293 Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names With Meanings

EddisonA succesor of wealth; Ed's sonBoy
EdgardA brave and strong spearmanBoy
EdgertWho has sharpness of a blade; borderBoy
EditJoyous; wealthy gift from a rulerBoy
EdlinA rich friend; popular and friendlyBoy
EdmundusFortune loving person; one who has a heart of goldBoy
EdouardA happy rich protectorBoy
EdrisWealthy ruler; full of energyBoy
EdsonSon of a fortuante warriorBoy
EduinRich friendBoy
EduuinBlessed friend; a prosperous personBoy
EduuineFortunate friend; they are a guardianBoy
EdwenRich in friendship; a blessed friendBoy
EdwinRich friend; one who is blessed with richness and is wineBoy
EdwyName of a king; one who is brave heartedBoy
EdwynValued friend; one who is happy and wealthyBoy
EgberkBright swordBoy
EgbertSharp edge of swordBoy
EgfridHappy and mature individualBoy
EgricOne who is eternal and self lovingBoy
EkbertOne who has a bright edgeBoy
EldredThey are very wise advisorsBoy
EldridaA brilliant wise advisorBoy
EldwinOne who is a wise ruler and advisorBoy
EldwynOne who is a born wise advisorBoy
Eoforhearda firm wild boar.Boy
Eoforichduring the Norman conquests a battle concerning boars.Boy
Eoforwealda brave leader.Boy
Eohherean ancient name meaning someone from the ancient lake country.Boy
Eohrica very powerful ruler.Boy
Eomerfamous war horse.Boy
Eoppaa royal prince.Boy
Eorconwealdan Anglo-Saxon word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eormengildit means public pledge.Boy
Eorpwalda king of East Anglia.Boy
Eosterwinean ancient Christianity father in Anglo-Saxon culture.Boy
Eralsomebody of nobility.Boy
Esnein Anglo-Saxon culture a labourer or a small class person.Boy
Ethelbertname of a king meaning noble and bright.Boy
Ethelindan Anglo-Saxon name meaning noble snake.Boy
Ethelmarnoble greatness.Boy
Eubankan Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew's banks.Unisex
EylmerA noble personBoy
FeccaAn Anglo-Saxon male name for the low-born childBoy
FitchIts an old English word for an ermine or polecatBoy
ForthhereHistorically, the name of the Bishop of ShermorneBoy
FreelandDerived from the name 'freoland' it means a person residing on a free landBoy
FremundPossibly named after St. Fremund, hermit and martyr of Anglo-Saxon EnglandBoy
FreomundNamed after the miraculous hermit and martyr St. Fremund; loves to travelBoy
FridolphA peaceful wolfBoy
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