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Origin, Meaning, And History of Abigail

Abigail is a given name representing a woman of stoic strength. The name was derived from the Hebrew words “ab,” meaning “father,” and “g-y-l” meaning “to rejoice.” The name, therefore,  stands for “father’s joy” or “cause of joy.” In Arabic, Abigail refers to “wise.” The name is typically used as a girl’s name and a surname today. The name has diverse variations like Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abageal, Abagil, Abaigael, Abbegail, Abbegale, Abbigael, Abbigail, Abbigale, and Abigel.

In the Bible, Abigail was the second wife of King David in the Book of Samuel. She was an Israelite woman married to Nabal, upon whose death she was married to David and became the mother of one of David’s sons. The tale appears in the Book of Chronicles. She is often described as a smart, beautiful woman who prevented bloodshed by approaching King David with her intelligence and diplomacy.

Nicknames like Abbey, Abby, Abbi, Abbie, Abi, Abs, Aby, Gail, and Gayle can go well with the moniker. Abigail stayed among the top names in the US for centuries. Its diminutive, Abby, also saw a surge in popularity in 2003.

The name also finds mention in popular culture. Abigail is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the video game series “Final Fight” and, more recently “Street Fighter V.” He is a member of the Mad Gear Gang and is one of the lieutenants of Belger. Mother Abigail is the protagonist in the thriller novel by Stephen King “The Stand,” which was later adapted into a movie. She sees visions from God and loses her foresight before disappearing into the wilderness. The name is particularly popular among millennial parents fascinated by biblical figures.


heart image
Father's joy
1 word, 7 letters, 4 vowels, 3 consonants
Medium length and moderately easy to pronounce

How To Pronounce Abigail?

Pronounced as ah-bee-gale

The way you pronounce a name can make all the difference.

Listen to the sound of the name Abigail in English.

Famous People With The Name Abigail

  • Abigail SpencerAmerican actress known for her roles in “Mad Men” and “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • Abigail AdamsFirst second lady of the US, wife of President John Adams
  • Abigail CowenAmerican actress known for her role in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”
  • Abigail BreslinAmerican actress known for her role in “Little Miss Sunshine”
  • Abigail DisneyAmerican film producer, philanthropist, and social activist

Abigail On The Popularity Chart

The popularity of Abigail picked up during the Puritanical times. Since then, it has fluctuated in popularity and remains a popular name and surname. Check out the graphs below for more information.

Popularity Over Time

With 1575 babies per million given the name in 1980, Abigail rose to its peak in 2006 with 15,630 babies being named the same. However, its popularity declined in 2020, with only 7874 babies per million being named Abigail.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In 1980, Abigail was ranked 176. The name saw a huge leap in popularity and entered the list of top 20 names in the latter half of the 1990s. From 2001 to 2017, it consistently remained in the top 10 most popular names and slightly dropped to number 12 in 2020.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Abigail

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Popular Sibling Names For Abigail

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Boy Sibling Names For Abigail

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Girl Sibling Names For Abigail

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Names With Similar Meaning As Abigail

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Abigail a strong name?

According to the Hebrew Bible, Abigail helped prevent bloodshed by approaching King David with her intelligence and diplomacy. Therefore, the name represents a woman of stoic strength.

2. What is the personality of the name Abigail?

The name Abigail reflects joy and signifies an adventurous, outgoing, and happy-go-lucky personality. However, do remember that a name alone cannot influence a child’s personality.

3. Is Abigail a vintage name?

The name Abigail has its origins in the Hebrew Bible and was used by the Puritans during the 16th century. Thanks to its rich history, Abigail is a vintage name you can bestow on your baby.

4. What is the gender-neutral name for Abigail?

Abby is the unisex version of the name Abigail. Though given to boys too, the name Abby is more common among girls.

5. What does Abby mean in the Bible?

Abby is generally used as a short for Abigail. It has the same meaning as Abigail, which is ‘father’s joy’ or ‘cause of joy.’

6. Is Abigail a rare name?

Abigail is a popular girl name in the US. It has been among the top 30 female names in the US since 1997. In 2022, 6254 babies were given the name (1).

7. What is a good middle name to go with Abigail?

Grace means ‘favor’ or ‘kindness’ and will go well with Abigail since it also represents a positive emotion. Marie means ‘wished for child,’ so it can be a good middle name for Abigail as well.

8. What is the personality of the name Abigail?

An individual named Abigail may love freedom, is adventurous, and accepts change. They are also creative by nature and have a good appearance. Lastly, they tend to be compassionate and love to keep their environment peaceful.

9. What is the difference between Abigail and Abigael?

There is no difference between the two. Abigael is a spelling variant of Abigail.


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