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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Anais

The name Anais is a female given name and is believed to have its roots in the ancient greek word ‘Ἀναῗτις’ (Anaï̂tis) and the Old Persian word’ anahita.’ The term’ anahita’ represents the Iranian goddess of fertility and water. She has been historically identified with the Greek goddess Artemis and the Semitic goddess Ishtar. The term also means ‘immaculate’ and ‘undefiled.’

Anais is also considered the French Provençal and Catalan version of the name Anna, which stands for ‘gracious,’ ‘merciful,’ or ‘full of grace.’ Similar sounding Ania is the Polish derivative of the name Anna.

The name is claimed to have grown in popularity in France since the 1980s because of the famous Cacharel perfume ‘Anaïs Anaïs.’ After a few years of its release, Anais became one of France’s top ten favorite girl names.

The name Anna from which Anais is derived, has been widely used in different cultures and has different pronunciations depending on the cultural context. For example, in French, the name is pronounced as ‘Ah-nah-eez,’ whereas in Portuguese, it is spelled as ‘ah-nice.’ The Hebrew meaning of the name is ‘beauty,’ ‘favor,’ or ‘grace.’ In Slavic languages like Russian and Bulgarian, the name is a derivative of Hanna, which also means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’

The famous cartoon show “The Amazing World of Gumball’ portrays a character named Anais Watterson. She is one of the main characters, and although she is the youngest in the Watterson family, she is the most rational.

The name was also popularized by the child actor Raigan Olivia Newton, who plays Anais Barnes-Gaines in the show FBI: Most Wanted. She is the daughter of Charlotte Gaines and Sheryll Barnes, a lawyer, and special agent. In addition, the American crime series ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ had a character named Anais Adler, played by Eve O’Brien.


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The one who is highly gracious, merciful and friendly
French, Hebrew
 A..  Aa..  Aah..  Aan..  Aay..  Aen..  Ain..  Ama..  Ame.. 

How To Pronounce Anais?


Famous People With The Name Anais

  • Anaís MartínezDominican-American singer nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards
  • Anaïs MitchellAmerican singer-songwriter, musician, and playwright who received the Tony Award for Best Original Score
  • Anais Mokngar MaliFrench model who has walked for top fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, and Derek Lam
  • Anaïs DelvaFrench singer and actress known for playing Lucy Westenra in the French stage musical “Dracula, l’amour plus fort que la mort”
  • Anaïs BescondFrench biathlete, olympic champion and world champion
  • Anaïs VentardFrench former figure skater, the 2013 French National champion, 2013 Lombardia Trophy bronze medalist, and 2014 Bavarian Open bronze medalist

Anais On The Popularity Chart

The name Anais has grown in popularity over time even though it has fluctuated along the way. Have a look at the graphs below for more insight.

Popularity Over Time

The US Social Security Administration data shows that the name has been gradually growing in popularity and is at its best streak currently with 337 babies per million in 2021. In 1983, the name was given to only 31 babies per million.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

This graph reveals that the ranking of the name Anais has remained around the 1000 mark since the mid 80s. Its best rank stands at 819 in the year 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Anais

The name has a unique ring to it and if you are looking for similar sounding names, here are a few options.

Names With Similar Meaning As Anais

If you are looking for names that also stand for purity and grace, take a look at a few suggestions below.

Name Numerology For Anais

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