91 Ancient Greek Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Greece is known for its scenic beauty and its rich mythology. Ancient Greek boy names are influenced by these two factors associated with the country. Most parents in Greece do not choose a name just because they like it. They follow a traditional method for selecting baby names. As per their tradition, the first-born or eldest son in a family is given the name of his paternal grandfather. The later-born sons can be given names of other male relatives. The Greek Orthodox Church also plays a significant role in assigning names to babies. Most Greek babies are named after saints. Every island or part of Greece has its own patron saint. A child is often given the name of the local saint (1). Every Greek child’s first name is followed by a patronymic name, that is, their father’s first name with the suffix -ou, meaning ‘of.’ The family name or surname comes last. People may even have a middle name in addition to patronymic names. The Greeks' practice of naming children after their grandparents has ensured that traditional names are relevant in modern times. These names link the bearer to ancient Greece's cultural and philosophical legacy. They are backed by heroic tales of gods, warriors, and scholars. Famous names like Priam and Aristotle connect the name bearer to a long legacy of wisdom and glory. A unique quality of these names is their universal nature. Greek names have survived the test of time and have transcended borders. These culturally rich names are popular even with non-Greek people. In fact, Alexander and Elias, names with Greek roots, are featured within the top 50 baby names in the US (2). This indicates the global appeal that Greek boy names possess. Noting the popularity of ancient Greek boy names, we have compiled a list of names you may want to consider for your son.

heart image Alexander Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Aristotle Baby Boy Sign Boy The best purpose
heart image Georgius Baby Boy Sign Boy One who works as a farmer or planter
heart image Heron Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-legged bird
heart image Kyros Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is far sighted
heart image Linus Baby Boy Sign Boy Flax-colored; Flax-haired
heart image Nikias Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory
heart image Plato Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong; Broad-shouldered
heart image Thales Baby Boy Sign Boy To flourish
heart image Xanthos Baby Boy Sign Boy Yellow
heart image Achaikos Baby Boy Sign Boy Achaikos is the ancient Greek form of Achaicus. It refers to a region in Greece named Achaia
heart image Aegon Baby Boy Sign Boy Edge of a sword; Struggle
heart image Aeropos Baby Boy Sign Boy Male form of Aerope
heart image Aeschylus Baby Boy Sign Boy Shame
heart image Aftonio Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who does not have any jealousy
heart image Agapetos Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Akakios Baby Boy Sign Boy Innocent; Not evil
heart image Alkaios Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength
heart image Alketas Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength; A strong man
heart image Alkibiades Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength
heart image Ampelios Baby Boy Sign Boy Greek form of the name Ampelio; Vine
heart image Anakletos Baby Boy Sign Boy Original Greek form of Anacletus; Invoked
heart image Anaxagoras Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from Greek element anax; Master or lord and agora; Assembly; Marketplace
heart image Androkles Baby Boy Sign Boy Greek form of Androcles; Glory of man
heart image Andronikos Baby Boy Sign Boy Form of Andronicus; Victory of a man
heart image Aniketos Baby Boy Sign Boy Original form of Anicetus; Unconquerable
heart image Antigonus Baby Boy Sign Boy Against; Compared to
heart image Artjoms Baby Boy Sign Boy Follower or gift of Artemis; A variant of Artemus
heart image Arye Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion
heart image Atalo Baby Boy Sign Boy Traits which resemble that the person is youthful
heart image Athanasios Baby Boy Sign Boy The immortal divine soul
heart image Athos Baby Boy Sign Boy Other name for Zeus; One who is the ruler of heaven
heart image Atlas Baby Boy Sign Boy To endure; Bearer of the heavens
heart image Atom Baby Boy Sign Boy The smallest part of something
heart image Basileios Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Chares Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Kindness
heart image Cleisthenes Baby Boy Sign Boy Glory and strength
heart image Cleofas Baby Boy Sign Boy One who sees fame and glory; Worthy of praise
heart image Damianos Baby Boy Sign Boy Master; To tame; Divine power
heart image Dareios Baby Boy Sign Boy To possess something good
heart image Democritus Baby Boy Sign Boy Judge of the people
heart image Demosthenes Baby Boy Sign Boy Vigor of the people
heart image Diodorus Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of Zeus
heart image Diodotus Baby Boy Sign Boy Given by Zeus
heart image Dionysodoros Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of Dionysos
heart image Epaphras Baby Boy Sign Boy Foamy
heart image Epaphroditos Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is lovely and charming
heart image Epiktetos Baby Boy Sign Boy Newly acquired
heart image Epiphanes Baby Boy Sign Boy Appearing; Manifesting
heart image Euphranor Baby Boy Sign Boy To delight
heart image Euripides Baby Boy Sign Boy A strait between Euboea and Boeotia
heart image Eusebios Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is pious
heart image Eustachys Baby Boy Sign Boy Fruitful
heart image Eustathius Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-built; Stable
heart image Euthymius Baby Boy Sign Boy In good spirits
heart image Filemon Baby Boy Sign Boy A friendly and loving person
heart image Hermie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Abrupt Or the peak of a mountain
heart image Hermokrates Baby Boy Sign Boy Power of Hermes
heart image Hermolaos Baby Boy Sign Boy The people of Hermes
heart image Hesiod Baby Boy Sign Boy To throw a song
heart image Isocrates Baby Boy Sign Boy Equal power
heart image Kallias Baby Boy Sign Boy Beauty
heart image Kallikrates Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful power
heart image Keah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Beautiful
heart image Kleitos Baby Boy Sign Boy Splendid; Famous
heart image Lycurgus Baby Boy Sign Boy Work; Deed
heart image Meliton Baby Boy Sign Boy Honey
heart image Neophytos Baby Boy Sign Boy Newly planted
heart image Nikandros Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory of a man
heart image Petrov Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Peter; Rock
heart image Platon Baby Boy Sign Boy A broad-shouldered person
heart image Priam Baby Boy Sign Boy A very brave individual, the name of the king of Troy
heart image Priamus Baby Boy Sign Boy A very courageous person; Latinized version of the name Priam, the king of Troy
heart image Prokhor Baby Boy Sign Boy Chorus leader; One who leads the singers
heart image Ptonomy Baby Boy Sign Boy Aggressive; War-like
heart image Taras Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of Poseidon's son
heart image Themistokles Baby Boy Sign Boy Glory of the law
heart image Theodotus Baby Boy Sign Boy Given to God
heart image Theodulos Baby Boy Sign Boy Manifestation of God
heart image Theodulus Baby Boy Sign Boy Slave of god
heart image Theophylaktos Baby Boy Sign Boy Watched by god
heart image Thoukydides Baby Boy Sign Boy The glory of God
heart image Vonda Baby Boy Sign Boy Modern and unique
heart image Xanthippos Baby Boy Sign Boy Yellow horse
heart image Xenocrates Baby Boy Sign Boy Foreigner; Guest power
heart image Zenobios Baby Boy Sign Boy Life of Zeus
heart image Zenon Baby Boy Sign Boy Shine; Sky
heart image Zephyros Baby Boy Sign Boy West wind; Ancient Greek form of Zephyr
heart image Zopyros Baby Boy Sign Boy Glowing
heart image Zosimos Baby Boy Sign Boy Viable or likely to survive
heart image Zotikos Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is full of life

By choosing an Ancient Greek boy name, parents keep their culture alive and their children connected to their roots. These names have deep meanings that reflect virtues and qualities admired by the Greek community. Many Greek names commonly reflect traits such as strength, wisdom, or creativity. They also honor Greek gods, saints, legends, and heroes. Their mythological and historical associations make them more authentic. Thus, if you wish to carry your legacy forward or give your son a culturally-rich name, Ancient Greek boy names are the way to go.

Infographic: Traditional Greek Names For The Modern Baby Boy

Ancient Greek boy names are symbols of the country’s history and mythology. These names also stand for human virtues upheld by the Greek community. Most of these names have a story behind them that makes them more significant and meaningful. The infographic below will help you pick some Greek boy names that are traditional and meaningful.

authentic greek baby boy names for your little king (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the importance of names in ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, the naming system was unique and was used for much more than just identification. Even though an individual was only assigned a single name officially, they sometimes had one or two added-on names. These names were usually associated with their family and the region from which they hailed. Therefore, a name was also utilized to symbolize the individual's status. These names also had links to religious rituals and prophecies, as the ancient Greeks considered names a means of establishing a connection between mortals and the gods (3).

2. How do ancient Greek names add a sense of tradition and legacy to a family's history?

In Ancient Greek, the naming practices were based on a strong foundation of legacy and traditions. The naming process usually involves selecting a name from within the family. The first-born son was named after his paternal grandfather, and the first-born daughter after the paternal grandmother. This naming tradition added value to the legacy of a family's history and ensured that it was carried forward to future generations (3).

3. Why did ancient Greeks only have one name?

According to the traditions of earlier times, Greeks were assigned one name because this was the Indo-European naming tradition followed throughout the continent then. Though the Greeks were officially only given a single name, they were sometimes given semi-formal names that assisted with identification, such as their father’s name or place of origin (3).


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