Dr. Ritika Shah


Dr. Ritika Shah
Dental and General Health, Lactation
KM Shah Dental College
Lactation Counselling from iNational Health Care Academy, Singapore
10 years

Dr. Ritika Shah is a certified lactation counsellor (CLC) from iNational Health Care Academy, Singapore and a dental surgeon with more than seven years of clinical experience across various cities in India. She did her graduation in Dentistry from KM Shah Dental College. During her clinical practice, pediatric dentistry was her particular area of interest, and she constantly thrived to inculcate the latest advancements in the field of dentistry into her practice. She also holds a certificate in lactation counselling from iNational Health Care Academy, Singapore.
Dr. Shah's deep interest in the well-being of babies and children made her take up writing. With over three years into writing, she writes on the general health and well-being of children, in addition to dental-related and lactation topics.
A first-time mother, Dr. Shah understands the struggles and joys of parenting. In addition to research-backed evidence, she tries to include her own experiences and that makes her articles personalized for the readers. In her free time, she takes up gardening, driving, and playing strategy board games.

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