67 Worst Baby Names History Ever Had

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A parent wants to give their child the best name in the world. However, some fail miserably in the pursuit and end up with the worst baby names. Some parents believe that choosing an unconventional and unused name is a cool idea. In the process, they pick freak or unusual names for their little ones and make their life hard. While some bear the awkward names for the rest of their life, others change them later on, to avoid being embarrassed further. Here is a list of the worst baby names that you may not want to pick for your baby.

Worst Girl Names

1. Hellzel:

Combination names are never a good idea, and this name just proves that. The Reddit user states that the mother liked the name Hazel, but the father was a biker and loved Hells Angel. So they came up with this strange name.

2. Ahmiracle:

Nearly 800 girls are named Miracle every year. Then you have Ahmiracle, along with Lamiracles and Jamiracles. We know that a baby is no less than a miracle for parents, but why make it so obvious. If you like Miracle so much, why not select a name that means miracle?

3. Anna…:

Anna is such a beautiful and graceful name. It’s one of our favorites too! But what’s with the ellipsis? What word, sentence, and section did the parents omit from her name? We’re curious!

4. I’munique:

This is one of our favorite worst baby girl names. One Reddit user, who happens to be a banker in North Florida, found this name on her list. And it belongs to a girl. A narcissistic girl, we must say.

5. Baby Girl:

Now how did this name happen? Were the parents too lazy to think a name for their girls? Or they thought this name has a nice ring to it? We’ll tell you how. When the baby was born, the parents were expecting a baby boy and had not even thought a baby girl name. So they named her Baby Girl (last name).

6. Britney Shakira Beyoncé:

Don’t rub your eyes. This name belongs to one person. The parents were huge fans of these three singers and couldn’t decide whom to name their daughter after. So, they named her Britney Shakira Beyoncé. And, what’s even funnier is that they call her full name every single time.

7. Love-child Ermengarde:

It couldn’t get more explicit that this! The hippie parents wanted to include the mother’s grandmother’s name to their child’s name. So they named their daughter Love-child Ermengarde. We have no problem with Ermengarde, but why Love-child? Why not a proper name? Only the parents can give us the answer.

8. Elizabreth:

No, this isn’t a typo in any way. Parents had actually chosen this name for their baby. Don’t you think it sounds like ‘Lizard Breath’? A Reddit user pointed the same. So if you don’t want other kids to poke fun at your child’s name, do not use Elizabreth or the sort for your daughter.

9. Aliviyah:

A good name gone wrong. We truly do not understand what parents get by changing the traditional spelling of a name. Aliviyah is the “creative spelling” of Olivia. Shakespeare must be rolling in the grave tearing his hair out, if he does have any left that is.

10. Nevaeh:

It would be difficult for most of you to understand the meaning behind this name. But we are here to help you out. Write HEAVEN in large letters on a piece of paper and stand in front of the mirror. Yes, Nevaeh is Heaven backward.

11. Beberly:

This is probably a spelling mistake of Beverly. That’s what we want to think. Do not tell us it was deliberate. Just don’t. We might just lose our hope in humanity.

12. Little Sweetmeat:

We have no words to express our disappointment for this name. If you are still considering of calling your child ‘Little Sweetmeat,’ think out the ramifications it could bring. The resumes that you Little Sweetmeat would need to fill out, the reaction of other children when her name is called for attendance, etc.

13. Abcde:

We cannot even believe that it is a real name. What’s more surprising is that there are 328 people in the United States named Abcde, the majority being girls. In the year 2009 alone, 32 babies were given this alphabetical name. It seems that the parents thought of giving an early head start in learning to the children.

14. Merica:

As if, America was not funny enough. This must have been chosen by some patriotic parents, thinking that with this name, their baby would make America great again.

15. Jerica:

What could be the possible origin of this name? The parents loved the name Jessica, but could not do without Erica as well? Or were the parents named Jess and Erica and this name is a combination of both? Whatever may be the reason, we find Jerica hysterical.

16. Kaizyle:

This one’s a dizzy doozy name. The mother loved the name Paisley, but thought it was too ordinary and normal. So she selected the name Kaizyle as it rhymes with Paisley. The name is not just weird, but also has a very confusing pronunciation.

17. Orgasm:

This name was heard from the daughter of a labor and delivery nurse. She said that she had heard an abundance of terrible baby names, but this one is the worst of all. And we couldn’t agree more. It’s not just bad, but shocking, offensive, embarrassing and downright vulgar at the same time.

18. North West:

Sorry Kim, but we had to include this on our list. This directional name just doesn’t look right. It would have worked if they had chosen a different surname. Too bad, they cannot even do anything about it as the baby is named after her father.

19. Appaloosa:

We think that the parents were huge fans of Ed Harris that they decided to name their child after the 2008 movie of the same name. But dear parents, there is a huge difference between a film title and a baby name. You wouldn’t name your child “Avengers” right. Or maybe, they loved the Appaloosa breed of horses.

20. Panthy:

Panthy sounds like panty, isn’t it? Or maybe the parents had a strong love for big cats. Highly unappealing, we must say. And it would even make the child the butt of all jokes.

21. Reighleigh:

The mother had turned the simple spelling Riley to Reighleigh. Why? Because ‘g’ and ‘h’ were her favorite letters. How’s the poor baby going to spell the name in her elementary school? Another mother named her daughter Eighmey, an elaborate spelling for Amy.

22. Harley Quinn:

Harley is cute and rhythmic, but why Harley Quinn? Anybody can guess that it’s named after the antagonist of DC comics. What could be next? Joker? Or Maybe, Batman.

23. Melanomia:

This is sad. Very sad. How can a parent name his daughter Melanomia, which is a form of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body if not undetected? We hope the parents realize their mistake and change the name.

24. Vejonica:

A Reddit user states that his friend’s sister-in-law, working in a maternity ward was named Vejonica. Upon further inspection, it was found that the baby was named after her grandparents, named John and Veronica.

25. Heaven Lee:

This is hilarious. Did the parents not know the spelling of heavenly? Or is Lee the family name of the baby. Maybe it is, but the combination sounds very funny.

26. L’Oreal:

Brand loyalty is good. But naming the child after the brand? That’s a bit too much. The same mommy named her other two child DKNY and Joop. Another mother named her SON Revlon. We’d soon see an Inglot too!

27. Derfla:

The parents of this baby thought they would have a boy and planned to name him after their Uncle Alfred. But they had a girl, and they had to come up with something. So they named her Derfla, which is Alfred backward.

28. Phelony:

That’s felony with a ‘Ph’. We want to know what the mother was thinking when she decided to name her daughter Phelony.

29. Tu Morrow:

Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu Morrow, and we have no idea what Tu means. We can only wish that her class fellows do not serenade her for the name forever.

30. Moxie Crimefighter:

Job descriptions never have and never will work as a proper name. And what are the odds that she would even grow up to be a crimefighter? Penn Jillette should definitely reconsider the name.

31. Abstinence:

Naming your child Abstinence would not do the work of sex education. If you want to teach your child to abstain from irresponsible sexual relationship, give her a proper education. The name Abstinence would only make her a source of mockery.

32. Fifi Trixiebell:

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates named her daughter Fifi Trixiebell. Isn’t it the name Paris Hilton used it for her dog? The other two girls of Bob and Paula are named Peaches Honeyblossom and Pixie.

33. Apple:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We hope it keeps the bullies away too, if you give this name to your daughter. Gwyneth Paltrow and Christ Martin named their daughter Apple as it made them think of something good and wholesome.

34. Facebook:

In Egypt, Jamal Ibrahim named his baby girl Facebook to acknowledge the role the social media played in spurring the revolution in his country. He wanted to pay gratitude to Facebook for helping the people get rid of the President Hosni Mubarak.

35. Olive Garden:

The father liked the name Garden for their baby girl, but the wife was adamant on Olive. So the couple compromised and named her Olive Garden Smith.

Worst Baby Names Of Boys

1. Jihad:

You can’t be serious with this. Elfi Yaghi, named her 14th child Jihad, raising a few eyebrows. Most of you must be knowing that Jihad is an Islamic term for a war waged as a religious duty. The name also means ‘struggling’, which your child probably will be, with a name like this.

2. Clitis:

Believe us, it’s true. A French couple named their child Clitis. When asked the reason, they said they were huge fans of a US actor of this name. The second question was which US actor was named Clitis? They replied in their French accent, “Clitis Wood”. They meant Clint Eastwood. Facepalm!

3. Danger:

Yes, Danger is a name borne by some children, and a unisex one. What could be the inspiration behind this name? “Lost in Space”, maybe (Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!) The person probably presumed that Danger is the first or last name of Will Robinson. But we have to agree that it’s badass.

4. Mhavrych:

Mhavrych is the rendition of the good old’ name Maverick. Trust us; it will not create a good impression on the teacher of your child. It’s not just the addition of ‘h’ that is disturbing. It’s also the use of ‘y’ instead of ‘I’ that makes this name a disaster.

5. Meldor:

Meldor sounds like the name of a character from “The Lord of the Rings”. And no, it was not invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. Some enthusiastic parents, who were probably huge fans of “Lord of the Rings”, came up with the name Meldor. And it does not sound good, to be honest.

6. Colon:

Imagine your child introducing himself to his friends or the interviewer “Hi, I’m Colon”. Do you think it would make a good impression? No, right? There is absolutely no way this name is an awesome choice.

7. Thermopylae:

What on earth is this? Is it the name of a mythical god? Or is it a combination name? Neither! It’s the name of a town in Green, but we doubt that the person with this name would even knew it. The mother was inspired by the name of a teller at her bank. And she didn’t even know the meaning of the name. She kept it because she liked it.

8. Zuma:

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale named their child Zuma, after a beach in Malibu. But we think they don’t know that Zuma is also the diminutive of an awful gastrointestinal condition. And it is also associated with a mocked beverage.

9. Yunique:

This one sounds a little less narcissistic than I’munique. The mother has just changed the spelling of unique in this name. At least, no one would say that Yunique is not distinct.

10. Mercury Constellation Starcruiser:

A Reddit user shared his experience when he was in the navy. He came across a general with the last name, ‘star cruiser’. When he looked up, he found that his full name was Mercury Constellation Starcruiser. This person should ideally be an astronaut.

11. Gotham:

What happens when the terror of the night becomes unbearable for the parents? They start naming their children Gotham. Hollywood is full of movies and television shows that have us rooting for the good guy. The movies and shows have inspired several baby names, with Gotham being one of them.

12. Pilot Inspektor:

Even Pilot Inspektor is not even a real job. Then why did Jason Lee opt for this name for his son? Is it because he has a thing for pilots? Or did he want to become a pilot when he was young, but things didn’t work in his favor.

13. Jammy:

Poor parents thought that they were naming their child Jamie. How I wish they had researched on the name on the internet.

14. Like:

This name shows how much social media has affected the lives of people. A young couple was so much obsessed with Facebook that they decided to name their son Like, after the Like feature of Facebook.

15. Mazen:

A mother named her son Mazen because she felt ‘mazen when he was born’. By mazen, she means ‘amazing’. For the nickname, she can shorten it for Maze. Poor kid will remain a mystery throughout his life.

16. Sssst:

Can any of you tell us how this name should be pronounced? Tip- It starts with Four__. A high-risk pregnancy nurse had come across this name in the hospital and it was posted on Reddit by her husband.

17. Rage:

No matter how much anger issues you have, just do not name your child Rage. A girl ran into her ex-boyfriend at the gas station, where he was with his girlfriend and her little baby in the back seat named Rage. Guess who had the last laugh.

18. Bogart Che Peyote:

This name belongs to the son of reality star David Rainey. Now naming your child after revolutionaries and drugs is one thing. But using the common term for slobbering is another. And believe us, none of the two is appealing.

19. Billion:

Yes, five babies born in the year 2014 were named Billion. The only plus side of using a name Billion is that it can be shortened to Bill or Billy. Other than that, we can’t think of any reason to give your child this name. Do you think Trillion would soon make to the baby list?

20. Princecharles:

Prince Charles is different. But Princecharles is a royally painful name. Poor chap would have had to constantly spell the name out or correct people on its spelling. The parents were inspired by the Prince Charles of England while choosing this name.

21. Audio Science:

No, this isn’t a college course description. It’s the name of Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton’s child. This moniker is rare, bizarre and far from being a name. Imagine the announcement in his school “Audio Science please come on the stage?

22. Sadman:

If the parents wanted to go with an emotion while naming the child, why did they go with sad? They could have brightened things up by going with Cheerfulman. This worst boy name appeared on the baby name list in the year 2014.

23. Seven:

Famous musician Erykah Badu and Andree 3000 named their son Seven, because it’s a powerful number and nothing can divide it.

24. Obamanique:

Not one or two, but several children are named Obamanique, inspired by the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama. You’ll find most of the Obamaniques running around in Kenya and United States.

25. Hashtag:

The moniker Hashtag was the brainchild of a couple who wanted something modern and unique for their children. So they came up with Hashtag, to capture the admiration and attention for being creative and unique.

26. Lucifer:

Natalya Menshikova of Russia named her son Lucifer, even after much dissuading from the Russian authorities. On asking, Natalya said that the name is not evil at all and mean ‘light bringing’.

27. Adolf Hitler:

We have no problem with the name Adolf, but Adolf Hitler combined can be very unsettling. The name garnered the world’s attention when a grocery store in New Jersey refused to put the sign “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on the baby’s cake.

28. C’KRET:

After having the child, the couple asked the nurse to tell them the craziest name she has heard. She replied Secret and the parents thought ‘Not bad, right? Then she wrote it. C’KRET.

29. D’Artagnan:

The parents must have read the “Three Musketeers” before deciding on the name for their child.

30. Cameron:

You must be wondering why Cameron is included in this list. It isn’t stupid in any way. No, Cameron is not stupid, but it definitely looks when it’s Cameron Cameron.

31. Prince Michael II/Blanket:

Michael Jackson had initially chosen the name Prince Michael II for his son, but late atoned it by nicknaming his child Blanket, thinking that no one could possibly find fault with this name.

32. Jermajesty:

While naming your child, you must definitely avoid bad puns and awkward play on the language. Wish we could tell Jermaine Jackson the same thing before he named his son Jermajesty. It sounds like the name of a bad, hip-hop album.

We have absolutely no idea what was going in the minds of the parents that they decided to give such strange names to their children.

We’d only tell you one thing. Do not take the decision of choosing the name lightly. You might not realize, but you could be jeopardizing your child’s life.

Tell us the worst names you have heard in your life in the comment section below!


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