205 Afghan Baby Names With Meanings

Looking for a name that reflects the richness of the Afghan culture and also has a deep and significant meaning? Then scroll below for MomJunction’s list of Afghan names for boys and girls. But before that, let’s dig a bit into the naming conventions in Afghanistan.

The first name of an Afghan is basically a compound or double name such as Ahmad Khan, Ahmed Navid, or Bashir Bijan. These names could have an Arabic or Islamic component or a regional connotation. The last name refers to their profession, tribal affiliation, place of birth, or honorific titles. This may even result in people within the same family having different surnames. But it should also be noted that in Afghan, surnames are more prevalent in educated and urban families, especially in those families that have been in contact with the western world.

Besides, there isn’t any standard orthography in Afghanistan. People write names as it is pronounced in their dialects. Hence, the same name can be pronounced and written differently in various parts of Afghanistan.

MomJunction has an extensive collection of Afghan baby names with meanings for our lovely readers. Just filter the names according to the letters and find your desired baby name. All the names are beautiful in our opinion, so pick an ultimate name for your son or daughter.

AakramaName of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AarashFirst ray of the sun.Boy
AazarThe 9th month of celebration.Boy
AbdiesusOne who serves.Boy
Abdul HannanThe slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderheartedBoy
Abdul JaleelServant of the majestic, servant of Allah.Boy
Abdul MalikServant of the King (Allah).Boy
Abdul MutiServant of Allah.Boy
Abdul MuzanniName of the narrator of HadithBoy
Abdul NafiSlave of the Propitious.Boy
Abdul QahharServant of AllahBoy
AbedWorshipper; AdorerBoy
Abu-ZarName of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AfriName of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-lawGirl
AfshanehSprinkling or scatteringGirl
AfsoonThe meaning of Afsoon is "charm" or "Spell". A beautiful Goddess who is loved by all, friendly, caring, charismatic, kind, gentle, understanding, sensitive,emotional and desirable by all. Everyone will be charmed by her beauty.Girl
AkbarkhanA name of the Afghan Prince and a GeneralBoy
AlmeidaLow hill or plateauBoy
AmardadImmorality, one who is immortal.Boy
AmoozTeacher, or instructor.Boy
AnoushehEverlasting or immortalGirl
AnoushiravanName of an ancient Iranian king.Boy
AnwaaraddinLight of the faith, brilliance of the faithBoy
ArezoWish or desireGirl
AriaboodThe tribe leaderBoy
ArmeenName of a character In Shahnameh.Boy
ArminehDesire, or goalGirl
AryoName of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.Boy
ArzhangName of a character in Shahnameh.Boy
AsadiOne strong like a lion.Boy
AshtakOne of the names of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AsmaanGirl name meaning SkyGirl
AyanArabic - Time, Era; Sanskrit - Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu - God's Gift; Persian - InspirationBoy
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
Azhar-ud-dinMost visible, one who explains the religion.Boy
AzoomOne who is extremely talented and wise.Boy
AzyanAdornment or decoration.Unisex
AzzamiOne who is fierce like a lion.Boy
AzzatAzzat is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Azzah, and means gazelle.Boy
BabakThey are the young father; satisfied personBoy
BaddarOne who's always on time. A punctual man.Boy
BadeedSample, or specimenBoy
BadihAble to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.Boy
BadilaynBadilayn is an Arabic name, meaning substitutes, or replacements.Boy
BadrawiOne who is like the full moon, beautiful and radiant.Boy
BaghishLight rain that affects just a small area.Boy
Baha al DinBeauty of faith or a helper or supporter.Boy
BahiriVariant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.Boy
BahirunA brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.Boy
BahlulOne who smiles often, or one who does a lot of good deeds.Boy
BahnamA reputable and honorable person.Boy
BeneshWisdom or intellect.Girl
BereziraOne who is full of Intelligence.Girl
Burzin KurushHigh rank or high status.Girl
ChaghamaA type of folk music in Afghanistan.Girl
DadvarJudge or one who is just.Boy
DamsaA silk of white color.Girl
DarsameenValuable, expensive, and costly.Girl
Durr-e-ShahwarKings worthy pearl.Girl
Emma DilHeart's WishGirl
EsinInspiration, an inspirational woman.Girl
FairehThe bringer of happiness.Boy
FarahnoushOne who is always happy, or one who is always joyous.Girl
FarjaadExcellent, or eminent in learning.Boy
FarkhondehOne who is happy, and joyous.Girl
FarzaadOne who is high-born, or of a high-status.Boy
FarzanehA wise woman.Girl
FerhanaOne leading a comfortable life.Girl
FirashPerceptiveness, IngenuityBoy
FirouzehTurquoise stone or color.Girl
FuttehkhanThe triumph or a ruler, or a winner kingBoy
GulnoorThe light of flower, light or radiance.Girl
GulpariThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Girl
GulraizGardener, one who takes care of the garden.Boy
GulrangThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Girl
Gulrang roseThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Girl
GulrezThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Boy
GulruThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Boy
HajiraThe wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Name of Prophet Ismaeel's mother.Girl
HamdiyaA woman with a noble and admirable personality.Girl
HooriyahBeautiful and radiant angel.Girl
HunoonA compassionate and loving woman.Girl
HussainAn early leader of IslamBoy
Ibad ur RehmanWorshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.Boy
IlliyeenHigh status, or exalted.Girl
ImamLeader or chiefBoy
ImamaLeadership or command. One with leadership qualities.Girl
IsaadA cooperative manBoy
IsfandiyarThe brave king. Also the name of an Iranian king.Boy
JaahDignity or grandeur.Boy
JabrootMagnificent or majestic.Boy
JammasOne who is naughty and sprightly.Boy
JansherLife of a lionBoy
JehanzaibAdorn, decorate or embellish.Boy
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