107 Afghan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

GulraizGardener, one who takes care of the garden.Boy
GulrezThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Boy
GulruThey are soft like a flower and give good smell to others.They are very soft,kind and sensitive.Boy
HussainAn early leader of IslamBoy
Ibad ur RehmanWorshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.Boy
ImamLeader or chiefBoy
IsaadA cooperative manBoy
IsfandiyarThe brave king. Also the name of an Iranian king.Boy
JaahDignity or grandeur.Boy
JabrootMagnificent or majestic.Boy
JammasOne who is naughty and sprightly.Boy
JansherLife of a lionBoy
JehanzaibAdorn, decorate or embellish.Boy
KardaarController, or supervisorBoy
Khan ZadaA very big man.Boy
Lodhiname of Afghan tribeBoy
MaiwandAfghan place name, a famous place near QandharBoy
MateenA well-mannered personBoy
MehrangColor of the sun.Boy
MirwaisA King like leader, also referred to Grand-fatherBoy
MohammadiThe Red Cow, which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MoinkhanThe person who is very affectionate and loving.Boy
MukhtarThe chosen one.Boy
MursalinMessengers, or message-bearersBoy
MusaSaved from the waterBoy
NaseefaSpeech that is spoken in secret.Boy
NawaskhanA generous ruler, one who givesBoy
NoumanFlower bedsBoy
PaindaA wise and intelligent man.Boy
ParwaizCommendable, success, victory, and triumphant.Boy
PazirOne who is good in the eyes of everyone.Boy
PoyaThe one who is constantly searching for somethingBoy
QammarMoon, lunar, or lunar month.Boy
ShahmeerOne who is very handsome.Boy
ShahouThe best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.Boy
ShahparThe longest feather in a bird.Boy
ShahpurPrince, son of a king.Boy
ShahuThe best and most valuable pearlBoy
ShehzadPrince, or offspring of a king,Boy
SobanTo return to Allah, or to repent.Boy
TabishWarmth of brilliance.Boy
TabsheerA person who brings good news.Boy
TaimurIron, as strong as iron.Boy
TajjAuthority, or crownBoy
TashfeenOne who is kind, affectionate and sympathetic.Boy
WamiqA loving and friendly woman.Boy
YarA companion or friend.Boy
YesalThe crown of flowersBoy
ZadfarGlorious birth.Boy
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