Angela Alex


Angela Alex
Baby Names
The English and Foreign Languages University, St. Stephen’s College
2 years

Angela is an honors student with a master's degree in Linguistics from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Her combined interest in history and the science of language has taught her the skills to understand how language and its use have changed over time. This has piqued her interest in the origin, meaning, and history of names, which reflects in the baby names articles she writes and fact-checks on MomJunction. Angela carries more than two years of experience in writing and editing. When not writing, she can be spotted listening to new music, expanding her Spotify playlist, or raving about a new film or TV series she watched. She is a travel and sports enthusiast and can be seen backpacking over the weekend, while still glued to the screen watching her favorite sports icons do their thing.

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