10 Anglo Norman Baby Names With Meanings

Picking a perfect name is quite hard. You haven’t even seen the little one yet, but still the name you select will be associated with him for the rest of his life. But if you want something unique, cool, and trendsetting, MomJunction’s list of Anglo-Norman baby names might be the ideal inspiration for you.

The moment we hear about the Normans, the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1066 comes to mind. Almost a millennium back, Norman, a group of Vikings, captured England lead by Duke William, who later came to be called William the Conquer. The impact of this invasion was so high that it is surviving even today in English vocabulary and names. Yes, modern English has many names taken from the Norman language as French words are assimilated into our language almost every day.

In the earlier times, the Anglo-Norman second names were hereditary baronial surnames, with the knightly families possessing hereditary names. Today, the Anglo-Norman naming conventions are similar to the Irish naming conventions.

MomJunction is a one of a kind resource for finding Anglo-Norman baby names. All the names sound royal and have a stately air. And we believe most of these names would ring with familiarity. Have a look!

CruiseA word nameBoy
CurtisThe one who is well-bredBoy
FinvarraKing of the Mound of FairiesBoy
FionnaWhite or fair (feminine for fionn)Boy
FionnbharrA white or blond-haired personBoy
FionnualaThe girl with fair shouldersBoy
FionulaHer, who is said to have white shouldersBoy
FowlerHunter of wild birds or fowlsBoy
GrantTall; Great; Derived from the Anglo-Norman Graund, Graunt meaning TallBoy
NoraThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.Girl
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