978 African Baby Names With Meanings

Africa, a massive continent with a plethora of diverse tribes and ethnic groups, provides a wealth of baby name inspiration. Derived from local and foreign languages such as English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese, African names are exotic and beautiful, not just in meaning and appearance, but also in origin.

African children are traditionally named after places, spirits, ancestors, or events occurring during the time of their birth. The Africans believe that a name can influence both the life of the child and the family. A simple name will lead to a disappointing future, and an over-ambitious name could cause serious repercussions. In some African countries, parents name their children after famous political figures, hoping that their kids would be as successful as their namesakes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Barack is one of the most popular names in Africa.

Below is our collection of African names derived from the native and foreign languages.

AasirOne with a captivating and fascinating personality.Boy
AbaAfrican Akan - Girl born on Thursday; Abah, Abba and Abbah are variant spellings of the name AbaGirl
AbanaThis Biblical name means strong personality made with a stoneGirl
AbboA Condiment (Mudama Origin)Boy
Abdalahthe Servant of godBoy
Abdalalathe Slave of the HighBoy
Abdalalimthe Servant of the All-knowingBoy
AbdallaServant Of God; Servant of AllahBoy
AbdiOriginated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slaveBoy
AbdouGreat ability to focus on each work; variant of name AbdoBoy
AbduWorshipper of GodBoy
Abdul muizThe name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.Boy
AbdulkareemGenerous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of AllahBoy
AbdulkhaaliqServant of the CreatorBoy
AbdullateefOne who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the SubtleBoy
AbdulmateenServant of the Firm; StrongBoy
AbdulraheemServant of the Most CompassionateBoy
AbdulrahmaanServant of the Mercifully GraciousBoy
AbdulraoufServant of the Most MercifulBoy
AbdulrazaaqServant of the Maintainer; ProviderBoy
AbdulsaboorServant of the PatientBoy
AbdultawaabServant of the ForgiverBoy
AbdulwaahidServant of the OneBoy
AbdulwahaabServant of the GiverBoy
AbebaAfrican Amharic - Flower; Abeada and Abyda are variant transcriptions of the nameGirl
AbeerVariant of Abir; FragranceBoy
AbenaAfrican Akan - Girl born on Tuesday; Abana, Abeena and Abeenah are variant spellings of the name AbenaGirl
AbeniAfrican Yoruban - We asked for her, now she is ours; Someone who is prayed for; A variant of name AbenaGirl
AbibaAfrican - The first child born after death of grandmother; Abeaba and Abeabah are the variant spellings of AbibaGirl
Abiola(African - Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first daysBoy
AbionaOne who is born during a journeyGirl
AbioyeThe son of royalty; A Variant of AbiolaBoy
AblaAfrican Akan - Girl born on Tuesday; Has an Arabic meaning as voluptuousGirl
AbrahaA girl who born on TuesdayGirl
AbscoOne with an inventive mind.Girl
AbskoPower and strengthBoy
AbuchiA Nobel God or the nobility of a GodBoy
AbulmughayyisThe father of one who saves othersBoy
AbuyaOne who was born when the garden was overgrown.Girl
AchebeOne who is protected by the GoddessUnisex
AchiengOne born during the day time.Girl
AdabelleIn Hebrew it means adornment. In German it means noble. In African it means oldest daughter.Girl
AdaehCrowned, or chosen, or pinnacle of a peakGirl
AdammaAfrican - Child of Beauty; Beautiful GirlGirl
AdanaAfrican - Being the father's daughter; A variant of name AdannaGirl
AdannaFather's daughter, given to the elder sister of a girlGirl
AdanneAfrican - Being the mother's daughter; A child who resembles her mother; A variant of name AdaneGirl
AddiahIn Hebrew it means ornament of God. In Swahili it means Gift from GodGirl
AddoHappy; Ornament; King of the path (African)Boy
AdeAfrican - Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew - ManBoy
Adeben12th Born Child - African AkanBoy
AdebolaAfrican - Honor is brought to her; She met honorGirl
AdebowaleReturn of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waitingBoy
AdemolaCrown is Added to My WealthBoy
AdenikeThe Crown is Loving; Affectionate; Crown has care; Wealth has Care; Crown is cherishedGirl
AdeolaCrown has wealth; Crown has honorGirl
AdetokunboA Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means 'crownBoy
AdhiamboAfrican - daughter who is born after sunsetGirl
AdhraAfrican - Apology; VirginGirl
AdielHebrew - ornament of God; Arabic - Being Just, Honest, A variant of name AdilBoy
AdilaArabic - Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A variant of name AdilGirl
AdisaClear Spoken Person - AfricanBoy
AditaOne who belongs to the SunGirl
AdjoaAfrican - Born on a Monday; A daughter who is born on MondayGirl
AdomHelp from Go; (Akan Origin)Boy
AdongoThe second of twins.Girl
Adricone who is a blessed rulerBoy
AdwinAn artist, creative personUnisex
AdwoaOne born on a Monday.Girl
AfeA Boy who is born on FridayBoy
AffricaFrom AfricaGirl
AfiAfrican - A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is AfiaGirl
AfiaAfrican - A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is AfiGirl
AfiyaAfrican - Swahili - Health; A variant spelling is AfyaGirl
AfolabiChild of high status; Born rich and with luxuryBoy
AframA River In Ghana, AfricaBoy
AfricaPleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold)Boy
AfuaAfrican - A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is AfiaGirl
AguAfrican -Leopard; One who has Agility and Strength of LeopardBoy
Ahantiwarlike in the Twi language.Unisex
AhnikaRuler of the House, Beautiful OrnamentGirl
AiyshaPowerful and completeGirl
AjahniAfrican :One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name AjaniBoy
AjakaAn Oyo emperor who was twice on the throne His father was OranyanBoy
AjalaAfrican meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.Boy
AjaniAfrican : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name AjahniBoy
AkachiIbgo African: The hand of GodBoy
AkelloBaby girl born after twins.Girl
AkeyoOne who was born during the harvest.Girl
AkhyarGood ExcellenceBoy
AkiaAfrican - First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pureGirl
AkinyiAfrican - Born in the morning; Born during forenoonGirl
AkosuaAfrican - Twi - Girl Child Born on SundayGirl
AkuaAfrican - A child who is born on ThursdayGirl
AkubaOne who is born on WednesdayGirl
AkuchiIbgo African: Wealth from GodBoy
AkujiAfrican - Dead And AwakeBoy
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