Gayatri A


Gayatri A
Beauty & Personal Care
University of Hyderabad, Pondicherry University
3 years

Gayatri holds double master's degrees in Mass Communication from the University of Hyderabad and an MBA (Human Resources) from Pondicherry University. Before joining MomJunction as a commerce fact-checker and content writer, Gayatri worked as a radio presenter at All India Radio for five years, a content marketer for three years, and a political science lecturer.

As an RJ and content marketer in the past, Gayatri had the chance to delve deeper into audience preferences and the latest in beauty, personal care, and health. Her time as a lecturer made her fully realize the importance of thorough research to make information easily accessible to all. Gayatri uses these experiences while fact-checking the commerce articles.

Being from a mass communication background, Gayatri understands the importance of words and how they are woven together to deliver information. Her interest in products extends to her routine, wherein she is often found exploring different brands to find cost-effective and useful products for herself. On the personal front, Gayatri has a particular interest in astrology and Ayurveda. She is also found in the kitchen, putting her diploma in vegan nutrition into practice.

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