67 African Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

Naailathe person with the record of victories.Girl
NaataaniiA poetess who writes the praise of the prophetGirl
NafulaOne who was born during the rainy season.Girl
NafunaThe one who is carried his feet first.Girl
NailahThe accomplisher or the achieverGirl
NaiserOne who is a founder of beliefUnisex
NajaA person indifferent to pleasure and painGirl
NakatoThe twins or doubles whom were born as the second in the family.Girl
NakeishaThe lifetime of woman or girl or lady or damsel.Girl
NakiThe girl who was born first in the family or eldest daughter.Girl
NakimeraThe talent or present of skills from God.Girl
NalaLioness or Lots of WaterGirl
NaloThe most lovable personGirl
NalorieLovable goddess of earthGirl
NaserianThe lucky one. A fateful personUnisex
NashaIn Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means JudgeUnisex
NatakiOne who took birth as a royalGirl
NathaaraTiny pieces scattered all overGirl
NathifaClean, wholesome, unpolluted.Girl
NatineThe person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.Unisex
NatoyaDance, or the one who can danceUnisex
NdutaTeach meGirl
NeelaBluish shaded color.Girl
NeemaThe one who was born in richness.Girl
NeliahThe gift or present from the townGirl
NeoThe talented one or skilled one.Unisex
NettaGate, shrubberies, trees, wilds, planting.Girl
NgendoA travelerGirl
NginaOne who servesGirl
NgoziDedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.Unisex
NianaName of an African city in MaliGirl
NichelleThe great champion among the women.Girl
NimeeshaThe dearest angel of the GodGirl
NisarOne who is passive and diplomatic.Girl
NjeriDaughter of a warrior.Girl
NjokiShe who returned.Girl
NkechiThe precious treasure from God.Girl
NkechinyereGod's pleasure which came to this world.Girl
NkiruOnce more God will provide the excellent gift.Girl
NkirukaGod will give me something ever best once again.Girl
NneniaThe one who looks same as her grand mother.Girl
NnennaThe one who is fond of her dad's mum.Girl
NomaCultivator or farmer or sample or model.Girl
NomalangaBrilliant or sunshine light.Girl
NomasontoWho was delivered or received on Sunday.Girl
NombekoRegard, respect, admiration.Girl
NomuulaWho is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)Girl
NontleThe ruler of the deep sea.Girl
NoxoloOne who is passive and diplomatic.Girl
NsombiFull of happiness or complete gladness.Girl
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