74 Ancient Greek Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Throughout history and even in contemporary times, the Ancient Greeks as a civilization have had a significant influence, especially on the Western world, and the same can be said about Ancient Greek girl names. Ancient Greek names like Agnes, Sophia, and Melissa are still widely popular feminine names and are in use in different countries and cultures all over the world today. Throughout the centuries, Ancient Greece has experienced numerous transformations, evolving from the Dark Ages to the Classical Antiquity period and then progressing into the Classical and Hellenistic periods. Finally, the Late Antiquity period marked the significant event of Christianization in Ancient Greece. This civilization has profoundly impacted philosophy, art, literature, architecture, science, and technology, and it remains a testament to its significance in history. Knowing about Greek names can be a good start if one wishes to study Ancient Greece. There are possibly millions of Ancient Greek names that have been kept on record and are considered to be an important resource when it comes to studying names. Initially, the common practice for Ancient Greeks was to have one name, but with time, another name has been added for self-identification purposes. The new format of Greek names is the first name followed by the father’s name or the patronymic name followed by the family name. The patronymic name is often followed by the suffix ‘ou,’ which means ‘of.’ It is indicative of the relationship between father and child. A third name may be added, indicating the place they come from and not just their kinship (1). It is also a prevailing custom that children are named after their grandparents, especially those with Orthodox Christian saint names. After Christianization, many families opt for names that are related to a saint. Because of this connection, many Greeks celebrate ‘name days’ as their own birthdays (1). Unravel the timeless beauty of these Greek girl names in our collection and find yourself transported to a civilization that has left an indelible mark on the world.

heart image Agnes Baby Girl Sign Girl Chaste; Pure
heart image Chrysanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl A golden coloured flowering plant
heart image Euthalia Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower; Bloom
heart image Irene Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Kassandra Baby Girl Sign Girl Shinning upon men
heart image Melissa Baby Girl Sign Girl Honey
heart image Olympias Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to the home of Gods
heart image Sophia Baby Girl Sign Girl She who possesses great knowledge and wisdom
heart image Xenia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hospitable
heart image Aftonio Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who does not have any jealousy
heart image Aikaterine Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Ancient Greek form of Katerine
heart image Aneka Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious; God has shown favor
heart image Annella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious; He has answered the prayers
heart image Annelle Baby Girl Sign Girl God has answered the prayers
heart image Anneth Baby Girl Sign Girl Variation of Hannah; A beautiful prayer
heart image Aristomache Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is best in the battle
heart image Arlet Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble warrior
heart image Arsenie Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Arsenia; Virile
heart image Aspasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the lover Pericles
heart image Asphodel Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the lily flower; Resembles a flower
heart image Astara Baby Girl Sign Girl Old Greek star
heart image Aster Baby Girl Sign Girl Starry night; Star maiden
heart image Astraea Baby Girl Sign Girl Stars
heart image Athanasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Immortal
heart image Athena Baby Girl Sign Girl Greek Goddess of wisdom and war
heart image Athene Baby Girl Sign Girl Greek goddess of war and wisdom
heart image Cleopatra Baby Girl Sign Girl Glory of the father
heart image Corra Baby Girl Sign Girl An unmarried virgin woman; a maiden
heart image Demostrate Baby Girl Sign Girl Army of the people
heart image Elenuta Baby Girl Sign Girl Elenuta is a variant of Helen; Shining or bright one
heart image Elpis Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope
heart image Euanthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Blooming; Flowery
heart image Eugeneia Baby Girl Sign Girl Well born
heart image Eumelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Melody
heart image Eunike Baby Girl Sign Girl Good victory
heart image Eupraxia Baby Girl Sign Girl Good conduct
heart image Euthymia Baby Girl Sign Girl Good spirit
heart image Eutropia Baby Girl Sign Girl Versatile
heart image Eutychia Baby Girl Sign Girl Fortunate
heart image Filis Baby Girl Sign Girl Green verdure; Lush greenery
heart image Fillys Baby Girl Sign Girl Green verdure; Leafy branch
heart image Galyna Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who stays calm and quiet in every situation; Calmness
heart image Hagne Baby Girl Sign Girl Ancient Greek form of Agnes; Chaste
heart image Hebe Baby Girl Sign Girl Young
heart image Hermie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Abrupt Or the peak of a mountain
heart image Irini Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Irene; Peaceful
heart image Irka Baby Girl Sign Girl A peaceful woman
heart image Irusya Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful
heart image Isidora Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift of Isis
heart image Kallistrate Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful army
heart image Keah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Beautiful
heart image Khrystyna Baby Girl Sign Girl Follower of Christ
heart image Larysa Baby Girl Sign Girl Seagull
heart image Lenci Baby Girl Sign Girl The one whose light shines bright
heart image Liene Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Virgin
heart image Lipa Baby Girl Sign Girl A lover of horses; Friend of horses
heart image Lysandra Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a defender of men
heart image Lysistrate Baby Girl Sign Girl Releasing or losing the army
heart image Myrrine Baby Girl Sign Girl Myrrh
heart image Nastka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Nikephoros Baby Girl Sign Girl Carrying victory
heart image Nymphodora Baby Girl Sign Girl Bride; Gift
heart image Oleksandra Baby Girl Sign Girl Protector of men
heart image Phile Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine form of Philon; Lover or friend
heart image Phoibe Baby Girl Sign Girl Ancient Greek form of Phoebe; Bright; Pure
heart image Ptolemais Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine form of Ptolemaios; Aggressive or warlike
heart image Rhode Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Sostrate Baby Girl Sign Girl Safe army
heart image Tasenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Theokleia Baby Girl Sign Girl Glory of God; Ancient Greek form of Thekla
heart image Xanthippe Baby Girl Sign Girl Yellow horse
heart image Zenais Baby Girl Sign Girl Shine; Sky; A variant of Zenaida
heart image Zinaida Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of Zeus
heart image Zosime Baby Girl Sign Girl Likely to survive; Feminine form of Zosimos

These Ancient Greek girl names continue to resonate across regional borders and generations, exhibiting the enduring influence of this exceptional civilization. Understanding and recognizing these names is the gateway to discovering more unique ones, most of whose origins trace back to these traditional titles. With a naming system consisting of a first name, a patronymic name, and a family name, Ancient Greek names have a touch of ancestral pride. So remember, meeting a Greek person with a remarkably lengthy long name should not come as a surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Greek name for angel?

Angelos is the Greek name commonly used to refer to a messenger or celestial being like an angel. According to the myth, Angelos was the daughter of Zeus and Hera.

2. What Greek girl name means butterfly?

Vanessa is a Greek name that is believed to mean 'butterfly.' Some sources suggest that Jonathon Swift invented the name for his poem Cadenus and Vanessa. The name is also used to refer to a genus of butterflies.

3. What girl's name means moon in Greek?

Selene is the Greek feminine name meaning 'the moon.' In Greek mythology, Selene was the daughter of Theia and Titans Hyperion and the sister to the sun god Helios and the Dawn goddess Eos.

4. What Greek girl names mean luck?

Tyche is a feminine name that translates to 'luck,' 'chance,' or 'fortune' in Greek. In Greek mythology, Tyche was the patron deity who governed the wealth and prosperity of cities. Eutychia is another Greek name that means 'fortunate.' Several early saints and martyrs, including Saint Eutychia of Thessalonica, carried this name.

5. What is the Greek name for heaven?

Uranus is a Greek name associated with the celestial realm and heaven in Ancient Greek mythology. Considered one of the primordial Greek deities, Uranus fathered the first generation of Titans with Gaia.

6. What is the Greek girl's name for the dream?

Brizo is a Greek feminine name believed to mean 'dream.' The name was derived from the namesake Greek goddess, who was also the protector of sailors and fishermen. She was known for interpreting dreams.

7. What is the Greek girl's name for strength?

Alcmene is the Greek feminine name meaning 'strength.' In Ancient Greek mythology, Alcmene was the wife of Amphitryon and the mother of Herakles/Hercules by Zeus.

8. What is the Greek girl's name for love?

Agape is the Greek feminine name meaning 'love' and is associated with selfless and unconditional love. Saint Agape of Rome and Saint Agape of Thessaloniki (or Thessalonica) are prominent figures who bore this name.

9. What are the regional or local variations in Ancient Greek baby girl names based on geography or city-state?

Ancient Greece was a collection of independent city-states with distinct cultures, traditions, and naming practices. While names like Athena, Phaedra, and Calliope are popular in Athens, Thessalonike is a moniker associated with the city of Thessalonica. Similarly, Messalina is a feminine name related to an ancient city-state in the Peloponnese region of Greece.

Infographic: Majestic Ancient Greek Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Ancient Greece is a source of enchanting tales and breathtaking mythology. The Ancient Greek names incorporate the region's rich history, immersed in the realm of gods, heroes, and celestial beings. The infographic below features some classic Ancient Greek baby girl names and their meanings for you to explore.

regal ancient greek names for your cute little queen (infographic)

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