108 Afghan Baby Girl Names With Meanings


When searching for an appealing name for your baby girl that aligns with your thoughts, cultural and language barriers should not hold you back. The list of Afghan baby girl names shared below offers several delightful options you may consider to complement your little girl's gracefulness and innocence. Keep reading the post to learn more.

Most traditional Afghan baby girl names are from the Turkic, Persian, and Arabic languages. They beautifully reflect the historical and ethnic diversity of the region. Furthermore, certain names are a unique blend of different titles resulting from Afghanistan's strategic position along the Silk Route (1).

In Afghanistan, names hold specific cultural significance. Also, most titles have Islamic origins and meanings. They often convey devotion to religion, virtue, and the desire for divine favor. Popular Islamic girl names include Zainab, which means "beauty," Fatima, meaning "to abstain," and Aisha, signifying "living" or "those alive."

Alongside Islamic names, Afghan parents may choose names with traditional Afghan roots, drawing inspiration from their regional ethnic history. For instance, Pashtun families, who make up the majority of Afghanistan's population (2), have names like Malala, meaning "sad," or Zarmina which signifies "gold" or "love." Likewise, Tajik families might opt for names like Farzona, which means "illustrious," or Shabnam, which means "morning dew."

It's worth noting that naming customs can vary among Afghan communities and regions, with certain tribes and families having distinct naming practices. Additionally, there has been a growing trend of adding more contemporary and Western names into the mix as Afghanistan undergoes cultural changes and globalization.

Our comprehensive list of meaningful baby girl names below encompasses traditional, cultural, and historical elements. They also embody Islamic principles, ancestral heritage, and familial relationships, paying tribute to the intricate social fabric of Afghanistan. Explore and choose the most suitable name for your little princess.

heart image Aabroo Baby Girl Sign Girl Prestige
heart image Abrisham Baby Girl Sign Girl Silk
heart image Adiam Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Precious; Diamond
heart image Afhak Baby Girl Sign Girl Dew
heart image Afri Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-law
heart image Afshaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl Sprinkling or scattering
heart image Afsoon Baby Girl Sign Girl Charm or spell
heart image Anousheh Baby Girl Sign Girl Everlasting; Immortal
heart image Arezo Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish; Desire
heart image Armineh Baby Girl Sign Girl Desire; Goal
heart image Arzo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Hope; Wish
heart image Asal Baby Girl Sign Girl Honey
heart image Asmaan Baby Girl Sign Girl Sky
heart image Azyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Adornment; Decoration
heart image Benesh Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom or intellect
heart image Berezira Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is full of intelligence
heart image Burzin Kurush Baby Girl Sign Girl High rank or status
heart image Chaghama Baby Girl Sign Girl Folk music in Afghanistan
heart image Dahir Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dignified, respected
heart image Damsa Baby Girl Sign Girl A silk of white color
heart image Darsameen Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuable, expensive, and costly
heart image Durr-e-Shahwar Baby Girl Sign Girl Kings worthy pearl
heart image Emma Dil Baby Girl Sign Girl Heart's wish
heart image Esin Baby Girl Sign Girl Inspiration; An inspirational woman
heart image Farahnoush Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is always happy or one who is always joyous
heart image Farkhondeh Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is happy and joyous
heart image Farzaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl A wise woman
heart image Ferhana Baby Girl Sign Girl One leading a comfortable life
heart image Firouzeh Baby Girl Sign Girl Turquoise stone; Turquuoise color
heart image Ghamzeh Baby Girl Sign Girl Coquetry
heart image Gulnoor Baby Girl Sign Girl The light of flower, light or radiance
heart image Gulpari Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower angel
heart image Gulrang Baby Girl Sign Girl The color of the flowers
heart image Gulrang rose Baby Girl Sign Girl Soft like a flower
heart image Hajira Baby Girl Sign Girl The wife of Prophet Ibrahim; Prophet Ismaeel's mother
heart image Hamdiya Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a noble and admirable personality
heart image Hesther Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Hooriyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and radiant angel
heart image Hunoon Baby Girl Sign Girl A compassionate and loving woman
heart image Illiyeen Baby Girl Sign Girl High status; Exalted
heart image Imama Baby Girl Sign Girl Leadership or command; One with leadership qualities
heart image Kaameh Baby Girl Sign Girl Goal, wish
heart image Kaamisha Baby Girl Sign Girl A happy soul
heart image Kaamnoosh Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet wish or, sweet desire
heart image Kaasheen Baby Girl Sign Girl A place north of Ilam in Iran
heart image Kashm Baby Girl Sign Girl A historical and mythical Persian princess
heart image Khudeeja Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is born before she is due; Early baby; Premature baby.
heart image Khush Bakht Baby Girl Sign Girl Prosperity; Fortunate; Good luck.
heart image Kinaaz Baby Girl Sign Girl Pride of the king; A princess who makes her father proud
heart image Kushaaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who strives
heart image Larmina Baby Girl Sign Girl Blue sky
heart image Mahvash Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is moon-like
heart image Mahwash moon Baby Girl Sign Girl Mysterious like the moon
heart image Malalai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Brave, inspiring, warrior
heart image Marlize Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong, determined, compassionate
heart image Mehrbano Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess of the water
heart image Mehrvash Baby Girl Sign Girl Like the sun
heart image Mohammadi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The Red Cow; Holy Cow for sacrifice
heart image Mojdeh Baby Girl Sign Girl Good news or one who brings good news
heart image Morsal Baby Girl Sign Girl A flower found in the Afghan region
heart image Moska Baby Girl Sign Girl The smile or the expression of happiness
heart image Nageenah Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious stone
heart image Naghma Baby Girl Sign Girl Melody or song
heart image Nahal Baby Girl Sign Girl Young plant
heart image Nazy Baby Girl Sign Girl A cute or appealing lady
heart image NoushAfrin Baby Girl Sign Girl The creator of joy
heart image Noushineh Baby Girl Sign Girl A musical tone of old Persian music
heart image Paksima Baby Girl Sign Girl One with an innocent face
heart image Parigul Baby Girl Sign Girl Angel of flowers
heart image Pariwish Baby Girl Sign Girl Fairy-faced or angelic beauty
heart image Permaz Baby Girl Sign Girl Waiting; Wait
heart image Perveen Baby Girl Sign Girl The Pleiades or cluster of stars
heart image Ramineh Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of a quiet and peaceful personality
heart image Sador Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Faithful one; Helper
heart image Safiullah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Purity of God
heart image Samaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl An Arabic name for the bird quail
heart image Shabahang Baby Girl Sign Girl The morning star; A nightingale
heart image Shabana Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to night
heart image Shadleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Happy and soft hearted woman
heart image Shagufta Baby Girl Sign Girl Affection; Fresh
heart image Shahernaz Baby Girl Sign Girl The town's loved one; Favorite one
heart image Shaherzad Baby Girl Sign Girl City-born; Daughter of the city
heart image Shahzadi Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Shandana Baby Girl Sign Girl Marvelous
heart image Shararah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like a burning flame
heart image Sharjeela Baby Girl Sign Girl A spark
heart image Sharlize Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique; Confident; Empowering
heart image Shirin Bano Baby Girl Sign Girl A sweet lady
heart image Shokouh Baby Girl Sign Girl A splendid woman
heart image Sumbul Baby Girl Sign Girl Frail or delicate
heart image Taara Baby Girl Sign Girl Star; Apple of the eye
heart image Tabaan Baby Girl Sign Girl Refulgent; Splendid; Glittering
heart image Tasneem Baby Girl Sign Girl A fountain of paradise
heart image Veeda Baby Girl Sign Girl Found; Evident
heart image Yalqoot Baby Girl Sign Girl A charitable woman
heart image Yamna Baby Girl Sign Girl On the right side; One who is always right
heart image Yashfa Baby Girl Sign Girl She who intercedes on behalf of someone on judgment day
heart image Yasmoon Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name for jasmine flower
heart image Zaafirah Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious; Successful
heart image Zahab Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold
1 2

Afghan baby girl names give a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage and culture. These names carry meanings related to human values and depict the natural beauty of the country. Deeply rooted in history, they also show the influence of empires and invasions that Afghanistan has witnessed over the years. Choosing an Afghan girl’s name can help parents honor their cultural background and preserve Afghanistan’s traditional identity.

Infographic: Sweet Afghan Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Afghan names carry a tale of history, culture, and beauty. Names for girls are symbols of grace, dignity, and elegance. Parents choose these names for its rich history and uncommon usage. So, scroll through the infographic below and discover some more captivating Afghan girl names. Pick your favorite name for your little angel.

lovely afghan names for your dearest daughter (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular Afghan girl name?

Popular Afghan girl names include Bibi (the lady of the house), Gul (rose), Fatima (shining one), Noor (light), Zahra (beautiful), Maryam (beloved), Amina (honest and faithful), and Jamila (beautiful).

2. What are some popular nicknames or diminutives used for Afghan baby girls?

The most common Afghan nicknames are those related to beauty, brave animals, or nature. Some examples include Golagha, Setara, Storay, and Ghitay. Some diminutives are formed by adding an -o suffix, such as Najo for Najmuddin and Khalo for Khalil.

3. Who are some famous personalities with Afghan girl names?

The list of famous Afghan women includes Rabia Balkhi (the first woman who wrote poems in Persia), Queen Soraya Tarzi (an influential royal figure who opened the first girl’s school and was an advocate of women’s rights), Lieutenant Colonel Malalai Kakar (the head of the Department of Crimes against Women in Kandahar), and Gawharshad Begum (a well-known political figure of the Timurid dynasty).

4. Are any naming conventions or traditions followed when choosing an Afghan baby girl's name?

In Afghan culture, the first name of females usually has only a one-word component. They also contain an Islamic or Arabic component, for example, Aaisha or Khadija. Lastly, female Afghan names can be derived from other names by adding an ‘a’ at the end of the name, and they usually refer to beauty and natural phenomena.


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