45 African Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MelokuhleStand for what is right, One who represents good thingsUnisex
MachupaOne who likes to drink.Girl
MadanaA person who heals peopleGirl
MahaGazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to AmunGirl
MahariOne who is forgivingGirl
MaizahOne who has good judgementGirl
MakanaA girl who is a gift to the worldGirl
MalaikaAn Angel of heavenGirl
MandereBeautiful beadsGirl
MandisaEgyptian name describing something sweetGirl
ManicaA place name, town in MozambiqueGirl
MansaThird Born Girl; King of Kings; Emperor;Girl
MardeaThe last oneGirl
MariatuAfrican - One who is pure; InnocentGirl
MariniAfrican - Fresh; Healthy; Pretty; CharmingGirl
MarjaniA coralGirl
MarjeanAfrican - Coral, Gracious; A variant of MarjianGirl
MarkaA steady rainGirl
MasaraA magical womanGirl
MasegoA blessingGirl
MashakaOne who brings troubleUnisex
MbaliA Zulu name meaning flowerGirl
MeleniBrazilian word for Melon.Girl
MeriaThe harsh taste of the Ocean.Girl
MeronThe woman who serves the Army.Girl
MesiA smoke, emit a cloud of fiine particles.Girl
MessinaBeing neither at the begining nor at the end in a series.Girl
MhinaThe person who is greatly pleasing or entertaining.Unisex
MiahThe much dearest person.Girl
MikailiThe one who is likely to the God's messenger.Unisex
MikennaAn African name that means who brings the Joy.Unisex
MilanduAn answer to the prayersUnisex
MiniyaA girl who is believed to do extra-ordinary things.Girl
MirembePeace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful worldUnisex
MiyandaThe ancestors, the beginning, the rootsUnisex
ModupeI am Grateful; Gratefulness; I give thanks to GodGirl
MonifaAfrican Yoruban - I Am LuckyGirl
MontshoA black colored personGirl
MorathiAn intelligent or a wise manUnisex
MugureKenyan term, meaning already purchased.Girl
MukondiA dancerGirl
MumbiCreator or mother of the people.Girl
MurigoThis is a load.Girl
MuthoniThe shy one.Girl
MwassaaKenyan term, meaning everywhere.Girl
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