98 Latest Xhosa Baby Names With Their Meanings

When it comes to naming a child, the Xhosa tradition may inspire you. So, we have compiled some beautiful Xhosa baby names to help you choose the right one. These names refer to the clan, their deity, or the family they were born into. Each Xhosa name has a beautiful syntax and divine meanings behind it. Many parents seek to name their babies based on diverse traditions worldwide. So, these Xhosa names will suit your preferences. Read on to find the name you think will suit your baby the most.

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The Xhosa Culture

Xhosa is the second largest cultural group among the Zulu-speaking population in South Africa. The Xhosa language is known as isiXhosa in its native language. It is part of the language group known as Nguni. The Xhosa language has many different variations.

In the culture, names are considered more important than surnames and are often used to trace the ancestral history and roots of a person, as children are named based on their ancestors. When a woman gets married, she has to add her clan name as a prefix to the new surname.

All the Xhosa baby names have a special meaning attached to them.

Top Xhosa Baby Girl Names And Their Meaning

1. Anathi

The name Anathi means they are with us. It is a unisexual name.

2. Akhona

The name Akhona means a present, which your daughter is for you! It is a unisexual name and suits a boy too.

3. Aphiwe

The name Aphiwe means they are given. It is a unisexual name and you can use it for your baby girl.

4. Babalwa

Babalwa means someone who is graced. It is perfect for your little girl as you teach her to grow up into a graceful young lady.

5. Bathandwa

Bathandwa means beloved, just as your precious baby girl will your beloved.

6. Buhle

The name Buhle means beauty.

7. Bongani

The name Bongani means to be thankful.

8. Cebisa

As you teach your baby girl more about the world and help her learn more, she will grow into an intelligent young woman, whom people will look up to for advice. The name Cebisa means one who can give advice.

9. Esihle

Esihle means someone who is beautiful, and will be perfect for your little baby girl who is the prettiest creation you have ever seen.

10. Fezeka

The name Fezeka refers to being fulfilled, and your daughter has come to your life to make it complete.

11. Fundiswa

Fundiswa means someone who is educated. While the literary meaning may look like something that refers to only bookish knowledge, it also means someone who is sensible and smart.

12. Funeka

Funeka means the one who is needed, and your precious little girl is one who is much needed in your life and home.

13. Gcobisa

Here is a very unique name which means the one who is exciting.

14. Khanyiswa

Khanyiswa is the one who lights up. Your little girl will light up your life with her presence.

15. Khethiwe

The name Khethiwe means the chosen one.

16. Khunjulwa

Teach your baby girl all those attributes that will help her make a mark in this world, and be true to the name Khunjulwa, which means the one who will be remembered.

17. Kuhle

This lyrical name means wellness, and your baby girl’s wellness is what you pray for every day.

18. Lindelwa

The name Lindelwa means the one who was awaited. If you have planned for long for your baby girl, then this name will be just perfect.

19. Lulama

The name has a lyrical sound to it and means someone who is mild and soft-spoken.

20. Mafungwashe

If your baby girl is your first child, you can name her Mafungwashe, which means the first girl.

21. Mandela

The name Mandela needs no introduction and it is a name to honor the anti-apartheid revolutionary leader and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

22. Mncedisi

Mncedisi means a helper. As your little girl grows up, she will your partner sharing your joys and happiness.

23. Mthobeli

The pretty name means the obedient one. This is how you want your girl to be, as you teach her to be disciplined enough to grow into an independent and compassionate human being.

24. Nandipha

Over the coming years, you will teach your girl a lot of things that will help develop her liking and taste. The name Nandipha means the one who has good taste.

protip_icon Did you know?
The word “Xhosa” refers to “fierce” or “angry men” in the Khoisan language.

25. Nceba

Teach your baby girl to grow up into a kind and merciful human being, as the name Nceba means mercy.

26. Ndiliswa

The name Ndiliswa means the respected one, and will be perfect for your baby girl who will grow up into a fine young lady, to be respected by all.

27. Nobomi

The short and sweet name Nobomi means life, as she truly is your life.

28. Nocawe

If your baby girl was born on a Sunday, the name Nocawe will be perfect, as it means the girl who was born on Sunday.

29. Nomthandazo

Nomthandazo means a prayer.

30. Nomuula

Nomuula means rain, so it is apt for your baby girl if she was born on a rainy day. Just as raindrops bring in a feeling of freshness, your baby girl will bring in freshness into your lives.

31. Nomlanga

The name Nomlanga means the sun and it signifies your girl’s growth each day. It is a strong name, one that will let your girl shine from the start and prepare for a future that is bright. The name signifies strength, both of the mind and the heart, as well as positivity, life, vibrancy, and power. Nomlanga is a unisexual name.

32. Nontasasa

The name Nontasasa means the one who is born in the early morning.

33. Notumato

Xhosa baby names

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Your baby girl is the prettiest creation you have seen, and the name Notumato means the one who is beautiful at birth.

34. Nofoto:

Here is a special name if you want to please your mother, as Nofoto means someone who is like her grandmother. It is a unique name and comes with a lovely meaning too.

35. Nkosazana

The pretty name Nkosazana means a princess. It is a beautiful name that will signify what your baby girl means to you. As your little daughter grows up, she will turn into a fine young lady, who is compassionate, kind, independent and beautiful.

36. Nomble

The name means the one who is graced with beauty. Not only the external beauty is also refers to the beauty of your daughter’s heart.

37. Ntombentsha

Ntombentsha means a new girl, or a newly born.

38. Olwethu

The name Olwethu means the one who is your own!

39. Qaqamba

Qaqamba means the one who shines bright.

40. Simthandile

You love your baby girl with all your heart and soul, and the name Simthandile means we have loved her.

41. Siphosethu

Your baby girl is your precious gift and the name Siphosethu means the one who is your gift.

42. Sisipho

Sisipho means the one who is your gift, perfect again for your baby girl.

43. Thandiwe

The name Thandiwe means someone who is loved. Your precious baby girl will be the most loved by you and your family, and hence it is the perfect name that you can use for your darling princess. It is, again, a unisex name.

44. Themba

Themba is the one who is trusted and is full of faith and hope. It is a beautiful name which signifies all the strong traits that a person should possess. The name is unisexual.

protip_icon Quick fact
The Bible was translated to Xhosa for the first time in 1859.

45. Thembeka

The name Thembeka means the one who is trustworthy.

46. Thozoma:

The lyrical name Thozoma means calmness.

47. Vuyokazi

Vuyokazi means happiness.

48. Zimkhitha

The name means the one who has dignity.

49. Zintle

It means the beautiful one.

Top Xhosa Baby Boy Names And Their Meaning

Here is a collection of some beautiful Xhosa baby names for your little darling boy, along with the beautiful meaning it has:

50. Mahlubandile

The name Mahlubandile is like no other name you have heard before. Its literal meaning is ‘the clan has increased’. However, it can also be used to signify that there is a new member in the family.

51. Themba

The name Themba means one who is trusted and is full of faith and hope. It is a beautiful name which signifies all the strong traits that a person should possess.

52. Uuka

Uuka means someone who is ready to rise up.

53. Thandiwe

The name Thandiwe means someone who is loved. Your precious baby boy will be the most loved in your family, and hence it is the perfect name. It is a unisex name.

54. Nomlanga

The name Nomlanga means the sun and it can signify your little boy’s growth.

55. Bathandwa

Bathandwa is someone who is beloved, just as your baby boy is.

56. Daluxolo

The name Daluxolo means one who is a believer in peace, who is a peace maker. It is especially appropriate in today’s world, which is in great need of peace.

57. Esihle

Here is a short name which means someone who is beautiful. What can be prettier than your boy for you.

58. Fezile

The name Fezile is perfect for your little baby boy, as it means someone who is accomplished, which is what your baby boy will be through the coming years. It is a name which holds a lot of power within and will inspire your baby boy to learn all those traits and behaviors which will help him grow into a truly accomplished young man.

59. Gcobani

Gcobani means the one who is joyful. The name portrays a happy and a positive child.

60. Akhona

The name Akhona means a present, which is the perfect meaning for your little baby boy, who is one of your most cherished presents ever. It is a unisexual name and you can use it for your girl as well.

61. Anathi

The name Anathi means they are with us. It is a unisexual name.

62. Aphiwe

Aphiwe means they are given.

63. Aviwe

The name Aviwe means the one who has been heard.

64. Ayabonga

Ayabonga is a beautiful name which means grateful.

65. Bhutana

If your baby boy is a younger sibling, the name is perfect for him, as it means little brother.

66. Bonginkosi

The name Bonginkosi signifies thanking god.

67. Bulelani

Your baby boy is your precious gift and you are thankful for his arrival. The name Bulelani means to be thankful.

68. Dumisa

The name Dumisa means praise.

69. Fezekile

Fezekile refers to the person who is complemented.

70. Fezile

The name Fezile means the one who is accomplished.

protip_icon Did you know?
Women in the Xhosa culture often paint their faces with white or yellow ochre and use dots to create designs. This practice is known as Umchokozo and is a significant part of their culture.

71. Fundani

Fundani means to learn, and as your baby boy grows up, there will be a lot that he will learn before turning into a wonderful young man.

72. Gugulethu

Your baby boy is your pride and the name Gugulethu means just that, the one you are proud of.

73. Jongikhaya

The name Jongikhaya means the one who will watch over the home.

74. Khwezi

Khwezi means a star and is perfect for your little boy who is lighting up your life.

75. Khuselwa

The name means the one who will always protect.

76. Langa

Just as the sun shines bright, so shall your little boy, and the name Langa means just that, the sun.

77. Lonwabo

Your baby boy has brought happiness in your life, and the name Lonwabo means happiness too.

78. Lubabalo

The name Lubabalo means the one who is full of grace.

79. Luthando

Your baby boy fills you up with love and the name Luthando means love.

80. Luzuko

Luzuko means glory.

81. Lwazi

Your little boy will grow up to be full of knowledge and the name Lwazi means just that.

82. Mabhuti

If your little boy is a younger sibling, Mabhuti is the perfect name as it means a little brother.

83. Madoda

The name means men.

84. Malibongwe

Malibongwe means let it be praised.

85. Mandla

The name Mandla means the one who has power.

86. Mangaliso

Mangaliso means wonderful.

87. Mbulelo

If you are thankful for your little boy’s arrival, Mbulelo is the perfect name, as it means thankfulness.

88. Meluzmi

Your baby boy will represent you and your family and the name Meluzmi means the one who represents home.

89. Mkhokeli

The name Mkhokeli means a leader.

90. Mthandeni

You love your baby boy and the name Mthandeni means love him.

91. Mpumelelo

The name Mpumelelo means success.

92. Nkokheli

Nkokheli means a leader.

93. Nkululeko

The name Nkululeko means freedom.

94. Ntando

Ntando means the one with a strong will.

95. Nyaniso

It means truthfulness.

96. Qaqambile

Qaqambile means brightness.

97. Sibabalwe

The name means the one who is blessed.

98. Silumko

It means a wise man.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of Xhosa baby names?

The significance of Xhosa baby names is that Xhosa culture is one of the most intriguing cultures of South Africa, and the baby names are inspired by God, clan, or the family in which the baby is born.

2. Can non-Xhosa people use Xhosa baby names?

Non-Xhosa people can also use Xhosa names as long as the parents are comfortable with the name and the name has no cultural or social implications at the place they live.

3. How do Xhosa parents choose baby names?

Xhosa parents can choose the name by considering factors such as the sound of the name, the meaning of the name, the inspiration behind the name, and how unique or popular the name is.

When naming a baby, it is natural for parents to seek the ones that have an impact on their baby’s life. They may also seek names that represent their ancestry. If that is what you desire, these Xhosa names would be a suitable choice. Xhosa baby names are unique as they have a beautiful syntax. We have listed many interesting names along with their meanings for you to choose from in this post. So grab your partner and go over the options to see which name best matches your child.

Infographic: Xhosa Baby Names With Their Meanings

The Xhosa tribe is one of the indigenous tribes of Southern Africa. If you are looking for traditional and unique names for your little one, give the following infographic a read, where we have combined a list of Xhosa names for girls and boys. Save and share it with others!

names inspired by the xhosa tribe (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Xhosa baby names draw inspiration from the rich cultural traditions of the Xhosa people, referencing clan, deity, or familial lineage.
  • Here, names hold greater significance than surnames, and women add their clan names as prefixes to their surnames after marriage.
  • Akhina, Mthobeli, and Zintle can be stylish options for girls, while Fezile, Ntando, and Silumko can be bold choices for boys.
    Each name’s deep and beautiful meanings helps you choose one based on your desirable attribute.
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