23 African Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FabunniAfrican name meaning "This was given to me bt God"Girl
FadhilaA woman who is abundantGirl
FadiyaAfrican Swahili - Redeemer; One who redeemsGirl
FahariA girl who is very smartGirl
FaikaAfrican Swahili - Superior; BetterGirl
FaizahA victorious girlGirl
FalalaShe who is born into abundanceGirl
FanaWealth; Honour; One who provides light; Shining; A variant transcription is FainaGirl
FanakaProsperity or successGirl
FaraLevel Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Joyful; Reason for rejoicingGirl
FarajaComfort, relief or rest.Girl
FarashuuKenyan word for butterflyGirl
FayolaAn African name meaning "Good fortune walks with honor"Girl
FeechiA god worshipping womanGirl
FinnleyA fair (haired) warriorGirl
FiryaliUnusual or extraordinaryGirl
FissehaBlissfulness and mirthful joyGirl
FloareaRomanic word for a blooming flowerGirl
FlodwigA Dithematic name (linking two elements, mainly parent names)Girl
FolaGlory and Prestige; the one who is honorableGirl
FolamiHonor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkleUnisex
FumnayaThe person who wanted to love by someone.Girl
FurahaRefers to blissful or contented.Girl
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