25 Ancient Greek Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter A

AlexanderDefender of MankindBoy
AristotleExcellent, best thinker; name of a great philosopherBoy
AchaikosAchaikos is the ancient Greek form of Achaicus. It refers to a region in Greece names Achaia.Boy
AeroposMale form of the name Aerope.Boy
AeschylusAeschylus originates from the Greek name Aischylos, which means shame.Boy
AftonioThe literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy.Unisex
AgapetosAgapetos is the original form of Agapito. It means beloved.Boy
AkakiosAkakios is derived from a Greek word meaning innocent or not evil.Boy
AlkaiosAlkaios is Greek form of Alcaeus. It means strength.Boy
AlketasStrength, a strong man.Boy
AlkibiadesAlkibiades is the Greek form of Alcibiades. It means strength or force.Boy
AmpeliosAmpelios is the original Greek form of the name Ampelio. It means vine.Boy
AnakletosOriginal Greek form of Anacletus. It means invoked.Boy
AnaxagorasAnaxagoras is derived from Greek element anax, which means master, or lord and agora, which means assembly, marketplace.Boy
AndroklesGreek form of Androcles. It means glory of man.Boy
AndronikosAndronikos is a form of Andronicus. It means victory of a man.Boy
AniketosOriginal form of Anicetus. It means 'unconquerable'.Boy
AntigonusThe ancient Greek name means against or compared to.Boy
ArtjomsFollower/gift of Artemis. A variant of Artemus.Boy
AryeLion; beautiful individualBoy
AtaloTraits which resemble that the person is youthfulBoy
AthanasiosThe immortal divine soulBoy
AthosOther name for Zeus who is the ruler of heavenBoy
AtlasName of a greek godBoy
AtomThe smallest part of somethingBoy
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