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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Aisha

Aisha is a girl’s name of Arabic origin. It means ‘life,’ ‘alive,’ ‘she who lives,’ or ‘well.’ It could also mean ‘womanly’ or ‘a lively woman.’ Another meaning of the name could be ‘prosperous’ or ‘rich.’ It is believed that the name has Swahili roots as well. It originated from Aisha, the wife of the Prophet.

Aisha was the name of the third and most beloved wife of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. She is often called the ‘Mother of Believers’ and is revered in Islam.

American Muslims adopted the name and its variations. However, the name grew popular after King Hussein of Jordan named his daughter Aisha. It also caught on as a possible alternative to Alicia.

Aisha has several variations depending on its spelling. Ayesha is one of the most commonly used variations. Other forms include Aysha, Aishah, Aisya, Aicha, A’aisha, Ayisha, and Lesha. It is pronounced sometimes as Ee-sha and sometimes as Ay-sha.

You can use several nicknames for Aisha. Some are Ash, Aish, Shu, Ashie, Ashuu, Isha, and Asha. All these diminutives lend a stylish touch to the traditional name.

Aisha Campbell is the second Yellow Ranger and Yellow Ninja Ranger in the TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Aisha is a character in the anime and manga Gundam SEED. Aisha Roberts was in the popular British soap opera EastEnders. Aisha Apostolou is the lead character in the Australian book and American drama miniseries The Slap. Aisha is a character in the Rumble Roses and Romancing SaGa video games. Aisha Clan is a character in the anime Outlaw Star. Aisha Krishnam is a character in the anime Sky Girls.

Aisha is also a song by Death in Vegas. Stevie Wonder also named his daughter Aisha and wrote the “Isn’t She Lovely?” song for her. Aisha is also a song by John Coltrane in the 1961 album Olé Coltrane. Actress Margaret Avery’s daughter’s name is Aisha too. That reflects that the name is popular all over the world.


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How To Pronounce Aisha?


Famous People With The Name Aisha

  • Aisha HindsAmerican TV and film actress known for supporting roles in The Shield, Invasion, and True Blood
  • Aisha KahlilPart of the all-women African American a cappella musical group Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Aija “Aisha” AndrejevaLatvian singer known for the song “What For?”
  • Aisha Tyler American actress, comedienne, director, and talk show host known for her roles in Criminal Minds and CSI
  • Aisha LabibFormer First Lady of Egypt
  • ʿĀʾisha bint Aḥmad al-Qurṭubiyya10th-century Arabic poet

Aisha On The Popularity Chart

As these Social Security Administration graphs show, Aisha has seen significant changes in the last few years. Let us look at these graphs.

Popularity Over Time

In 1980, Aisha was a fairly popular girl’s name, with 619 babies per million being given this name. In the mid-80s, the popularity of this name faded. However, it recovered after 2010. In 2015, 649 babies per million were named Aisha. In 2021, the name managed to maintain its popularity, with 609 babies per million sharing the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The rank of this name also has been fairly steady. Though never in the top 100s, Aisha has appeared many times in the top 500. In 1980, the name ranked 375, its highest rank so far. In 2008, it ranked low at 764. In 2021, the name’s position had improved, and it ranked 507.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Aisha

Aisha has a gentle, lulling sound, which new parents may prefer. Here are some names with a similar sound as Aisha.

Names With Similar Meaning As Aisha

If you liked the meaning of Aisha, you can take a look at these names that have a similar meaning. They are good options for sibling names too.

Name Numerology For Aisha

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