Celebrating Your Baby’s First Raksha Bandhan

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It’s that time of the year again. When brothers and sisters remind each other why their bond is so special. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over India to cherish the brother-sister relationship. Every sister is excited to buy a rakhi for her brother, and every brother considers it a privilege to have a rakhi tied around his wrist. It’s a unique festival filled with love, sweets, gifts, delicacies, and new clothes. Every family adds their special touch to the festival and has a set of traditions they follow. It’s an exciting day for children and families to come together and celebrate sibling bonds. However, when you have a baby at home, it changes a little.

If it’s your baby’s first Raksha Bandhan, you would want to make it memorable, but you’ve to keep in mind the baby’s needs. To make sure your baby does not get cranky and is prepared for all the festive commotions, you’ve to plan the occasion differently. So let’s look at what we’ve to keep in mind when you have a baby at home.

What Is The Best Time To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

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With a baby in the house, it is best to celebrate it when he/she is awake. The best time is after their morning bath when they feel clean and fresh. It also helps if they are well fed and happy. They feel fresh and energetic to handle the celebration. They might not fully understand the festival, but you could help them tie a rakhi or get one.

In case your baby falls asleep, do it after they wake up, so they are not cranky. Some babies can get a little overwhelmed with the attention, crowd, and cameras. Take some time to calm your baby and proceed slowly so they don’t feel overburdened.

Can Your Baby Have Sweets?

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Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets. If your baby is not too small and has started eating solid foods, they can have a few sweets. However, ensure that you feed them small bits to prevent any choking hazards. Too much sugar is not good for anyone, so it’s best to keep the sweets limited. If your baby has not weaned on solid foods yet, it is best to avoid giving them any sweets.

How To Ensure That Your Baby Is Comfortable During The Celebration?

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A baby that is well-fed and happy is usually not too cranky. Make sure that your baby has had a good night’s sleep and has a clean diaper. A warm water bath keeps them feeling fresh in the morning. Raksha Bandhan occurs during the monsoon season, so ensure that your baby is wearing comfortable clothes. The most comfortable and safe fabric during monsoon is cotton. It helps your baby’s skin breathe through humidity. As much as you’d like to dress up your baby, it is best to avoid accessories that could irritate their skin and become a choking hazard for your baby.

Safety Precautions For Your Baby’s First Raksha Bandhan

A festival is an exciting time for everyone, but when you have a baby at home, there are a few extra precautions that you could take to ensure that they remain safe and have a good time. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Choice Of Rakhi

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Choose a rakhi that is made with soft threads. There are several fancy rakhis you get in the market today but avoid the ones with beads, stones, sequence, metallic threads or any other that could be a choking hazard. It’s best to make rakhis at home for your baby. Also, make sure not to tie the rakhi too tightly on their delicate hands.

2. Safety During Puja

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Be extra careful during puja as it involves aarti. The fire and ghee can pose a serious risk to babies if you are not careful. Ensure your baby is not too close to the fire. Set up a safe place away from the smoke. As your baby gets older, you can allow them to participate in the puja by assisting them.

3. Extra Care While Applying Tika

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Tika is an integral part of puja, but it could irritate your baby’s skin. Opt for a chandan tika so you can be sure that your baby is safe. They can be wiped off easily. But ensure that the sandalwood powder is safe and of good quality.

We live in a country with beautiful traditions. And while it’s great to get our children acquainted with them, their safety is the utmost priority. Therefore, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect your baby so you and your baby can enjoy the festival!

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