1226 Hindi Baby Names With Meanings

Parents have different approaches when it comes to baby names. Some like to name their children after their favorite pop culture icons or historical and fictional characters. Others look back to their ancestors for baby name inspiration. But Indians, especially Hindus, prefer Hindi when it comes to naming their children.

Hindi, the official language of India, has a huge vocabulary, with an immense power of expression. Since the vocabulary is derived from four major languages – Sanskrit, Arabic, English, and Persian, we get a wide range of inspiration for baby names as well. The baby names derived from the Hindi language are classic, traditional, and fuse the cultural wealth of India with the linguistic ancestry.

Below is MomJunction's extensive collection of Hindi baby names with meanings, sorted alphabetically. You can use the gender filter to narrow down the results.

Abhinn (अभिन्न)One who is different or not commonBoy
AbhipadaOne who is fearless or take fearless stepsBoy
AbhipalaThe fresh moment or the new timeBoy
AbhipshaA strong desire of wishGirl
AbhipuspaCovered with fresh flowersGirl
AbhirajaOne who is a great kingBoy
AbhiraksaOne who is a protector, who protectsBoy
AbhiramaThe lovely or a delightful personBoy
AbhiramiOne who is delighted or loved by many; Goddess parvatiGirl
AbhirucaDelightful, desire, pleasureGirl
AbhiruchiOne who have or keep desiresGirl
AbhisaarA good companion, a beautiful friendBoy
AbhisalaAn act of moving towards unityGirl
AbhishehaOne who is full of desiresBoy
AbhranagaAn elephant related to heaven or skyBoy
AbhyudhA good and quick learnerBoy
Abichalun-paying, unyielding, no growthBoy
AbimolaOne who is born to be richBoy
AbinaashjotA light that cannot be destroyedBoy
Abir (अबीर)The word abir has the meaning of Fragrance, Scent, Aroma, in Hindu aspect aabir means Gulal or colorBoy
AbiramiA pleasant and beautiful girlGirl
AchandaA cool-minded person, not angryBoy
AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate objectBoy
AcharpreetAn inanimate love or affectionBoy
AchetUnconscious, one who is not in his conscious sense, a carefree personBoy
AchetbirA carefree brave personBoy
AchetmeetThe friend or companion of the carefree personBoy
AchinOne who is free from care and envyBoy
AchintWho is carefree and free from envyBoy
AchrajOne who is wondrous, full of wondersBoy
AchutaPure, not touched, firmGirl
AdambhaFree from any fraud or deceitBoy
AdamieA human being, good humanBoy
AdhaitaA unique person, without dualityGirl
AdharshanaThe base moment of timeBoy
Adharvathe first of all Vedas or Lord GaneshaBoy
AdhavayaWho is one or unitedBoy
AdheepA king or a rulerBoy
AdheshtWithout envy or angerBoy
AdikurmaThe first or original tortoiseBoy
AdolStable or without any movementBoy
AdolchitOne who has a stable mindBoy
AdrishtOne who is shapeless, shapeless personBoy
AekadamtWho is having one tooth; lord GaneshaBoy
AenyThe husband of Radha from Hindu mythologyGirl
AgnpurnaA Hindi Boys nameBoy
AhamyatiA man who has no egoBoy
AhavaniymA hindi Boy name with no certain meaningBoy
AhernishaA male name fit for Hindu BoysBoy
AhganulHindi name fit for BoysBoy
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