is the greatest. Enjoy this beautiful tune that is not just simple but soothing too.

Listen and watch the song here.

2. One Two Three

This is a super easy and fun song that teaches your kids about the rebirth of Christ on day three. This counting song on Easter lets your children learn about salvation in an easy way.

Listen and watch the song here.

3. Jesus Is My Lord, My Lord, My God

The soothing and beautiful hymn can touch the hearts of you and your child. The canticle talks about God, his ultimate grace, and love.

Listen and watch the song here

4. Crown Him With Many Crowns

Crown Him With Many Crowns is a popular twelve-verse pastoral hymn, which praises and celebrates Jesus Christ.

Listen and watch the song here

5. Praise Him Praise Him

Praise Him, easter song for kids

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The famous worship song praises Lord Jesus Christ for his greatness, sacrifice, and never-ending protection for his children.

Listen and watch the song here

6. Jesus Loves The Little Children

The Easter song, Jesus Loves The Little Children, is about the love of Jesus for all the children in the world. The song has a fun, simple tune and is easy to sing.

Listen and watch the song here

7. God Will Take Care Of You

The traditional Christian hymn is about faith in God and assuring that the Lord will always bless his children with all they need.

protip_icon Quick fact
Easter is celebrated after the conclusion of Lent, a 40-day fasting season, including a “Holy Week” (the week leading up to Easter), which begins with “Palm Sunday.”

Listen and watch the song here

8. Because

The beautiful song delivers a message about the essence of love and the ultimate sacrifice made by the Lord Christ. It also depicts the true meaning of Easter.

Listen and watch the song here

9. Holy, Holy, Holy

The holy hymn is a humble yet soothing rendition, praising the holiness of the Lord.

Listen and watch the song here

10. Hosanna

The traditional Easter track is a famous Christian number among familiar bible songs sung in the churches on Sundays. Your kids may enjoy singing this catchy song.

Listen and watch the song here

11. I Feel My Savior’s Love

I Feel My Savior’s love expresses the unconditional love that the Lord showers on his disciples and teaches about gentleness and the joy of giving.

Listen and watch the song here

12. Alive, Alive, Jesus Is Alive

Alive, Alive, Jesus Is Alive, easter song for kids

Image: IStock

As the name suggests, Jesus Is Alive is a song that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Enjoy this cute and merry tune on Easter with your kids.

Listen and watch the song here

13. When I Think of Easter

The fun and upbeat religious tune can get your kids grooving. Have you ever seen vegetables singing? Enjoy this version from Veggie Tales.

Listen and watch the song here

14. Jesus Paid It All

The soul-touching song is written in five verses and talks about the strength and supreme sacrifice made by Lord Jesus to wash away the sins of his people.

Listen and watch the song here

15. He Is Risen

The song talks about the Resurrection Day of Jesus. The powerful lyrics of this versicle are soothing to hear.

Listen and watch the song here

16. We Want To See Jesus Lift High

The song speaks about the ultimacy of prayers that are powerful and uplifting. The gripping tune of We Want To See Jesus Lift High will get your children hooked to the song.

Listen and watch the song here

17. Story Of The Cross

The Story Of The Cross is a religious worship song that speaks about how God, Jesus Christ, died to give the best for the lives of his people. This sweet, simple hymn or a holy song is great to teach your children about Easter.

Listen and watch the song here

18. Jesus Loves Me

The wonderful song is an affirmation that God Jesus loves his children, and it makes you believe that God will always be with you in your weakest moments.

Listen and watch the song here

Easter Bunny Songs For Kids

19. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

The joyous song to sing on Easter or even on Sunday church meets, especially for little ones.

Listen and watch the song here

20. Mister Rabbit

Mister Rabbit easter song

Image: IStock

The fun song of the little rabbit can get your children grooving. Start singing this easy peasy Easter bunny song with your little one and make memories to cherish forever.

Listen and watch the song here

21. Sleeping Bunnies

One of the most favorite nursery rhyme among kids, this peppy bunny song might get your children excited to sing and hop along with the bunnies on Easter eve.

Listen and watch the song here

22. Little Mr. Easter Bunny

You may get hooked and would enjoy listening to this Easter bunny song on loop. Hear the tale of the Easter bunny and start grooving with your little one.

Listen and watch the song here

23. The Way The Bunny Hops

Play this fun action song on Easter day. Then follow the song to do all the fun stuff hopping, around just how bunnies do. Enjoy singing, hopping, and dancing to the beat of this song.

protip_icon Trivia
After Halloween candies, Easter candies are the second-highest-selling candies in the US.

Listen and watch the song here

24. Hop Hop Little Bunny

The upbeat Easter bunny song is the right track to go hippity hoppity with your children. So walk, run and dance with the little bunny on this fun track.

Listen and watch the song here

25. The Bunny Hokey Pokey

Get your kids in the Easter spirit with this famous, adorable song. Watch how the Easter bunny has fun hopping around.

Listen and watch the song here

26. Silly Easter Bunny

The simple Easter bunny song may get your child hooked. The silly Easter bunny’s funny antics in the song are set to get you and your children laughing aloud.

Listen and watch the song here

27. Little Peter Rabbit

The famous all-time classic rabbit song, Little Peter Rabbit, is a great choice to sing on Easter or the rest of the year. Your children would enjoy singing and acting out this song.

Listen and watch the song here

28. Easter Basket Song

Easter Basket Song

Image: IStock

Easter basket song is a cute melody to enjoy on Easter. You may also make small, pretty decorative Easter baskets and enjoy this sweet song with your children.

Listen and watch the song here

29. Hot Cross Buns

The younger lot loves this exciting and popular rhyme. Sing and enjoy baking some Hot Cross Buns with your kids on Easter.

Listen and watch the song here

30. Easter Egg Hunt

Set up a simple egg hunt activity for your children and enjoy this joyous Easter song.

Listen and watch the song here

31. Five Little Bunnies

The playful Easter bunny song is a fun-filled, gripping song for your children. Also, watch them follow the counting of bunnies when this song plays.

Listen and watch the song here

32. Bunny Hop

Step up the floor, start dancing to this grooving bunny song with your children and add fun and frolic to your Easter day.

Listen and watch the song here

protip_icon Point to consider
Introducing your kids to these songs is an exciting way to instill faith in God in them. It can help them get closer to the Almighty without you having to push them.

33. Ten Bunnies Counting Song 1-10

This counting song is a great way to engage your kids in some fun and math. So play this Easter bunny song to engage your child in some fun learning.

Listen and watch the song here

34. Hippity Hop Easter Bunny

Hippity Hop Easter Bunny

Image: IStock

A fun action song to play on Easter, engage in egg hunts, candy fun, and go all hippity hoppity with your kids with this Easter bunny song.

Listen and watch the song here

35. Happy Easter Bunny

Play this joyful Easter bunny song with foot-tapping beats. Sing along, clap and have a gala time with your little ones.

Listen and watch the song here

36. Easter Bunny Bop

Have you ever seen an Easter bunny? Watch out for fun surprises in this Easter song for kids. Sing, hop and put on your dancing shoes with your children.

Listen and watch the song here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What messages do Easter songs for children convey?

Easter songs for preschoolers can convey various messages, such as the joy and celebration following the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the arrival of spring, and the importance of love, sacrifice, kindness, forgiveness, and selflessness.

2. What are some fun and interactive ways to teach Easter songs to children?

Some fun and interactive ways to teach Easter songs to children include pictures, videos, dance, games, and storytelling. In addition, children can be encouraged to come up with their verses or movements when they sing along.

3. How can I use Easter songs for kids to teach about Easter traditions and history?

Select songs that are age-appropriate and have a catchy tune. These songs’ lyrics should speak of Easter’s traditions and history. Before you start teaching the songs to your children, talk to them about Easter and its significance. Then, after they have finished singing, explore the various themes explored in the song by discussing the lyrics with your child.

4. What are some benefits of using Easter songs for kids in education and child development?

Music and songs capture your child’s imagination, and they engage actively in the learning process. Singing songs can also help children retain information effectively. Additionally, new songs expose children to new words and structures, allowing them to develop language skills and vocabulary in a fun manner.

5. Are there any Easter songs for kids that incorporate storytelling or narration?

‘Peter Cottontail,’ ‘The Easter Bunny Song,’ and ‘The Story of Easter’ are a few examples of songs that incorporate Easter stories.

6. Are there any Easter songs for kids available in different languages or cultures?

Yes, there are traditional songs and hymns related to Easter in various languages, such as French, German, Spanish, and Russian, that talk about Easter’s significance and celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

7. What is the classical song for Easter?

Several classical songs are associated with Easter. One of the most popular ones is ‘St. Matthew Passion’ by Johann Sebastian Bach. It narrates the story of the final days of Jesus Christ, leading to his crucifixion and resurrection. Other classic songs include ‘Messiah’ by Handel, and ‘Amazing Grace’ by John Newton.

8. Are there any Easter songs for kids that teach religious or spiritual values?

Several songs such as ‘He’s Alive,’ ‘He Is Risen,’ ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today,’ ‘Hosanna,’ and ‘Alive, Alive, Jesus Is Alive’ not only talk about his crucifixion and resurrection but also include faith-based lessons about Easter.

Easter is often signified with chocolate treats, egg hunts, and bunny mascots. So, this festive season, take a step ahead and make the occasion more special by introducing Easter music for kids. Along with the entertaining Easter bunny songs, you may choose some melodious and kid-friendly religious easter songs for preschoolers that are both delightful and inspirational. Encourage your children to pick up their favorite ones from the list and engage in a musical treat where families come together to praise the Lord and celebrate love and joy.

Infographic: Best Easter Songs And Hymns To Teach Children

Easter is a significant Christian holiday celebrating Christ Jesus’s resurrection from death. Check out the infographic below for some fantastic and well-known songs about the “Resurrection of Christ” if you want to teach your children the real meaning of Easter.

beautiful easter songs about the resurrection of jesus christ (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Sing out Easter joy with this fun and uplifting song! Learn the lyrics and join in the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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