46 African Baby Names Starting With Letter B

Baby Names
heart image Bandile Baby Boy Sign Boy They have multiplied and prospered
heart image Babetta Baby Girl Sign Girl Foreign woman
heart image Badriya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like the full Moon
heart image Baina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is glittering with radiance
heart image Bakari Baby Boy Sign Boy Hopeful; Noble oath
heart image Bandele Baby Girl Sign Girl Born Away From Home
heart image Banji Baby Girl Sign Girl Second Born of Twins
heart image Barack Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed; Blessing
heart image Baraka Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessings; Abundance
heart image Barasa Baby Boy Sign Boy Meeting site
heart image Barke Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessings
heart image Barongo Baby Girl Sign Girl The younger of twins
heart image Bash Baby Boy Sign Boy Forerunner; Strike hard and violently
heart image Bashira Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyful; Predictor of Good News
heart image Bast Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire; Heat; Goddess of fertility and the sun; Protector of Lower Egypt
heart image Bayo Baby Boy Sign Boy To find joy
heart image Becca Baby Girl Sign Girl To bind or tie; To forecast
heart image Becka Baby Girl Sign Girl To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of Becky
heart image Becky Baby Girl Sign Girl To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca
heart image Behati Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessed; She who brings happiness
heart image Beheshta Baby Girl Sign Girl Paradise
heart image Beka Baby Girl Sign Girl One who predicts
heart image Belay Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is above everyone; Superior
heart image Bello Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper
heart image Bem Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace; A variant of Behm
heart image Berko Baby Boy Sign Boy First born son
heart image Beya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful
heart image Bikita Baby Girl Sign Girl Ant-eater
heart image Biko Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is a son of a God
heart image Binah Baby Girl Sign Girl Dancer; one who lives in the moment and is understanding
heart image Binta Baby Girl Sign Girl With God
heart image Bintou Baby Girl Sign Girl Girl born on Tuesday
heart image Bisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Greatly Loved
heart image Bishara Baby Girl Sign Girl Good tidings
heart image Bitania Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Daughter of Ethiopia
heart image Biton Baby Boy Sign Boy Born after a long wait
heart image Bobo Baby Boy Sign Boy Born on Tuesday
heart image Bokamoso Baby Boy Sign Boy Future
heart image Bomani Baby Boy Sign Boy African Swahili - Great Warrior
heart image Boogie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To dance
heart image Braima Baby Girl Sign Girl Father of many children
heart image Bubu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Owl
heart image Bunme Baby Girl Sign Girl My gift
heart image Bunmi Baby Girl Sign Girl To be my gift
heart image Buru Baby Boy Sign Boy Man like a bull
heart image Busara Baby Girl Sign Girl African-Swahili: Wisdom; Prudence; Foresight
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