50 Exclusive Xitsonga Baby Names For Boys And Girls

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Xitsonga baby names. Did you know the birth of a child is an event of high magnitude in South Africa? And they value naming their children to commemorate their joy—names from South Africa, in particular.

In certain circumstances, children are named after deceased ancestors to maintain the family’s legacy. When naming a child, traditional beliefs, hopes, and wishes for the infant are all taken into account. Sounds interesting, right? Here is a list of 50 Xitsonga baby names to help you pick one for your little one.

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Xitsonga Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Ahlulani

Ahlulani, meaning ‘separating the good from the bad’, would make an inspirational name for your son. It will teach him to follow the right path and remind him that no matter how tempting it looks, he must never give into evil.

2. Akani

This easy to spell and pronounce Xitsonga name will merge well with the trendy names of our generation. We feel that Akani, meaning ‘to build’, has the potential of following the fashionable footsteps of Amani or Amari.

3. Drondro

Parents who wish their children to grow into a wise and intelligent folk often name them Drondro, a Xitsonga name meaning ‘pool of knowledge’. This moniker is gaining momentum with every passing year and is expected to cross over the continent as well.

4. Dyondzani

Dyondzani, meaning ‘learn’, will motivate your son to never stop learning. Being one of the new generation names of Xitsonga, Dyondzani isn’t very popular right now. But we feel it will gain traction soon.

5. Dzunani

What’s the easiest way to showcase the pride you feel for your son? By naming him Dzunani, which means ‘be proud’. Dzunani may feel a bit heavy to the ears of an American, but we’re sure your child will grow into it.

6. Fikani

Fikani, Xitsonga baby names

Image: Shutterstock

In South Africa, Fikani is one of the biggest baby name hits. Parents often select this name with the hope that their son will reach a high level in whatever he endeavors. Fikani means ‘reach a higher level’.

7. Hanyani

Each and every parent wishes for a long and fruitful life for their children. With this hope in heart, name your son Hanyani, which means ‘live long’.

8. Hlanganani

Tsonga people are very protective of their family. The elders ensure that their family stays together no matter what. Hlanganani, meaning ‘unite’, is often picked by elders and name givers, believing that the boy will keep the family together.

9. Hlaysiseka

Hlaysiseka, meaning ‘be safe’, is a handsome Xitsonga name with an attractive and brisk sound. This name is climbing places since a decade, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

10. Kotani

This charming Xitsonga name expresses the sentiments and aspiration, parents have for their sons. Meaning ‘accomplish’, Kotani carries an imperial resonance with itself without sounding arrogant or over dramatic.

11. Kurhula

Kurhula is a sensitive and soft baby name, meaning ‘peace. It’s an appropriate first name because of its stylish three syllables and cool ‘la’ ending.

12. Mulweri

Mulweri, a defendant

Image: Shutterstock

Why pick the commonplace name Alexander, when you have a unique option, Mulweri, which also means the same – ‘defender’? This moniker is likely to retain its popularity for centuries to come.

13. Munene

Munene is an erudite and dignified sounding name, meaning ‘upright’. A boy with this name is sure to grow up into a confident young man.

14. Ndzivalelano

The moniker Ndzivalelano, meaning ‘reconciliation’, is often given to children who were born at the time of a political alliance. Ndzivalelano I derived from the word ‘rivalela, meaning ‘forgive’, which acts as a unifying force.

15. Nhelo

Nhelo is a short and trendy Xitsonga name, meaning ‘selection’. This moniker appears to find favor with everyone, considering it’s one of the most used names in South Africa. A significant part of the popularity of Nhelo also goes to its crisp and elegant sound.

16. Nyamayavo

In South Africa, a mother who has lost all of her earlier babies can name the new born Nyamayavo which means ‘their flesh, their meat’. The name is believed to protect the child from evil eye, hoping that the witches will distance themselves from the child’s family.

17. Rhangani

There’s an air of refinement, dignity, and sophistication in this name. Meaning ‘be the pioneer’, Rhangani is the name for an intelligent man.

18. Tintswalo

Tintswalo, a kind Xitsonga baby boy name

Image: Shutterstock

Tintswalo means ‘mercy’. The name is a way of recognizing the outstanding and immeasurable generosity and kindness of the mother. It even inspires the child to become just like his mother.

19. Vukosi

A regal name for your little prince, Vukosi means ‘royalty’. This moniker conjures images of a young boy marching to the beat of his own drum.

20. Vusiwana

This unisex name, meaning ‘poverty’, is given to a child born to the family living in poverty. By naming the child Vusiwana, the name giver brings the plight of the family to others’ notice, hoping that they will come to the family’s rescue.

21. Xaniseka

Tsonga name Xaniseka is given to children who are born under severe conditions. The name, meaning ‘suffer’, will always remind the child of the hard times his family faced, motivating him to work harder. This name can also be given to a child born to a single parent.

22. Xinyori

The ancestral name Xinyori is given to a baby boy born in the Chauke family. It’s strictly associated with the Chauke clan and cannot be given to boys of any other clan.

23. Xirilele

Young children, who cry and force the parents to let them attend initiation school may be given the name Xirilele, which means ‘the one who cries for something’. The name is bestowed after the graduation ceremony.

24. Xitlhavangoma

Xitlhavangoma, meaning ‘the first initiate’, is one of the initiation names in Xitsonga language. It’s often bestowed on the son of the chief on the completion of their initiation school, since returning home is like being born afresh and the name signifies the radical change they’ve undergone.

25. Xitreko

In South Africa, in particular, among the Tsonga people, children born in the year 1976 were often given names related to the Soweto students’ protests. Xitreko, meaning ‘strike’, was one of the most common names during this period. A perfect example of a politically inspired name.

Xitsonga Girl Names With Meanings

26. Basambilu

If you want a meaningful name for your daughter, Basambilu is the one for you. It means ‘pure hearted’.

27. Bombisani

Tsonga people, especially women, are very fond of jewelry and adornments. You’ll never see a female dressed in a dull or simple way. Some people take their love for jewelry a bit further by naming their daughters Bombisani, which means ‘adorn’.

protip_icon Point to consider
Masana, which means ‘sun rays’ and Cheyeza, meaning ‘bright’ are two other adorable Xitsonga names for your baby.

28. Enelo

Enelo, meaning ‘content’ is given to signify that women, or humans, in general, should be satisfied with whatever they have. They should be thankful for everything the almighty has given, especially when there are people struggling to meet even their basic needs.

29. Fanisa

Another beautiful and inspiring Xitsonga baby name to bestow on your daughter, Fanisa means ‘exemplary’, which every girl should be in her own way.

30. Hintekani

Do you know what makes women unique? It’s their passion and dedication towards their family, work, and everything they do. Yes, we women strive very hard in life. So how about naming your daughter Hintekani, which means ‘strive’.

31. Horisani

This exotic and smooth Xitsonga name, meaning ‘heal’, is on the rise in South African regions.

32. Katekani

If you want a rare and unique baby name, meaning ‘blessed’, Katekani is the perfect one for you.

33. Khana

Khana, a victory dance

Image: IStock

Khana is basically a victory dance performed by Tsonga people. They perform this dance at every joyous occasion, be it wedding, arrival of a newborn or the initiation ceremony. It means ‘victory dance’.

34. Masingita

This elegant and lovely name, meaning ‘miracles’ is well-used in South Africa.

35. Maxangu

Maxangu, meaning ‘suffering’, is given to the girl whose mother was sick at the time of the pregnancy. Parents pick this name to remind the child of the suffering period. The meaning of this name isn’t very appealing, but its sound is very fresh.

36. Mbhoni

Mhboni, meaning ‘witness’, has been around for ages, but did not become significantly popular until the turn of the century.

37. Mbhuri

Who doesn’t think their baby girl is beautiful? This Xitsonga name, with South African language, means ‘beautiful’.

38. Ndzalama

Ndzalama, meaning ‘emerald’ has to be the least used gemstone name. We won’t be surprised to see it cross over the sea and gain widespread success in the coming years.

39. Nhlamulo

The unisex name Nhlamulo, meaning ‘answer’, is given to a child born after many years of marriage. It indicates that God has answered their prayers. You can say that the name is a way of showing gratitude to the Almighty for giving them a new lease of life.

40. Nhlovo

In Xitsonga language, autumn is called Nhlovo. So if your baby is due in October or in the Autumn season, how about naming her Nhlovo?

41. Nonisa

This lilting and rhythmic name, meaning ‘enrich’, has begun to catch on even with parents living in the urban region of South Africa. For the nickname, you can pick sassy and fashionable, Noni.

42. Ntsumi

Ntsumi, meaning ‘angel’, is often selected by parents to express the love and adoration they have for their newborn girl. This short name sounds vintage and modern at the same time.

43. Nxalati

This lovely Tsonga name, meaning ‘happiness’, is often picked by parents to show their affection for their child. You could express the joy you feel on seeing your baby by giving her this name.

44. Nyakwavi

The girl who’s bestowed with the ancestral name Nyakwavi has the obligation to look after the ‘ndhumbha’, a hut made for the ancestors. Her duties include cleaning the hut and keeping it well lit during the night so that the ancestors who come do not find their house in darkness. Nyakwavi means ‘the one who takes care of the ancestors’.

45. Nyeleti

Move over Stella and Astar. It’s time to pick something as unique as Nyeleti for your daughter. Nyeleti means ‘star’ in Tsonga language.

46. Ponani

Ponani, meaning ‘live to tell the tale’ is one of the traditional names of South Africa. The last time it was popular was in 1980s. So if you want a rare and uncommon name for your daughter, Ponani could be your ideal pick.

47. Sana

Sana, a bright Xitsonga baby girl name

Image: IStock

It seems that Sana is famous everywhere in the world, even in South Africa. The meaning, however, is different. In Xitsonga language, Sana means ‘warm sunray’. Now that’s a warm and fuzzy name, right?

protip_icon Trivia
Sana means ‘brightness’ or ‘radiance’ in Arabic, while it means ‘praise’ in Swedish and Hindu origins.

48. Telakufa

Parents who are blessed with a newborn after the death of a number of children may name the child Telakufa, which means ‘come to die’. That’s because they have little to no hope that their child will survive. So this name is a form of prayer, hoping that it will protect the child from the evil spirits.

49. Tengisa

Tengisa is one of the most common names in South Africa, primarily because of its meaning, ‘purify’. So if you find another Tengisa roaming in the playground, do not blame us that we didn’t warn you about it.

50. Xikhongelo

Traditional Xikhongelo name Xikhongelo, meaning ‘prayer’, is a constant reminder to parents that they should never stop praying to God. It’s given to children whose parents have frequently visited the church, asking for the child.

Some of our favorite tsonga names for babies are Akani, Bombisani, and Horisani. What’s your favorite? Or are you aware of any other Xitsonga baby name? Let us know so that we can add to our list!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any particular Xitsonga naming customs I should know?

Xitsonga children are not named after any deceased ancestors. Instead, the Xitsonga women visit traditional healers to help them find the most suitable name for their child. Children are also named after specific ancestors if they strongly resemble them.

2. What is the significance of Xitsonga baby names?

Xitsonga people believe that a name is a gift to a person. Hence, a nameless person is not considered to be a human being. Children are named after their ancestors because they feel the latter will be by their side and always protect them from harm and evil.

3. How have Xitsonga baby names changed over time?

While older Xitsonga names were more traditional and reflected the culture and traditions of the Tsonga people, globalization and exposure to Western culture introduced new modern names with international appeal. Also, while Xitsonga has different names for boys and girls, a new wave of unisex names is on the rise.

4. Are there any Xitsonga baby names that have special cultural or spiritual significance?

Names like Hlanganani (meaning ‘come together’), Khensani (meaning ‘grateful’), and Tintswalo (meaning ‘grace’) are some names that bring out the spiritual side of an individual in Tsonga.

5. What role do elders and other family members play in choosing Xitsonga baby names?

Like most cultures, family and community are important in choosing Xitsonga baby names. Elders may provide naming advice and convey the names of ancestors when necessary. Moreover, family consensus on a name is required. Once a name is decided upon, elders may enlighten the parents about its history and guide the new parents about pronunciation and spelling.

Xistonga baby names usually have rich historical representations. And most often, South African parents continue to name generations based on ancestral names to carry on the family tradition. There are plenty of these names with fascinating meanings. Such names play an integral role in adding to the child’s personality. Therefore, if you are looking for some names for your baby, the options from our list will help you choose the most suitable one.

Infographic: Unique Baby Names Of Xitsonga Origin

Xitsonga, or Tsonga, is one of the many Bantu-speaking natives from the South African continent. If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby from South African roots, you may refer to the infographic below that has the best Xitsonga names with meanings.

xitsonga baby names with intriguing meanings ai (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Learn Xitsonga and discover the beautiful meanings behind Tsonga baby names from A-E. Uncover the culture and heritage of South Africa with us!

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