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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Alexander

Alexander has Greek origins and means “defender of the people.” It was derived from the Greek name Alexandros, which was composed of the words “alexein” and “andros,” which mean “man” and “to protect,” respectively. The legendary Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great, who ruled over much of the ancient world, including Greece, Persia, and Egypt, was a famous bearer of this name.

According to Greek mythology, the first Alexander was Paris, given the name Alexander by shepherds after he had protected their flock of sheep from raiders. Along with its old relevance, the name Alexander has long been and continues to be a popular option across many cultures. Alexander is a popular baby name in several nations, such as Scotland, where it was typically given to boys born on Saturdays, and Russia, where it is a traditional regal name. Alexander is well-known, respected, and linked with fortitude, bravery, and leadership. The name exudes assurance, bravery, and tenacity.

The mention of Alexander can be found in the New Testament, and many saints have shared the name. Following the immigration of several Scottish-Irish families, it is one of the kindred names from various languages in North America. Alexander is also associated with history’s most influential figures, including Hamilton, Graham Bell, Fleming, and Pope.

Alexander has a long history and has been able to bridge cultures, thanks to names like Alejandro and Alessandro, which are favorites in Spain and Italy. Aleksandar, Aleksander, and Aleksandr are a few variations of the name.

The name has appeared in several popular American TV series, novels, and films. Alexander has always been used to portray charismatic heroes or strong leaders. A notable character in “The Game of Thrones” is Alexander “Greyjoy.” He is a fearsome warrior known for his power and astuteness. Another prominent fictional character is Alexander the Great, whose achievements are the focus of the film “Alexander the Great.” He is shown as a charismatic commander and a prolific military strategist who changed the course of history. In popular culture, Alexander succeeds in making an impression of a strong leader or a hero on the audience. Parents across continents also love this strong and timeless name for their baby boys.


heart image
Defender of mankind
1 word, 9 letters, 4 vowels, 5 consonants
Long but moderately easy to pronounce

How To Pronounce Alexander?

Pronounced as ah-le-xan-der

The way you pronounce a name can make all the difference.

Listen to the sound of the name Alexander in English.

Famous People With The Name Alexander

  • Alexander Rae Baldwin IIIAmerican actor
  • Alexander LudwigCanedian actor and musician
  • Alexander Graham BellScottish-born scientist credited with inventing first practical telephone
  • Alexander SkarsgårdSwedish actor
  • Alexander PopeEnglish poet
  • Alexander FlemingScottish physician
  • Alexander McqueenBritish fashion designer

Alexander On The Popularity Chart

Alexander is a popular name in many countries. Let’s understand the name’s popularity trends with the graph below.

Popularity Over Time

The name’s popularity peaked from 1992 to 1994. However, it witnessed a downward trend in popularity from 2014.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Alexander ranked the highest in 2007 after seeing some lows from 1980 to 2000. Check out the graph below to learn more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Alexander On MomJunction Popularity Chart

Know how popular the name Alexander is among the MomJunction readers. We used a unique approach to gather relevant insights for creating this popularity chart by observing the interactions and interest around the name on our platform. See what the trend has been among our readers over these past years.

Names With Similar Sound As Alexander

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Popular Sibling Names For Alexander

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Boy Sibling Names For Alexander

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Girl Sibling Names For Alexander

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Aleksia heart imageAlexa heart imageAlexandr heart imageAlexandre heart imageAlexandrea heart imageAlexandria heart imageAlexandrina heart imageAlexandrine heart imageAlexie heart imageAlexina heart image

Other Popular Names Beginning With A

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Names With Similar Meaning As Alexander

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Popular Songs On The Name Alexander

Acrostic Poem On Alexander

Dive into the lyrical charm of the name Alexander with this acrostic poem. Witness how each letter paints together a story, capturing the name’s individuality, strength, vitality, and sophistication. Inspiring, is it? Why not try a similar poem that describes what you think of your baby’s personality?


Adventurous and echoing the spirit of exploration.


Lively spirit bursting with vivacity and zest for life.


Energetic and enthusiastic, the expeditions you will embark on are endless.


X-factor of extraordinary magnetism - you captivate hearts and minds.


Adventurous spirit taking flights to discover the unknown.


Nurturing resilience and navigating challenges, never succumbing.


Dreaming big and carving paths you proudly call your own.


Ethereal beauty, one in nature’s symphony.


Resourceful and resilient, a tower of strength for everyone.

Alexander’s Zodiac Sign And Birth Star As Per Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also called Jyotisha, provides deep insights into a person’s life based on celestial positions at birth. Rashi and nakshatra, which are an integral part of Jyotisha, are believed to influence an individual’s personality and life events. The following sections give you rashi-related information, such as the associated letters, elements, ruling body, quality, and nakshatra for the name alexander. These details help analyze a person’s characteristics, personality, and behavior.

Zodiac Sign (Rashi)

As shown in the following table, each rashi is associated with specific sounds, which are often used as the starting letters of names for newborns in Hindu families. Each rashi is represented by a figure and one of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (Space). One ruling celestial body, known as its 'rashi lord' or 'ruler' is assigned to these rashis. These bodies include Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Furthermore, the rashis are assigned various qualities or gunas.

Rashi (zodiac sign)Mesha (Aries)
Starting letters for Mesha (Aries) rashiA, L, E, I, O
Ruling bodyMars
QualityMovable (chara)

Birth Star (Nakshatra)

Another important aspect of Vedic Astrology is the nakshatras, the lunar constellations or star clusters that the Moon occupies during a person's birth. There are 27 nakshatras, each with its own unique qualities, attributes, and symbolism. Each rashi contains two-and-one-fourth nakshatras in it. For example, Aries contains Ashwini, Bharani, and Krithika nakshatras.

The below table provides information on the nakshatras’ degrees on the zodiac circle, their lords and related syllables, for babies born in the Mesha (Aries) rashi. These syllables/phonetics are popularly used to choose the baby name. For precise nakshatra calculation based on your baby's birthplace and date, use our Nakshatra Calculator.

NakshatraDegrees Of The NakshatraNakshatra
Lord (Ruler)
Name Syllables
Ashwini (Awasthi, Aswini)Aries (0 to 13.20 degrees)KetuChu, Che, Cho, Choo, La, Laa
BharaniAries (13. 20 to 26.40 degrees)VenusLee, Lu, Le, Lo, Li
Krittika (Karthikai, Krithika)Aries (26.40 to 30.00 degrees)SunAa, Ae, E, Ee, Ai, A, I, Oo, U

Infographic: Know The Name Alexander‘s Personality As Per Numerology


Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Alexander In Different Languages

It’s exciting to see our baby’s name spelled and written in various languages. See how people spell Alexander in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more! Each language has its own way of saying Alexander, but it’s still the same special name. Learn how the name looks and sounds in different languages around the world!


How To Communicate The Name Alexander In Sign Languages

In Nautical Flags


In Sign Language


In Braille Alphabet


In Morse Code


In Binary

01100001 01101100 01100101 01111000 01100001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010

Name Numerology For Alexander

Numerology is an occult system that gives significance to numbers and their influence on human life and destiny. Numerologists attribute specific qualities, energies, and characteristics to a number. Parents who believe in numerology prefer to choose baby names that resonate positively with the child’s unique numerical vibrations, often derived from their date of birth. Here we give a general birth number and personality traits of the name Alexander, based on the Pythagorean (Western) system. This analysis will differ from child to child based on their date of birth. You may use our numerology calculator for more personalized information.

Baby Name Lists Containing Alexander

Read through our baby name lists that include the name Alexander and several other similar names. The wider the choice, the better your selection. Isn't it?

Movie Titles Inspired By The Name Alexander

Discover the presence of Alexander in an array of films. Know about the various movies that have this name.

Movie titleOther titlesRelease year
Alexander OdysseyAlexander Odyssey (Alexandre le fou), Alexander's Odyssey, Alexandre le fou, Безумный Александр2019
The Eternal Life of Alexander ChristoforovAmžinas gyvenimas pagal Aleksandrą Kristoforovą, La vie éternelle d'Alexandre Christoforov, Vechnaya zhizn Aleksandra Khristoforova, Вечная жизнь Александра Христофорова2018
Kreativ: A Study in Creativity by Alexander EkmanKreativity Ekman: Um Estudo Sobre Criatividade por Alexander Ekman2017
Alexander JamiesonAgainst the Wind2017
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayAleksander - okropny, straszny, niezbyt dobry, bardzo zły dzień, Aleksander ve Felaket, Korkunç, Berbat, Çok Kötü Bir Gün, Aleksandr ve Dehsetli, Qorxunc, Faydasiz, Çox Pis Gün, Aleksandras ir baisiai, labai siaubingai nesėkminga diena, Aleksandrov jako užasan dan, Aleksandrs un briesmīga, murgaina, neizdevusies, ļoti slikta diena, Alexander a jeho naozaj veľmi zlý deň, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Alexander e la terribile, orribile, abominevole ma veramente bruttissima giornata, Alexander i grozan, uzasan, los, vrlo los dan, Alexander og den frygtelige, skrækkelige, sløje, virkelig dårlige dag!, Alexander và Một Ngày Tồi Tệ, Kinh Khủng, Chán Nản, Bực Bội, Alexander ve'ha'yom ha'nora, ha'ayom, ha'mevaes ve'ha'garou'a mamash, Alexander y el día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso, Alexander y un día terrible, horrible, malo... ¡muy malo!, Alexandr a jeho opravdu hodně špatný a příšerně blbý den, Alexandre e o Dia Terrivel, Horrível, Espantoso2014
Wizard of the Desert: An Alexander Vesely Film2014
Fanny, Alexander & jagFanny, Alexander & jag, Fanny, Alexander ja minä, Fanny, Alexander och jag2012
Lloyd Alexander2012

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Biblical name Alexander mean?

According to the Bible, the name Alexander means ‘one who assists men.’

2. What are cool middle names for Alexander?

The name Alexander has a powerful ring to it and sounds complete in itself. However, if you want to add some catchy and cool middle names, you may go with long ones such as Laurence, Bennett, or Cristopher. A few shorter ones are Noah, Leaf, and Eli.

3. Is Alexander a royal name?

The name Alexander has been the name of several kings throughout history, the most famous being Alexander The Great. It was also used by the rulers of Scotland and Russia. Owing to its regal air and historical references, Alexander can be considered a royal name.

4. What are gender-neutral names for Alexander?

Alex is a famous unisex name that is derived from the masculine name Alexander and the feminine name Alexandra.

5. Is Sasha short for Alexander in Russian?

Yes. Sasha is used as a nickname in Russian for persons named Alexander or Alexandra. A popular personality using the variant of the nickname Sasha is Alexander “Sascha” Zverev, a German tennis player of Russian origin.

6. Are there cities named after Alexander?

Alexander The Great gave his name to more than 70 cities during his conquest. The most famous of them is Alexandria in Egypt, the second-largest city in the country and the largest on the Mediterranean coast.

7. What are some middle name options that go well with Alexander?

The name Alexander has Greek roots and means ‘to protect,’ so middle names such as Liam, meaning ‘strong-willed warrior or protector,’ Louis, meaning ‘renowned warrior,’ Owen, meaning ‘noble,’ Isaac, meaning ‘laughter,’ Elias, meaning ‘The Lord is my God,’ and Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’ could go well with Alexander as middle names. As Alexander itself is a versatile name, you could pick any name of your choice as your child’s middle name.

8. Are there any famous quotes or sayings associated with the name Alexander?

Yes. The name Alexander is incredibly popular, owing to its association with Alexander the Great, among other famous personalities. A famous quote by Alexander the Great goes, “If I were not Alexander, I should be Diogenes.”

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