293 Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Arlomanly, strongBoy
AveryConfirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sageUnisex
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personBoy
BraxtonSettlement of the BrockBoy
BryceA nobleman's male childBoy
Everettsomebody who is very brave like a wild boar.Boy
GarrettDerived from Gerald (rule of the spear) or Gerard (brave and strong as spear)Boy
GrahamA Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.Boy
KingThe name King means Royal RulerBoy
ReedA person who lives in the red clearing in the woodsBoy
AeldraLives at the Elder Tree; means NobleBoy
AelfricElf Ruler; King of ElvesBoy
AelleName of Several Kings; one of many names after ElfBoy
AescwineSpear FriendBoy
AethelbaldNoble and Bold; A King of MerciaBoy
AethelbertBright NobilityBoy
AethelfrithNoble PeaceBoy
AethelhardNoble StrengthBoy
AethelhereName of a KingBoy
AethelstanNoble StoneBoy
AethelwulfNoble WolfBoy
AgilberhtName of a BishopBoy
AldfrithName of a KingBoy
AldhelmName of a BishopBoy
AlfricElf King; A Variant of name AelfricBoy
AlmundNoble Protection; Defender of the TempleBoy
AtolSomeone who is hatefulBoy
AttwellLives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the streamBoy
AtwaterFrom the Water Edge; Someone who lived by the River or LakeBoy
AtwellLives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the streamBoy
AverelOld English - Boar like in Battle; A variant of AverillBoy
AverellOld English - Boar like in Battle; A variant of AverillBoy
AverilOld English - Boar like in Battle; A variant of AverillBoy
AverillOld English - Boar like in Battle; Derived from the elements 'eofor' meaning boarBoy
AylettOne who has noble and great personalityBoy
BaldwinnA bold and beautiful personBoy
BeormaA name of a man who inhabited Bermingham. A name probably means fermented or frothy in Old EnglishBoy
BordanOne who comes from the valley of bearsBoy
BordenHe lives in the valley of bearsBoy
BradwinA bearded friendBoy
BrasIt is a surnameBoy
BronA dark or brown manBoy
CadmanOne who is a soldier, a warriorBoy
CafnothAn Anglo-Saxon male nameBoy
CeattaA name of the obscure Anglo-Saxon saintBoy
CeawlinA name of the KingBoy
CenhelmA brave man who protectsBoy
CenwalhThe name of a KingBoy
CeolmundThe one who protects and pampersBoy
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