Your First 60 seconds in 60 seconds!

Your First 60 seconds in 60 seconds!

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How important is one minute in your life? Or, let us say, what all do you think you can achieve in just sixty seconds of your life? Not much, you might say. That’s because you don’t know what all you’ve been through in the first sixty seconds of your life. Now, imagine you’ve just been born. Here is what all would have happened to you in the first sixty seconds (in random order)

1. One To Five Seconds

You’d have just popped out of your mother’s womb and opened your grease-smeared eyes, and all that you’d have managed to see would be blurred images of colorful blobs (which is us human beings). Your eyesight remains like this up to 3 months of your life.

2. Six To Ten Seconds

Six To Ten Seconds

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You would have taken your first breath in this world. It wasn’t as if you weren’t breathing in your mother’s womb. You did. But back inside, it was the placenta which supplied you with the oxygen instead of the lungs.

3. Eleven To Fifteen Seconds

Your lungs, which were so long filled with fluid inside the womb, now start filling the air inside them. Well, Et Tu Brute, you could say!

4. Sixteen To Twenty Seconds

Sixteen To Twenty Seconds

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It’s your first moment in the world and you cried your lungs out (pun intended). No, you didn’t cry out of happiness, but to expand your lungs. Quite a faster learner you are, we must say!

5. Twenty One To Twenty Five Seconds

You would have suddenly felt a change in your body temperature. This is because from now on your body starts to regulate its own temperature. Goodbye snugly warmth of mom’s womb!

6. Twenty Six To Thirty Seconds

Twenty Six To Thirty Seconds

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The cord that used to bind you to your mother – the umbilical cord – was probably cut off now. You’d have let go of your placenta for the first time since your conception. Sniffle! Sniffle!

7. Thirty-One To Thirty-Five Seconds

When you were born, your mother might have thought you looked like an angel. Well, that’s how a mother is. But the fact is, you’d have looked nothing like a normal human being, let alone a remote reflection of your own self now. Sad to say, but you’d have probably resembled an alien more than an angel!

8. Thirty-Six To Forty Seconds

Thirty-Six To Forty Seconds

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Your body skin would have been slightly bluish or bruised. Another piece of evidence for our ‘alien’ theory.

9. Forty-One To Forty-Five Seconds

When you came out of your mother’s body, you were completely covered with the amniotic fluid. Yes, the same fluid you were swimming in for almost 9 months!

10. Forty-Six To Fifty Seconds

Forty-Six To Fifty Seconds

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The amniotic fluid is not the only stuff you were smeared in. You were also drenched in a thin, greasy layer called the Vernix. It is this layer which is responsible for giving you the look of a dressed chicken when you are just born!

11. Fifty-One To Fifty-Five Seconds

As a reflex action, the moment you would have popped out of your mom’s cervix, the labor room doctor would have thrown you on your mother’s abdomen. This was to help you and your mom bond immediately in the outer world (for you, not your mom).

12. Fifty-Six To Sixty Seconds

Fifty-Six To Sixty Seconds

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By now, someone would have rubbed your back, turned you upside down, and smacked your butt lightly. No, that wasn’t your punishment for being born in this world. Those were few of the steps performed to determine your Apgar score (yes, now you know how early the competitions start?). The Apgar Test is performed to ensure you have a sound heart rate, breathing, reflexes, muscle, and skin tone.

Now that we have given you the low down of what had transpired the moment you were born, would you still look at a simple one minute the same way? Or, for that matter, would you want to take birth all over again? Do let us know.

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