878 African Baby Names With Meanings

Africa, a massive continent with a plethora of diverse tribes and ethnic groups, provides a wealth of baby name inspiration. Derived from local and foreign languages such as English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese, African names are exotic and beautiful, not just in meaning and appearance, but also in origin.

African children are traditionally named after places, spirits, ancestors, or events occurring during the time of their birth. The Africans believe that a name can influence both the life of the child and the family. A simple name will lead to a disappointing future, and an over-ambitious name could cause serious repercussions. In some African countries, parents name their children after famous political figures, hoping that their kids would be as successful as their namesakes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Barack is one of the most popular names in Africa.

Below is our collection of African names derived from the native and foreign languages.

BandeleBorn Away From HomeGirl
BanjiSecond Born of TwinsGirl
BarasaKenyan term meaning meeting site.Boy
BarkeBlessings; occupational name for tanner of leatherBoy
BarongoThe younger of twin.Girl
Bayoto find joyBoy
BeccaAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of BeckyGirl
BeckaAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of BeckyGirl
BeckyAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca;Girl
BehatiAfrikaans form of Beata, BlessingGirl
BekaOne who predictsGirl
BelayOne who is above everyone; SuperiorBoy
BemAfrican Tiv - Peace; A variant of the name BehmBoy
BerkoSon first bornBoy
BikoHe who is a son of a GodBoy
BinahDancer; one who lives in the moment and is understandingGirl
BintaWith GodGirl
BisaGreatly LovedGirl
BisharaGood tidings.Girl
BitonBorn After Long WaitBoy
BoboAfrican - Born on TuesdayBoy
BomaniAfrican Swahili - Great WarriorBoy
BraimaFather of a large number of childrenGirl
BunmeA gift that is mineGirl
BunmiTo be my giftGirl
BuruA man who is like a bullBoy
BusaraAfrican-Swahili - Wisdom; Prudence; Sense; ForesightGirl
CamarHe who is a teacherBoy
CamaraShe is a teacherGirl
CamarsaOne who is born to teach; a born teacher or preacherBoy
CarrizoaA swamp or a wetland of lifeBoy
CaymanHe who is like an alligatorBoy
ChachaA strong manBoy
ChagaA Goat; the one having a dominant personalityBoy
ChalondraA Lark; they are smart individualsGirl
CharminiqueA female child born out of loveGirl
ChausikuOne who was born at night.Girl
ChegeA Kikuyu people of KenyaBoy
ChiThe one who looks like GodBoy
ChiamakaA guardian spiritBoy
ChiazamAnswer sent from GodBoy
ChibuezeWhere God is the KingUnisex
ChibuzoGod is leading the wayUnisex
ChidhatmaThe real GodUnisex
ChidiStrongest GodBoy
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